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New Beginning: The Same Refrain

Chapter 33

Severus woke in the morning on his side, holding her to his chest, his face buried in her hair and the smell of them still heavy in the air. Her head rested on his left arm, his right around her waist and his erection already hurting as he lowered his head to her neck to kiss the spot that curved into her shoulder. He ran his hand softly down along her side and naked hip, and lifting her top leg over his thigh slipped into her quickly and completely.

"Severus!" She took in a deep breath and for a moment struggled against him to get away, only to push back, wanting him deeper.

"Gods woman, how I have imagined this." He pushed his hips toward her, feeling her push back in time with his thrusts. She came quickly when he reached around her hip and found the bundle of nerves that he knew would send her over the edge. He held his own release until he felt hers begin.

"Stop." She moaned and called as she clamped around him, and he quickened his thrusts. "It's too much, too much Severus."

"No," he whispered into her ear when he had recovered enough to talk. "Never too much."

"My gods Severus," she said, turning to face him. "It has been so long. I thought I would go crazy waiting for you."

He sat on the side of the bed and looked around at the small room. "I wanted to provide for you. I wanted you away from here."

"From Spinners End? It's not as bad now." She sat up with him pulling the sheet with her, wrapping it around her body. "It is quite fashionable now for people to buy old houses and restore them. Most of the houses here are now lived in again."

"Let them have it." He frowned at her. "We will find something better, something away from the city."

"You will live here? In my world?"

"Eventually." He looked at her and raised his eyebrow. "I did tell Tobias that he would make the choice."

"You want to stay here?"

"I can make potions and sell them from here as well as from anywhere. It is not unusual for a wizard or witch to live in the Muggle world."

"Like your Mum?"

He turned to her, his eyes unreadable. "No, not like her."

"How then?"

He stood and reached out his hand to her with a smirk. "Come, I will show you the difference I expect."

He led her to the shower and pushed her in before following her. "I expect to hear you moan and call me in pleasure, not in pain."

He lowered his head to her neck and kissed behind her ear, feeling her tremble, and heard her moan. "I expect you to stay with me because you want to, not because you have to."

He pushed her against the cool tiles and pulled her chin up to his face, resting his erection against her. "I expect you to take that trust in you name only. I expect you never to stay with me because you do not have the money to leave."

"I would never…,"

"You would. I am sure my own mother did not think she would ever be trapped."

"Severus, I am not your mother."

"No, but you have a history of staying with men who are cruel to you."

"Don't you dare throw that in my face!" She felt tears behind her eyes, and tried to push him away.

"My god's woman, I mean no more than to convince you that I want you. Not just your sex. I want you in my life." He held her tightly against the tiles as the water washed over them.

"I waited for you."

"I know." He wanted to take her but needed her promise. "This is important to me Hannah. I do not know why, but I need to know you are safe. Safe from me."

"Fine." She snapped at him. "But don't get mad later and say I only wanted your money."

"I would never…"

"Severus when you are mad you say cruel, hateful things."

"I need this to keep from going mad. Please Hannah, without this I can have no peace."

He lowered his mouth to her breasts, softly kissing each, then placed her leg around his hip and pushed into her.

"So tell me woman, will you accept?"

She closed her eyes and pushed into him. "This is unfair."

He chuckled leaning into her neck and kissing that spot behind her ear he knew she loved.

"Oh gods yes." She reached for his hair pulling his head back to her mouth. "Just finish, please, Severus."

"That was a yes you will accept the Trust?" He pulled back enough to make her open her eyes and try to pull him closer.

"Fine you bastard." She sighed loudly as he pushed back into her.





After breakfast he helped her clear the table without magic then stood leaning against the cupboard in the kitchen watching her wash and stack the dishes.

"The potion I made for Tobias was stronger than it should have been. I never expected this, I am sorry Hannah."

"I don't understand it." She wiped her hands on a towel looking at him.

"The Philosophers stone can make one immortal if used correctly. Voldemort tried to use it and almost succeeded." He lifted her chin and looked at her. "It is destroyed now. I have one vial of solution left."

"Immortal?" She stepped back becoming uneasy.

"I only ran the potion over it, infusing some of the magic. I thought to infuse enough to Tobias's bone marrow to allow it to live until it could start reproducing. I didn't know that it would attach to the new marrow as well."

