I don't believe Mario's last name is Mario Part 3

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Scene 1 A neighbourhood.

Mario is driving a car, he then hears police sirens and is pulled over by a police officer. Mario rows down his window and waits for the police officer to come to his window.

Mario: What seems to be the problem officer?

Police Officer: You were going 15 miles over the speed limit!

Mario: Oh I'm sorry officer.

Police Officer: I'm booking you and you're getting a fine! What's your full name?

Mario: Mario Mario.

Police Officer: Sir, don't fool around with me, you are talking to someone from the police.

Mario: No really. Mario Mario!

Police officer: Right! That's it!

The police officer takes out his club and beats Mario silly.

Mario: Ow! Ow! Ooouch!

Scene 2 A Supermarket

Mario and Luigi are going into a store to buy some groceries. Whey they do, they are greeted a surprise by some staff and the store manager

Manager (To Mario) : Congratulations! You're our one million customer! We would like to award you this cheque for one million gold coins!

Mario: Wow!

Manager: We just need to write your name on the check. What's your full name?

Luigi (Gulping): Uh...put it under Luigi Mario.

Manager: Sorry sir, but you're the one million and one customer. The cheque goes to this guy here! (Points to Mario)

Now what's your full name:

Mario: Mario Mario.

Manager: Very funny sir. Really what's your name.

Mario: Mario Mario!

Manager: Right! If you're just gonna fool around with me! Then no cheque! (Rips it up and walks away.)

The Mario Brothers just stand there looking shocked.

Mario: Luigi, I think I'll hang myself this afternoon.

Luigi: Count me in too, bro.