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" Sesshomaru and Inu-Yasha Learn!"

Chapt.4 - " The Cursed Well- part 2 "

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Just as Kagome transfered to Sengoku Jidai she was smashed upon by 3 bodies, making them all STUCK in the well in Sengoku Jedai.

Kagome: Oomph! Owwie!!! Will you big oafs get off of me!?

Sesshomaru: * poutish face* I AM NOT A OAF!

Inu-Yasha: * Sess is onto of Inu* But you sure are heavy!

Sesshomaru: AM NOT!

Jaken: Sesshomaru-sama, you must take in account that you had 20 cups of instant ramen.


Jaken: No Sesshom-


Sess and Inu and Jaken: Yes Ma'am!

Kagome: Okay! Now whose the strongest stuck here?

Sess and Inu: I am!

Sesshomaru: No your not!

Inuyasha: Just wait and see!

Kagome: *sweatdrop* okay, whose the lightest of you two? * Kagome's ignoring Jaken*

Inuyasha: Hmmf! We ALL know whose lighter NOW.

Kagome: Okay then. Sesshomaru, slowly move over to where the vines are...

Sesshomaru: You dare to ask I, Sesshomaru, to go SLOW?!

Kagome: YES I DARE! If you go TOO fast, YOU wil get even more stuck than us!

Sesshomaru: Fine! *trods over pushing past Inu-Yasha and Jaken's head* Okay?!

Kagome: Now Inuyasha.

Inuyasha: What?

Kagome: Go stand next to Sesshomaru and Sesshomaru, give him a boost on to your shoulders so he can get out.

Sesshomaru: O_O WHHHHHAAAAATTTTTTT???!!!!!! Have him,*points to inu-chan* on MY SHOULDERS?!

Kagome: *flatly* Yes. Once he gets out, we'll all have enough space to get out of the well.

Inu-Yasha: Yeah, now hurry up! That producer ain't gonna wait any longer.

Sesshomaur* humilated ( AN: Sorry Sess-chan ;_; )* Fine. *gives Inu a boost and practically throws him out of the well*

The gang FINALLY gets out of the well, and now had to go BACK in to get to Kagome's time to the producer. But, since Jaken's stupid head and Sess and Inu's competetive spirits, they all go stuck yet AGAIN in the well in Kagome's time.

Kagome: Not again.....Well, you two know what to do.

Sesshomaru: WHAT AM I? A LADDER?! I wanna go on the top this time!

Inuyasha: No way!

Sesshomaru: I get to! I'm the author's favorite character!

Jaken: Can I get on top?

Kag and Sess and Inu: NO! * stomps Jaken to a pancake on the well floor*

Kag *agitated* Inuyasha, you'll be the ladder this time, it only fair.

Inuyasha: BUT WHY?!!!

Kag: Trust me, you don't wana get the author mad.

Inuyasha* remembers what bel-chan can do* oh...yeah.....fine, Sesshomaru get over here!

Sesshomaru: Since WHEN did you get to boss me around?!

Inuyasha: Just shut up and lets go.

Sesshomaru: Fine.

The group FINALLY gets out on the CORRECT side of the well, and are now headed to Kagome's house for a quick snack.

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