Tayuya and Temari oneshot, rated M

Tayuya and Temari oneshot, rated M. Need I say more? Dedicated to Thorn-the Fastidious-Witch, for going ON and ON at me 'til I wrote it. :)
AND DO ANY OF YOU KNOW HOW HARD THIS WAS TO WRITE?? VERY! (Breaks down in tears) Sorry it's short...

Disclaimer-I own none of these characters, merely the plot. And soon, the WORLD!

Fan and Flute

"Not bad." muttered Shikamaru.

The forest was half destroyed. Temari's summons had all but destroyed the place.
Only thing sure was that nothing could live through a full power hit from that.
"Thanks." said Temari, smiling. "You should get back to Konohagakure."
"Just me?" he asked.

"Yeah. I have to check some stuff." she said.
"Troublesome…" grumbled Shikamaru. "Alright."

Shikamaru jumped off, leaping out of sight within seconds. Temari waited until he had gone, and headed into the destroyed trees.
"You can come out now."
"What the fuck is that dumb weasel playing at!?" yelled Tayuya, pulling herself out from under the trees. "He almost hit me with that one."
"Sorry. But I had to make it look good, he's clever." said Temari, trying not to laugh.
"Clever? That dumb shit? I doubt it, fucking leaf. Stupider than shit." said Tayuya.
"Come on, he's not that bad." said Temari, not really knowing why.
"Why the fuck are we still talking?" asked Tayuya.
"Good question. Let's go over there." replied Temari, pointing.

"Right so… here?" asked Tayuya.
"Yep. No-one EVER comes here." said Temari.
"Well then. Shall we?"
"Silence, bitch." said Temari, dropping her fan behind her and pushing Tayuya onto the ground.

Temari grabbed Tayuya, pulling off her shirt, smiling wolfishly, kissing her directly on the lips. With one hand, she slipped off her bra, touching her breast gently, then squeezing it.

Tayuya gave a quiet gasp of pleasure, not noticing as Temari pulled down her shorts and underwear. She did notice when Temari pushed her hand inside of her, rubbing her hole slowly.
"Oh… that feels so good…" gasped Tayuya quietly.
"Oh… did you talk?" asked Temari, stopping, and drawing herself up. Tayuya looked at her questioningly. Temari dropped her own clothes. "Lick, bitch."

Tayuya crawled forwards to Temari, and darted her tongue into Temari. Temari moaned. Tayuya darted in again, longer, swirling her tongue around a little bit.
Tayuya pushed her tongue in as far as it would go, licking up cum from off her walls, as Temari whimpered in bliss.
"Tayuya… I'm…" she came, all over Tayuya's face.

Temari got down to her knees, and licked her cum off her face.
"Now it's my turn."

She picked up her bag from nearby.
"Now, what else did I bring with me..?"

"You should be going." said Temari.
"Yes, Temari." said Tayuya.
"Better. Now, what do you tell your boss?"
"I was held up by a squad of leaf-nin." repeated Tayuya dutifully.
"Good girl. And we meet..?"
"By the waterfall in three months."
"Good. See you then."
"Yes, Temari-san."

No, I don't know why Tayuya is the uke. :)