Jack and the Jaffa's Parental Instinct Series

Part 1: Acting Out

Authors: Kalmalinga

A/N: Set in season 2

Category: Gen, Insane challenge story: cylinder, amethyst, dark chocolate, rubber duck

Warnings: Spanking of an adult with hand and mention of a brush, very bad language DON'T LIKE DON'T READ!!

Summary: Daniel's behavior has changed drastically off-world.

The start of SG-1's mission had at first gone smoothly. They were on a deserted world which was rich with naquada and some temples with artifacts for Daniel to study. The team was scheduled to stay on the planet for a few days to find out if there were some valuable weapons there too.

At first Daniel was his normal self, busy with studying the temple's artifacts, but late that afternoon, the archaeologist's behavior changed drastically. He was acting more and more like a spoiled brat.

"No, I don't want a healthy meal--I wanna have my dark chocolate bar, so give me that bar!!" Daniel yelled at Jack and stamped his foot on the ground, which looked a lot like a temper tantrum, Jack thought.

"Daniel, that's enough! Behave yourself, or else!"

"No I don't wanna behave, I want my chocolate bar!"

"Daniel, what the hell has gotten into you? That's so out of character for you to behave like this! Now stop it or I'm tellin' you, I'll put you over my knee and give you a good old-fashion spanking!"

"I'm not afraid of you, Jack-ass!"

That was the last straw for Jack--he grabbed Daniel by his left wrist and pulled the younger man over his knees and started to spank Daniel's backside very hard.

"Stop it, Jack-ass! I hate you!"

The more Daniel yelled rude words at Jack, the harder Jack smacked Daniel's backside.

"You can be glad that Teal'c and Carter aren't near this camp right now, or they would be getting an eyeful right now. Change the attitude or you'll lose some clothing!"

Daniel somehow managed to bite Jack's upper arm in protest.

"OW. Dammit, Daniel!" Jack yelled and restrained Daniel so that he couldn't bite him again. Jack then grabbed Daniel's waist and unbuckled the young man's belt, unfastened the pants, pulled down pants and boxers, and continued the spanking on the now-bare backside.

"Jack stop it! You can't--you have no right to do this to me! I'm a civilian! You, you Jack-ass!"

"Oh, yes, I can, Daniel, and as you can feel, I'm doing it already. As long as you continue this spoiled brat behavior I'll continue this spanking! And trust me, I won't be gentle--the brattier you get, the harder I'll spank you. So it's up to you how bad you want this to get!"

Daniel kept on yelling rudely at Jack, and Jack smacked him harder as he had promised, and every time Jack smacked him, Daniel yelled "OW!" and threw more very rude words at Jack, and it kept on and on till Teal'c and Carter came back to the camp.

"Sir, what are you doing to Daniel?" Captain Carter asked, bewildered, and looked at Jack like he'd gone crazy; Teal'c just raised his right eyebrow at the sight.

"What does it look like I'm doing to him, Captain? As you can see I'm giving him an old-fashion spanking, which he so richly deserves. I've been tempted to give him one for so long, but his behavior here is the last straw," Jack said while he continued the spanking.

"But with all due respect, sir, Daniel is an adult. You're not his father. He can press charges for assault when we get back," Carter said.

"As his CO, I have the right to do this, and about him being an adult, well, he sure isn't acting like one at the moment. Can't you hear how bratty he is?"

"Yes, sir, I can, but don't you think it's because you're spanking him?"

"No I don't why do you think I'm spanking him in the first place? It's sure not because he was acting like an angel. You should have heard him. He was acting like a spoiled little brat and he still is."

"That's strange, sir. That doesn't sound like Daniel at all. Something must be wrong with him. We'd better get him back to the SGC and let Dr. Fraiser check him out--it could be something dangerous."

"You're right, Captain. Well, he often acts like a little kid when he's with his beloved rocks, but not like this."

"How many times do I have to tell you, Jack they are not rocks--they are artifacts, you Jack-ass!" Daniel yelled, and that only resulted in a harder smack on his tender backside.