"So, the magic will not go away?"

"It may, however it should have left him by now." He shrugged his shoulders and walked out to the other room, sitting on the sofa and lifting his arm to indicate she should join him.

"And me?"

"I just wanted to keep you as you were, a few years added is all. I thought if the war lasted longer then it had, and you wanted children I would give you that chance."

"I do you know." She laid her head down on his shoulder. "I still think of him you know."

"As do I." He kissed the top of her head.

"What of the rest of the potion?"

"Albus was injured. It extended his life by only a few months." He looked down to see her reaction. "When he could fight it no more he asked me to take his life, and I did."

"Gods Severus." She moved closer to him and buried her head in his shoulder. "I can not imagine that."

"It is a long story, one I am sure Minerva will be more than happy to tell you some day."

He watched her to make sure she could accept this information then leaned his head back to continue.

"At the end I thought I may survive the final battle with a little help. Therefore, I merely carried a flask with me. A simple infused blood replenisher."

"You said you had one left?"

"Yes, the last thing I must do before I am free of the past."

"What is that?"

"I will show you. Get dressed, something…"

"I know no make up, no bright colours, no…"

"No, I was going to say something comfortable. It may take a while."

She stood up and ran upstairs and hurriedly put on her jeans and a dark green pullover. She quickly brushed out her hair and sat at her vanity biting her lip as she looked at the make up. She knew he hated it when she wore makeup and decided that a little cover under her eyes would be enough. After all, she smiled, it was his fault she did not get enough sleep the night before.

He took her hand and led her outside to the back yard. Pulling her into him for apparation, he looked down at her and frowned.

"I may have to send you back alone for a few days."

"No!" She pulled back from him and lifted her hand to strike his face only to have him catch her arm.

"I am wanted Hannah. The Ministry is looking for all Death Eaters."

"Then stay here."

"No. This is something I must do. Do you understand? It is the last thing that holds me to the past and still visits my dreams. "He looked at her evenly. "I do this or I leave for good."

"This is more important than me? Another thing that you put before us?"

"No, without this there is no us. I have to bury the past Hannah. I have to be done with it."

"And than?"

"And then it is done and I can breathe."

"And then?" She stood tapping her foot with her hands on her hips.

"And then we give Tobias that brother he has been wanting."

She stilled and looked at him, feeling a smile reaching her mouth as she stepped up to him and waited for the apparation that landed them in St. Mungo's.

"Professor?" Neville sat waiting in the lobby as the short missive he had received had told him.

"Mr Longbottom." Severus nodded and turned to Hannah. "This is Miss Haywood. Hannah, Mr Longbottom."

"Mr Longbottom." Hannah stepped forward and held out her hand to the young wizard.

"Umm, Neville." He shook her hand. "Please just call me Neville."

"And you may call…"

"He may call you Miss Haywood." Severus looked at her with a frown. "Now, Mr Longbottom, I am sure that my time here is limited and I suggest we start at once."

"Sure, I had them moved to a private room, like I was told." Neville carried his mothers shawl in his hands that he twisted in his hands. "Grams says not to let you near them."

"I understand completely." Severus stood watching as Neville's face showed his thoughts clearly.

"Why should the potion work now when it did not work before?" Neville bit his lip and looked directly at Severus. "Grams said last time all you did was stop the pain. I mean, that was a lot and she talks about how good you were to do that. But, could this bring the pain back?"

"Do you think I am that cruel Mr Longbottom?" He sneered at the young man.

"Neville." Hannah stepped forward and placed her hand on his arm. "He would not do that, you know he wouldn't."

"Did you just meet him?" Neville asked her innocently.

Severus let out a bark of laughter and Hannah's lip curled up as she fought a smile.

"No Neville," she said, shooting Severus a scowl. "I grew up with your Professor."

"Wow, gee Miss Haywood, I am sorry."

"Now, Mr Longbottom," Severus said looking down his nose, feeling his lip twitch. "The Aurors will be here shortly."

"This way Professor." Neville turned on his heel and squared his shoulders having made his decision.

The Longbottoms had been moved to a room on the same floor as the reception. They were in a windowless room that only held one chair and two cots. Both of Neville's parents sat on the cots staring into space, his mother drawing pictures in the air with her finger.

"Ward the door Mr Longbottom." Severus quickly pulled out the vial he held in his pocket and walked to the senior Mr Longbottom first.

