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One glorious morning, we find our hero sitting at his desk, doing paper work. He had been working for several hours now, as his hand was starting to cramp.

"Lets take a break, I could use a snack. A muffin. A nice chocolate muffin."

"S-shukaku?!?" Gaara thought, his eyes wide. Gaara's daemon had been gone for some months now, and the red head was just getting used to the quite.
"WHAT?!? Pssshh...don't even get me started with that dumbass, stupid raccoon!" The voice continued. "Who the hell did he think he was, putting me down for fifteen years?!? Well, Shukaku-baka's gone now...and I'm here!"
"If you're not Shukaku, then who are you?"
"I'm your conscience!!!!" The inner voice cried out with glee, "WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"
"Great," Gaara thought, "Now I'm hearing a crazy voice in my head!"
"...I heard that you know..." The voice in his head said.
"..." Gaara tried not to think anymore, but was failing miserably.
"So can we break? We've been working forever!!!"

"Go away, you nutcase."

"...I have a name you know..."
"Yeah, and what would it be?"


"It's Shukaku backwards..."
Gaara almost face faulted. "What the hell? What kind of a name is Ukakuhs?!?"
"Well," Ukakuhs pointed, "It used to be Steve, but after that damned raccoon started messing you up...I felt that I needed to change my name! I vowed to become the opposite of Shukaku!!!!" Ukakuhs struck a dramatic pose in Gaara's mind.
"Including your name?!?" Gaara thought incredulously.
"Yes," his conscience confirmed. "Even my name."
Gaara felt like smacking his forehead, but he decided not to.
"So we break now, yes?"

"Shut up, erm-what's-your-name?"
"IT'S UKAKUHS!!!" The voice in Gaara's head blared.
"...Can't I just call you Steve?"
"NO!" Ukakuhs protested loudly.
"And why not?!?"
"Because, I'm not Steve!"
" would be easier..."
"Nope, you may address me only as Ukakuhs...BECAUSE I VOW TO BE THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF SHUKAKU, THAT BAKA TANUKI!!!" Ukakuhs struck yet another dramatic pose. "I am to be 100 percent good!"
"100 percent insane is more like it," Gaara thought, every word dripping with sarcasm.

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