"Daniel! How long do you want this spanking to continue? If you don't stop this behavior pronto, I'll use a brush, and believe me, that hurts even more!" Jack said and smacked harder to make a point.

"Captain, contact the SGC and tell them about Daniel and that Dr. Fraiser needs to come and check him out," Jack said.

"Yes sir. I'll go right away."


Sam was happy to get away from the spanking scene; she hated to see Daniel in pain, no matter what he'd done or said. She was very worried about him, and she couldn't wait to get to Janet and hoped that the doctor could help him, but she got frustrated when she couldn't get through to the SGC. She tried for a long time, but with no luck; she contacted Colonel O'Neill with her walky-talky, and he ordered her back to the camp.

When she came back to the camp, she was surprised to see Daniel in the Colonel's arms, crying and saying, "I'm sorry" over and over again and the Colonel responding that he was forgiven but that if he got out of line again, he was in for another spanking.

Daniel didn't answer but sniffed loudly.

"Sir, maybe it's for the best if Daniel went to his tent to get some rest; hopefully, he'll be his normal self when he wakes up, and in the meantime, I hope we can find out what happened to him."

"That's a good idea Captain. Maybe he's just cranky from lack of sleep." Jack turned his attention back to Daniel. "Daniel, let's get you to your tent so that you can get a nap."

"I'm not sleepy. I don't wanna nap."

"Daniel, I didn't ask you and don't start that behavior again; do you want to get over my knee again?"

"No! But I don't want a nap!"

"Daniel, that's enough! You are going to take a nap right now," Jack said and stood up and forced Daniel to do the same, gave him a hard swat on his backside, and dragged him to his tent.

In the tent Jack opened Daniel's sleeping bag. "Now lie down on your stomach, since I'm sure your butt's not too happy."

"I said I don't want any nap!" Daniel yelled.

Jack counted to ten. "Daniel, I don't want you to start this over. You are going to take a nap right now! If you don't lie down right away, you'll find yourself over my knee again," Jack said while looking sternly in Daniel's eyes.

Daniel didn't want another spanking--his backside hurts bad enough, and he didn't want it to get worse--so he reluctantly lay down on his stomach in his sleeping bag, and Jack closed it and rubbed Daniel's hair. "Sleep well, Daniel. Hope you'll be in a better mood when you wake up again."


While Daniel had his nap, Carter, Jack and Teal'c talked about what had happened to make Daniel behave the way he did.

"That kid... he's acting even worse than when he was addicted to that damn sarcophagus, and I never thought that that could happen. Maybe it's something he ate, but what did Daniel eat that we didn't?"Jack said.

"Colonel, the only thing I can think of that he ate that we didn't was one of his candy bars, but I hardly think that could cause behavior like his. If he were a child, then maybe I could blame it on a sugar high, but it's not the first time Daniel has eaten a lot of candy while of world and he'd never before reacted like this. If it's not something he ate, then maybe it's a late side effect to his sarcophagus addiction or an allergic reaction to the medication he's taking," Captain Carter said.

"Or he touched something he shouldn't have, because that wouldn't surprise me one bit," Jack said.

"You're right, Colonel, he may have, so as soon we manage to contact the SGC, we need the contamination team to check out the places Daniel's been. Hopefully his blood test will show what's wrong with him; let's hope that we'll soon be able to get Dr. Fraiser here."

"As long as we're stuck here, we're all restricted to this campsite and at the Gate and Daniel isn't allowed to go back to his beloved temple and definitely not allowed anything with sugar or caffeine in it--he's hyper enough. He'll need supervision 24/7, and if it's necessary, then you're ordered to restrain him. We're not gonna risk his life," Jack said.

"Yes, Sir," Captain Carter said, and Teal'c nodded his head.


Sadly, Daniel wasn't his old self when he woke up from his nap; though he wasn't as rude, he was cranky and disobedient and did everything he wasn't allowed to do. His behavior wasn't bad enough to deserve a spanking, but enough to deserve a timeout. Daniel wasn't happy about that at all; he sat in front of the tree where Jack had placed him and pouted. He tried from time to time to leave the spot, but Jack or Teal'c would make sure that he stayed there.