Neville pulled out his wand and turned to the door throwing up wards as the sounds of running footsteps came down the hallway.

"I hope you can cast wards better than brew potions Mr Longbottom." Severus said as he poured a small amount of the potion down his father's throat.

"Don't worry Sir." Neville grinned back over his shoulder.

"You must not stop Mr Longbottom." Severus lifted up Franks eyelid and using his wand shown a beam of light towards the comatose man. "No matter what you hear, no matter what happens here, you must keep throwing up wards."

"Severus?" Hannah was growing nervous.

"Stand away from the door and keep quiet." Severus was casting diagnostic spells over Frank Longbottom and scowling.

The pounding on the door grew louder as Neville strengthened the wards, cast new ones and overlaying them with hexes that would physically push back the Aurors from the other side of the door. Severus glanced at him and felt his lip twitch. Here was the clumsy student he had seen stumble and fail in class for seven years successfully overriding the attempts of what sounded to be three wizards.

"It would seem Mr Longbottom that you have finally learned to stand up and fight back."

"Yeah." Neville grinned back at the Professor. "I guess killing Nagini gave me that."

"We will have to speak of your timing Mr Longbottom." Severus raised his eyebrow at the young wizard. "It would seem that even in that you were late once again."

"Nev…, " Frank Longbottom looked at the back of his son and tried to rasp out his name.

Severus turned at the sound coming from Frank's mouth and quickly poured more potion into his mouth.

"Mr Longbottom, you need to remain calm." He again peered into his eyes. "You will not remember certain things, and will have limited knowledge of the here and now."

"Dad?" Neville lowered his wand and turned to the sound to his fathers continued mutterings.

"Wards!" Severus turned to shout at him as his own wand pointed at the door and set up a new ward. "Damn, I told you…"

"I know." Neville turned his back and once again threw up wards as quickly as they were brought down on the other side.

"You?" Frank whispered looking into Severus's eyes. "I remember you. You came once before, I remember that."

"Yes, that was a long time ago I am afraid."

"There is some thing more." Frank covered his face with his hands trying to remember the wizard who stood in front of him.

"Unfortunately there is much more you will remember." Severus intoned coldly.

He walked over to the other cot turning Alice's face to his and tipping up her head , pouring the first dose of the potion down her throat.

"You bastard." Frank raged, tried to stand only to land on the floor. "You helped kill them."

Hannah left her spot by the wall to help Frank Longbottom back to his bed only to be pushed roughly away. She looked to Severus, only seeing his back as he ministered to Alice. He was tense, his shoulders hunched over and his very stance told her not to approach him. She squatted down next to Frank Longbottom and tried to calm him with out getting close enough to be injured.

"Wards Mr Longbottom." He intoned as if Frank's words had not reached him. "Wards, only a few more moments."

Neville did not turn, did not flinch as shocks began to hurl back at him from the door. He staggered back only to lift his arm and try again to block what was now becoming a losing battle.

"Enough, Mr Longbottom." Severus said as he poured the last of the potion down Alice's throat. "It is done."

Severus turned to Frank and hurried to assist Hannah in lifting him and placing him back on the cot as Neville was once again pushed back by the spells levelled on the door. Frank looked up at Severus and spit in his face, leaving spittle that ran down his cheek.

"Fucking Death Eater." He snarled and pulled away looking around for his wand and only then realizing he was in a hospital gown and sitting on a cot.

The door crashed open and the Aurors were quickly on Severus, yanking his arms behind his back and magically wrapping rope around his wrists.

"Mr Longbottom," Severus said looking at Neville who still sat on the floor. "I will leave you to return Miss Haywood to her home."

Neville stood up and walked over to Hannah, putting his arm around her shoulder he could only watch as his old Professor was led away. He looked around the shambles of the room and then heard his fathers clear voice for the first time in his life.

"Neville?" His father's voice was weak and raspy from years of no use.

"Dad?" He released Hannah and turned to his father, and then hearing movement from his mother's cot, he hurried over and knelt in front of her. "Mum?"

"Ah, my baby." She smiled and reached out, cupping his face in her hands. "I could hear you, for all these years I could hear you."

"Mum? Are you really…" He could not finish, he could only lay his head in her lap and cry as she stroked his hair and let her own tears fall on his cheeks. Hannah helped Frank over to his wife and stepped in the hallway quietly as they shared their tears with their son.









