Gaara looked down at the recipe book Kankuro had given him earlier that morning. It was Temari's birthday and it was his turn to make the cake. Well, actually, every year was his turn, seeing as a couple years back, the siblings almost became homeless when Kankuro left the cake in the oven a little too long.

Sighing, the red head went to get out all the ingredients. Water, eggs, butter, olive oil, flour, the list went on. But his gaze stopped once he saw it. It.

It got him every time, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't resist sticking his finger in the container and licking the substance off, which usually lent to gagging and running to the sink to wash out his mouth.

But not this time, no. This time would be different; he would NOT fall for it, because THIS psycho had will power.

Dumping in the contents of all the other ingredients into a bowl, he turned to the cupboard. The cupboard. The cupboard with it inside.

Walking over to it and opening the door he saw it. Taking it out and holding it in his hands. Hands which his fangirls said to have been "carved out of the richest minerals into god-like forms" or something like that.

Looking at the label, Gaara's mind started to make up excuses. 'It says 'Cocoa'! So it has to taste like chocolate, right?'

His will dying with a spatula to the heart, he popped off the lid, stuck in his finger and licked it off.

"ACK! IT'S HORRIBLE! It LIES! It's all 'I smell nice, EAT ME!' and then when you do, YOU GET A WAKE UP CALL!"

Kankuro walked into the kitchen a half an hour later to check on the cake; what he found shocked him.

"Yes, I would like to file a complaint. I demand that you change the label on your product. Yes, I know its only baking powder. Yes, I am sane. Do you know who you're talking to? IT LIES, DAMN IT!"

Kankuro backed out of the room. Next time, they were going to the local bakery.

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