Daniel was happy when he was finally sprung from his timeout, but he had to promise that he would do as he was told or he would be back in a timeout or worse. His backside was still sore, so he wouldn't risk anything at first, but after a few hours he had forgotten all about it. Captain Carter was back at the Gate, trying to contact the SGC again, while Jack was fishing at the lake at the campsite, and Teal'c did his Kel-no-reem, and Daniel was bored to death and angry that he wasn't allowed to go to the temple and play with the artifacts.

Daniel went to Jack. "Jack, please let me go to the temple--I promise I won't touch anything! I just want to look at the writings on the wall."

"Sorry, Daniel, no can do--as long we don't know what happened to you, you'll stay here with us and you're not allowed near the temple."

"But, Jack..."

"No, Daniel. End of discussion. Go and read one of your books and stop scaring the fish away."

"You're no fun, Jack," Daniel said, and with that, he pushed Jack into the water and laughed at the wet and angry colonel.

"Dammit, Daniel! What the hell did you do that for? You're in big trouble now! Get your sorry backside into your tent and wait for me," Jack said firmly; he tried to stand up in the water, but fell back.

"How cute, Jack--now you just need a rubber duck and it would be perfect," Daniel said, and laughed hysterically at Jack.

Teal'c noticed the commotion while he was under Kel-no-reem and then heard O'Neill yelling at Daniel.

"Daniel, I told you to go to your tent and wait for me!" an angry colonel yelled.

"No, I won't, and you can't make me!" Daniel yelled back and ran away.

Teal'c ended his Kel-no-reem when he could see and hear that O'Neill needed his help.

"May I be of any assistance O'Neill?"

"Yes, T, please help me up, and then get the wayward brat back here so that I can tan his hide."

"I presume that you mean DanielJackson." Teal'c said while he helped O'Neill out of the water.

"Ya think?!"

"O'Neill, I will bring DanielJackson back here, and in the meantime, I suggest that you obtain dry clothing. "

"Yeah, I know, big guy, but first I'll discipline the spoiled brat."

"I will discipline him, O'Neill--I think you are too angry to be appropriately effective."

Jack looked bewildered at Teal'c, not quite believing what he'd just heard. "You mean that you are going to give Daniel an old-fashion Tau'ri spanking? Do you even know how to do it?"

"I have never tried it before, but from what I have seen, it is not hard to do. I care for DanielJackson as if he were my own son, and I believe that gives me the authority to discipline him when he has not behaved properly and has endangered his life."

"I just knew that I wasn't the only one of SG-1 who thinks Daniel that way, so okay, big guy, if you feel that way, I'm game. I'll go change. I'd better instruct you to on how to give a proper spanking so that it won't turn into a beating instead."


Daniel wasn't a happy camper at all when Teal'c found him in the temple and then hauled him over his shoulder when the archaeologist refused to go back with the Jaffa to the camp site.

All the way back, Daniel kicked and screamed to be put back down, and shouted some not-so-nice words at Teal'c.

"Your improper vocabulary and your kicking and screaming will not help you out of your upcoming spanking, DanielJackson; they are only making it worse. So you are now warned."

"Hasn't Jack spanked me enough for today already? I'm not afraid of that Jack-ass! You can't scare me you, you sol'va!"

"O'Neill will not be the one to give you a spanking this time, DanielJackson."

"What? Then who? Don't tell me that Sam is going to. Well, if it's her, I've got it made since she doesn't like to see me in pain, so I'll be safe," Daniel said, cackling.

"CaptainCarter will not be the one, either. I will be the one to discipline you, DanielJackson."

Daniel suddenly stopped his hysterical laughter, starting to feel the blossoming of worry, almost fear.

"No, you can't do that to me, Teal'c! I'm your friend and I'm an adult. You just can't, you, you sol'va!" Daniel yelled and started kicking and screaming even more.

"Yes DanielJackson I am your friend, but I have developed feelings of a paternal nature toward you, as has O'Neill, and we both have now started to see the need to discipline you as long as you are behaving like a child. Now I suggest that you cease your screaming and kicking, or I will give you some introduction to what will befall you when we arrive at the campsite."

