The Bell Ringer

Ch 1

I felt the familiar touch of my mother. But that time it was different. I fell to my knees in the cold dirt. I looked back at her as she screamed at me and slammed the door behind me. Mommy? She never answered me. I felt the tears roll down my face. I couldn't help it. Never come back. She had said. I had no idea what I had done to deserve it, but my mother had abandoned me. She left me in the dirt, in the cold, to take care of myself. I hated her after that. I can't remember her face or the sound of her voice. It's been so long, I can't remember anything about her. I was forced to live alone, to dig through the trash for food. I hated life. But then I found her. Her sweet smile, the way she said my name, the way she would take my hand and tell me everything was ok. The way her black hair would flow in the dark winds, the very way she lived made me love her. Oh how I wished to stay with her forever…if only he hadn't been there…everything would have been ok.

I awoke to find darkness...It was always that way. The underworld never had light. I sighed and stood up.

"No use staying here…" I said to myself. I was used to sleeping on the ground but this place was horrible. The ground was wet from the rain the night before and the air smelled of withering plants. This area was like a second death. "Who would want to live here?" I looked around. I couldn't remember why I chose to stay there. I sighed again. Just another useless day. I wondered how much longer I could hold on like this.

I walked on towards the rock path I had chosen to live my life walking. In the underworld there are two roads. The first one went all the way around the underworld, in a big circle. It seemed useless to me. People used it to find their way home. Every house was connected to that road. I chose the second path. The one that led to the outside world. Earth. I wanted to go up there. I was tired of darkness. But no matter how much I walked I could never find it, the doorway to Earth. I had asked many people where it was but they all laughed at me and told me to run home to my family where I belonged. If only they knew. Every time I would scowl at them and walk away. "Bastards…they don't understand" Nobody did.

As I walked I came across a creature that earth dwellers would see as something similar to a 'dog'. It snarled at me. Suddenly I remembered why I chose to seek shelter in that horrible abandoned place. That dog had chased me there the night before.

"Uh oh…" I stepped back. It barked and charged at me. I ran for it. My small legs carried me only so far, so I decided to take a short cut. I left the path and dashed into the heavy bush that covered most of the underworld. The ground was muddy and tree branches smacked me in the face as I ran. The dog wasn't chasing me but I ran anyway. I didn't know where I was going but I couldn't stop. Every time I tried to find a way out of this dark place, the only thing I found was more darkness.

Not thinking, I stuck my foot in a hole and fell on my face. I splashed into a pool of mud. I stood back up and wiped off what I could before walking on.

"This is hopeless, what am I going to do?" I was tired and hungry. I always was. I hung my head low and continued to walk. Without knowing it, I had made my way out of the forest. I stepped into the first road of the underworld and walked. I decided that I was going to walk forever until my legs gave out. I wasn't walking for long before I noticed someone was following me. I quickly turned around to find a girl my height staring at me. Her big grey eyes stared me down for a while before she smiled a big fat smile. It made me want to puke. Finally, she spoke.

"Hee hee! You're dirty!" she chuckled. I stared at her for a moment

"Yeah…I know.." I said slowly.

"Are you lost?" She circled around me and the stopped back in her original spot.


"Where do you live?"

"I…nowhere" The girl dropped her happy expression.

"o-oh…"she stared at me again, "whats your name?"She leaned over to me.

"My name?..." I hadn't told my name to anyone. I was surprised I even knew what it was.

"Yeah! Your name!" She closed her eyes and smiled.

"It's…" I hesitated for a moment. "Klaus…" The girl opened her eyes and gave me a big, warm smile.

"Klaus? That's a neat name! Mine's Shia." She held out her hand. I stared at it. She took my hand and shook it.

"It's a grown up thing."

"Oh..." She smiled at me.

"Hehe. You're funny. Wanna be friends?" I shrugged. She just laughed and took my hand again.

"c'mon! Let's play!"

I later learned that she didn't have a home either. She seemed ok with it though. I liked her. She was nice. Finally, I had found a way out of the darkness.