Note: I don't own The Host, it's Stephenie Meyers. This is from Ian's POV, when Wanda is being inserted into her new body.

My Silver Ribbon

She was beautiful. I didn't even know such beauty was possible.

As I held the silver ribbon in my hands it was like time was frozen.

It was just me and my little Wanderer, together, like we would be for the rest of our lives.

I looked across the table at Melanie who was looking at my silver ribbon with the same intensity as I.

In that moment I knew it was Wanda that I loved.

I felt nothing for this girl who was like Wanda's sister.

Wanda was the one I wanted, the beautiful, small soul in my hands.

She was my soulmate in all ways and she would be back in my arms in a matter of minutes.

I extended my arm out, letting Doc gently retrieve her from me.

It would all be over, Wanda would wake up in her new body soon.

My Wanderer. My little, silver ribbon.

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