"You won't dare, you sol'va!" And Daniel continued the kicking and screaming, but suddenly he yelped after a very strong dark hand gave him a very hard smack on his backside.

"OW! Teal'c that hurt. Stop it you, you bastard!"

"I will as soon as you stop your misbehavior, so the choice is yours."

Daniel wasn't ready to stop his behavior yet and he continued and that had major consequences for him or rather for his backside. After five hard swats Daniel went calm and started to think that he needed a strategy to avoid the promised spanking.

"I'm sorry, Teal'c. I promise I'll be good. Please don't spank me," Daniel said.

"I will stop giving swats at the moment if you stop fighting me, but you will not be spared from a spanking when we arrive at the campsite. To push O'Neill into the water and then run away was not wise, DanielJackson. You must learn to behave. You can be happy that you are not on Chulack--then I would have used our ways of disciplining our young ones, and I can assure you that a Tau'ri spanking is nothing compared to our discipline method."

"Please, Teal'c, don't. I think I've been punished enough for one day, and I promise to apologize to Jack and be good for the rest of our stay here."

"You are only saying this DanielJackson to get out of your accounting; it is good to hear that you recall your recent spanking, and I hope that will help you to behave better the next time so you can avoid being disciplined, but that will not help you now since you need to be punished for what you already have done, so you know that O'Neill and I will do as we promise you and so there will not be any doubt for you what will happen when you misbehave again. Now be quiet--you will need your strength for your upcoming punishment." With that, Teal'c gave Daniel a final hard swat on his backside to make a point.

Daniel cried out from the hard swat; Teal'c's swats hurt a lot more than Jack's did, and Daniel was so not looking forward to the upcoming spanking from the Jaffa, so he didn't dare to say one word the rest of the way to the campsite.


When they came back to the campsite Jack was in dry clothes, and he looked stunned when they showed up.

"Thanks, Teal'c, for bringing our wayward brat back here. How did you manage to subdue him? He's quiet as a lamb."

"Some hard swats on DanielJackson's already tender backside have helped, O'Neill," Teal'c said.

Jack raised both eyebrows at that statement, and then grinned. "Good to know that your discipline has some affect on him--then we're doing the right thing. So, big guy, be prepared to do this more than once."

"I know, O'Neill, and I have planned to do so when my 'child' misbehaves. Now I think it is time to proceed."

"You're right, big guy, because if Captain Carter manages to contact the SGC, it would be nice to be done before Dr. Fraiser shows up. So, are we going to fight for custody of our Spacemonkey when we get home?"

"No, we are not, O'Neill. As you would say, he is a handful, so he needs us both."

"Yeah, you're right, and we both need all the help we can get. Let's get joint custody then."

Daniel got more and more irritated by them talking about him like he was a small child who needed to be parented, so he couldn't keep quiet any longer.

"Will you stop, you two? To talk about me like I'm not here and like I'm a naughty child who needs to be watched! I'm an adult, and no one is going to have custody of me! I got emancipated when I was fifteen, remember? Teal'c, put me down already!!"

"That may be part of the problem DanielJackson, you were too soon left on your own with no one to give you protection and discipline. You will soon find out that you are not alone anymore and that you now have a family that will protect you from others and yourself." Teal'c said, and put Daniel down on his own two feet, but Daniel's relief was short-lived because Teal'c quickly sat down, and in one firm move, he had Daniel over his lap.

"Teal'c, no! Don't. Put me down! You, you sol'va!" Daniel yelled while trying desperately to get off of the Jaffa's lap.

"I will not let go until I have given you the spanking that I have promised you. Remember, the spanking will get worse with every profanity you use, DanielJackson." With that, the Jaffa started spanking.

"Not so hard, T. You'd better take down his pants and boxers, so you can check that you're not harming him, and this won't become a beating instead of a spanking," Jack instructed.

"No! Not a spanking on my ba--! Teal'c, I'm begging you, please don't spank me at all!" Daniel yelled.