Severus came up the walk his house in Hogsmeade stepping around a tricycle and over two pairs of skates. Hannah stood on the porch wiping her hands on her apron grinning at him.

"Would it be too much to ask them to put away their toys?" He sneered at her.

"No, it shouldn't be. Why don't you do that?" She smiled seeing his look of disgust.

"And why should I be the one?"

"Because you are the one it seems to bother."

"It is not a bother." He lifted his chin. "I am concerned if a guest were to fall."

"Yeah, right." She rolled her eyes. "And you don't want to be the one to punish them."

She shook her head and went back into the house, peeking into the sitting room to see the children sitting around the Muggle board game she had picked up on her last shopping trip with Connie.

"Best pick up, Dad is home. Elaine why don't you run tell Tobias he is here?"

"What do you think Dad will say?" Elaine looked up from the game and bit her lip.

"We will find out soon enough. Brian, put the game up, and Frank, come with me."

"Ah Mum," Frank started to whine.

"It is your turn to set the table and you will do it now."

"It's not fair. They can use magic and I can't."

"Are you arguing with your mother young man?" Severus stepped into the room and scowled at his youngest.

"No Sir." Frank ran to the kitchen to set the table knowing that his fathers idea of punishment was a two hour lecture and a three foot essay on obedience.

"Severus, Tobias needs to talk to you."

"And, since you are the one to tell me it is something that I am going to object to." He folded his arms and looked down at her.

"He wants your approval."

"When has he not had my approval?"

"When he was sorted into Gryffindor."


"When he did not take advanced Potions."

"Fine, maybe twice."

"When he did not get all out standing's on his N.E.W.T.S."

"Maybe three times, but that is it." He stepped closer to her and glared down into her face.

"When he decided to work at the Ministry."

"That is quite enough." He growled.

"When he tells you he is getting married to Arthur's niece."

"Arthur who?" He felt cold begin to creep up his back.

"How many do you know?" She worried her lip and stepped closer.


"That's him." She said brightly and stood on the toes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Why?" He chocked out the word and grabbed her arms. "Is she…"

"Severus! Don't even put that thought out there."

"Thanks Mum." Tobias stood with his arms folded and feet planted apart.

"I meant nothing by it." Severus put up his chin and looked at Tobias coldly. "I am only trying to learn her character."

"Her name is Marilyn. She works for the Prophet in their administration office."

"I did not ask for her credentials, unless you are buying a cow it does not matter."

"Dad, listen… she is not…"

"Do you think I care if she is pregnant?" He glared at Tobias then turned to look at Hannah. "Is she a Weasley? Tell him Hannah, that is all I meant to ask."

"You just did dear." She patted his arm and turned to Tobias.

"She is a Prewett."

"What is she like?" He narrowed his eyes and looked at Tobias. "Why do you want her other than to take her to bed?"

"What do you mean by that?" Tobias was becoming angry.

"I asked you a simple question. If you can not answer it you have no business marrying her."

"Severus, please." Hannah put her hand on his arm. "He is embarrassed, look how red he is."

"No, Hannah." He looked down at her and smirked. "He will be more embarrassed if his bed grows cold in a year and he comes back here begging to stay."

"She is…," he said stumbling for words. "She… I don't know how to say it. Not really."

"Tobias it is fine," Hannah said softly.

"No Mum, he is right you know. I guess I never thought of it." He looked up at his stepfather. "Would you understand if I just said she makes me want to be better than I am? I want to take care of her. She doesn't need it, she makes more than I do, but I still want to take care of her. I feel better when I am with her."

"When she walks in a room, how do you feel?"

"Like I can't breathe."

"Its called love boy."

"Then I love her."

"Have you told her?"

"Umm, no."

"Fine, I give my approval when you tell her." Severus turned for the kitchen. "Just don't bring home any red headed grandchildren before you do."

"Mum, how long did it take him to, you know."

"Say he loved me? Oh I guess about twenty years."

"I don't think I want to wait that long." He swallowed and looked down at her.

"That was his point dear." She went up on her toes and kissed his cheek. "That was his point. Now if you really want to see him flustered go tell her and bring her for dessert."


I planned to stick to cannon ending with Minerva at the door, but it just would not let me. Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for reviewing.