Teal'c did as Jack instructed without listening to the pleas from his 'son', and in only few seconds, Daniel's pants and boxers were pulled down to his knees. The Jaffa and Jack could see that Daniel's backside had a deep red, almost blue, mark of a big hand, which showed them both that the Jaffa needed to loosen his swats, so it wouldn't end up being abuse instead of discipline.

Daniel was a little relieved at the change, but the swats still hurt like hell.

"Good, Teal'c. You're doing fine. The swats are not too gentle or too hard. His skin is getting pink, but not blue and that's good. Now remember to spank his undercurve and thighs, too, so he'll remember it when he sits for a few days if not a week. Yes Teal'c that's the undercurve--remember, not too hard now. Yes, that's it. It's a good idea to switch from side to side. Yes, you're doing good, Teal'c--keep that rhythm."

Daniel pleaded and cried out and said he was sorry over and over again, but to no avail; the Jaffa kept on the spanking. At last Daniel couldn't take it any longer; he cried, heartbroken, and was now really sorry for all the things he had done and said to Jack and Teal'c that had brought them to this point.

When Teal'c and Jack could hear that Daniel was really sorry, Jack said, "It's time to wrap it up, Teal'c; you can hear that he is really sorry now and that he has learned a lesson, at least for now.

The Jaffa gave Daniel five last hard swats and then stopped spanking.

"Now that you've finished the spanking, it's very important that you give Daniel comfort and forgiveness--and of course help him to get his pants back up," Jack said seriously.

The Jaffa did as instructed. When Daniel's boxers and pants were back up, Teal'c helped Daniel gently--as gently as he was able to as a Jaffa--to his feet. Daniel shakingly zipped his pants and buckled his belt while tears ran uncontrollably down his cheeks and he sniffed.

When Daniel was decent again Teal'c gave him as gentle a hug as he could.

"I forgive you DanielJackson."

"I'm sorry, Teal'c," Daniel said while he sniffled.

"As am I, DanielJackson. Now that you have been held to account, child, let us not dwell on it any longer. Now behave and stay close to O'Neill, myself, or CaptainCarter."

"Yes…" sniffle, "…sir. I'll go to my tent now and... and read."

Before Daniel went to his tent, he went to Jack. Daniel had a hard time looking Jack in the eyes. Daniel did his self-hug thing and then lifted his head and embarrassedly met Jack's gaze and said, "I'm sorry, Jack, for being disrespectful to you and for pushing you into the water. Can you…" sniffle "…forgive me?"

Jack wrapped his arms around Daniel and gave him a hug. "I forgive you, son."

Jack ended the hug and gave Daniel a gentle swat on his butt and pushed him to the direction of his tent.

"Now behave yourself, Spacemonkey."

When Jack noticed that Daniel was out of earshot, he looked at Teal'c and said, "So, Teal'c, now you've learned how to give a human a spanking. The next time you don't have to have me there to talk you through it--just remember not to swat hard enough to bruise. We don't want that to happen. Any questions?"

"I have, O'Neill. When do you know that Daniel has to have his backside bared for the spanking? And when would you consider using more than a hand?"

"When I'm afraid that I'm hurting him more than I want to, then I'll take his pants and boxers down... and when he has been so obnoxious and seriously risked his neck. When Daniel bit me while I spanked him, I didn't hesitate for one second to bare his backside. So if you're going for a full-out butt-busting, as long as you don't know how hard you have to spank to not bruise him, I recommend that you take them down. As to using more than a hand, I would use a brush or maybe a belt when he has endangered his life and others' severely, and if he keeps on being disrespectful time after time, or when a hand-spanking hasn't gotten the message across about something. Any more questions,?"

"I do not have any more questions." Teal'c said with a customary tilted nod.


Daniel lay on his stomach in his tent, a book open in front of him. Daniel had stopped reading to study the beautiful small cylinder-shaped artifact, with its amethyst coloring. There were no writings on it, and Daniel didn't know what it was for, but it was so beautiful that he could hardly take his eyes off of it. He just wanted to have it close to him--he felt so good and free when it was.

When Daniel could hear someone approaching his tent, he hurried to put the beautiful artifact in his pocket. He for sure wasn't going to tell Jack that he had it in his possession; he knew that Jack would get mad and then force him to throw it away.

As soon as he had hid the artifact he grabbed his book and pretended to be reading.

"Daniel, can I come in?" Dr. Fraiser said.

"Uh, sure, Janet."

Dr. Fraiser sat herself next to Daniel and looked worriedly at him.

"I hear that you're not acting like yourself. Do you feel any pain, nausea, or dizziness?"

"Eh…Uhm…Eh…No, Janet, I don't," Daniel was not going to tell her that his backside hurt; then she would insist that she had to have a look at it, and then she would know that he'd been spanked, and that was out of the question.

After Dr. Fraiser had checked Daniel out, well as much as she could away from the infirmary, she went back to the SGC with Daniel and the rest of SG-1 in tow.


In the infirmary at the SGC, a nurse had a hard time getting a certain archeologist to strip and put on a hospital gown, and the good Dr. Jackson didn't talk nicely to the nurse.

Jack heard the commotion and went to the nurse's aid.

"I'll take it from here, nurse."

"Thank you, Colonel O'Neill," the nurse said, relieved.

Jack looked sternly at Daniel, "Apologize to the nurse, Daniel!" Jack said firmly.

"No! I won't, and you can't make me!"

Here we go again Jack thought and then counted to ten. He then gave Daniel a hard swat, and he didn't care what the nurse thought about it.

"Now apologize, or else!"

Daniel didn't want the nurse to witness more of this, so he reluctantly apologized to her.

When the nurse left, and Jack and Daniel were alone, Jack said firmly, "Now strip and get into this hospital gown--you know the drill."

Daniel kept on refusing, and Jack ended up undressing and gowning Daniel while the younger man fought him.

Dr. Fraiser and an orderly came to see what the commotion was about. The orderly was trying to help the colonel restrain Daniel, but Jack said that he could manage on his own.

In the meantime, Dr. Fraiser was making a syringe ready with a sedative--what she was seeing was emphatically not the Dr Jackson she knew.

When Jack noticed it, he said, "Doc, that won't be necessary. I've found a more healthy method to get him to calm down, but I need to be alone with him and even when you can hear a commotion here, I need all of you to stay away except for Teal'c."

"Okay Colonel, but first I want to talk to you alone, in my office."

"So Colonel I want you to tell me what you are planning to do to get Daniel to calm down," Dr. Fraiser said when they arrived in her office and the door was closed. When she could see that the colonel didn't want to tell her, she said, "As Daniel's doctor, I need to know."

"Okay, Doc, I'll tell you, but I'm not sure that you're going to like my method. I give him an old-fashion spanking and it really helps, Doc--well, at least for a few hours, but I'm sure he'll soon learn his lesson and be good a good while longer."

Dr.Fraiser couldn't quite believe what she'd just heard. "Did I hear you right, Colonel? You give Daniel, an adult, I might add, a spanking?"

"Yes, Doc, I do. I started to do that when we were off-world and Daniel started to behave like a spoiled brat. Daniel isn't acting like himself, he's sure not acting like an adult, and as long as he acts the way he is right now, I'm going to continue spanking him, whether you like it or not."

"If I can't change your mind, then we're finished here." She held up a finger. "If it doesn't help, I'll give Daniel a sedative, whether you like it or not. I'm a lot more concerned about the man and the reason behind his behavior than about the behavior itself."

"Fair enough, Doc, but don't worry--it'll help." With that, they both left the office. Jack went back to the isolation room and cleared it so that only Jack and Daniel were left.

Jack placed himself on the bed and, without warning, got Daniel over his lap and pushed the hospital gown up to Daniel's shoulders; now Daniel's bare (and still reddish) backside was exposed, and Jack spanked him until Daniel had recentered and was sincerely sorry for his behavior.

After Jack had comfort Daniel and told him that he forgave him, he helped him to lie on his stomach, and then went to the intercom and gave the all-clear for the infirmary staff to enter the isolation room again.

It didn't take long for a nurse to show up; she picked up Daniel's BDUs, but suddenly something fell out of the right cargo pocket--a beautiful cylinder-shaped artifact. The nurse was about to pick it up, but Jack stopped her. When Daniel saw his precious artifact, he went pale and rushed off of the bed, forgetting all about the pain in his backside. "Don't touch it! It's mine, all mine!"

Jack restrained Daniel, keeping him from getting the artifact.

"Daniel, did you find this rock on the planet? And touch it without getting it cleared first?"

"Yes, I found it in the temple--it's mine, all mine! And I want it back!"

And it began to click in Jack's mind--the inexplicable lightning-fast attitude shifts, the fact that this had started just after the first encounter with the temple. "Daniel, Daniel... what am I going to do to you? When will you ever learn not to touch?"

Jack made signs to the nurse to leave the BDUs and the artifact where they were and to leave the room again.

Daniel was all hyper again, in the midst of the hugest temper tantrum Jack'd ever seen him in, so the colonel was sadly forced to get the young man over his lap again, but this time he rummaged in the kit on the nightstand and pulled out Daniel's brush. He had hoped that this wouldn't have to happen so shortly after a recent spanking, but he still thought that it was better than letting the Doc give him a sedative; despite the impression he'd left, he very much cared about the man himself and wasn't all that comfortable with the idea of drugging his charge when the kid was already obviously under the influence of something alien, no matter how much the colonel trusted Janet.

When Jack had finally gotten Daniel reoriented and to sleep, he got Carter to come in with a decontamination team to get Daniel's BDUs and the damn artifact.

While Daniel slept, Dr. Fraiser used the opportunity to examine him. Daniel was so worn out that he didn't notice a thing.


It turned out that Jack's suspicion was right--it was the strange artifact that had caused Daniel's errants behavior. Its effect was addictive, and when it'd been kept near a human's body for some time, it formed and sent a toxin through the human's blood stream, turning the victim's own brain chemistry against him or her.

While Daniel slept, the rest of the team, the general, Janet, and McKenzie talked about Daniel's case.

"I estimate that the toxin in Daniel's body will be completely gone in about two months," Dr. Fraiser said sadly.

"Two months? You mean that we have to deal with Daniel the spoiled brat for two months?" A very shocked Colonel O'Neill asked.

"Yes, Colonel, two months, but his behavior should change as the toxin levels in his system decrease, so he won't be that bad the whole time, Colonel."

"Does Dr. Jackson have to stay the whole time in the infirmary, Doctor?" General Hammond asked.

"No sir. He can stay in one of the VIP rooms, but he'll still need 24/7 supervision."

"General I don't agree with Dr. Fraiser. I think after my sessions with Dr. Jackson and his recent sarcophagus addiction, it'll be the best for him to be committed as long as he's under the influence of the toxin," Dr. McKenzie said.

"Over my dead body!" Colonel O'Neill said angrily, then looked at General Hammond, "Sorry, sir. I'll take Daniel back home with me and I'll make sure he's safe and that he comes back here for his check-ups. Daniel needs to get outside and get fresh air and to be near his team, so that he knows that he's not alone and that we're here to help him through this."

Hammond looked from the colonel to Dr. Fraiser. "Dr. Fraiser. Do you recommend letting Dr. Jackson go home with Colonel O'Neill?"

"Yes sir. If Daniel comes in regularly for his check-ups, I think this is much better for him than to be committed."

"I strongly object, sir. Dr. Jackson needs psychiatric attention!" Dr. McKenzie said.

General Hammond thought for a few minutes and then said, "Colonel, you can take Dr. Jackson home with you, but if it turns out that he's a danger to himself and others, he'll have to be committed. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir. I promise I'll keep a close eye on him, sir."

"As will I. I will help O'Neill with taking care of DanielJackson," Teal'c said.


After the briefing, Jack and Teal'c were the only ones left in the room.

"So, Teal'c, are you really sure that you want to help me with Daniel? You know as well as I do that he's quite a handful even when he's not on alien crack."

"I am sure, O'Neill, and if you do not mind, I will move in with you and DanielJackson so that I can help you full-time."

"Of course it's okay with me, big guy, but be warned--strangers may think that we're gay and shacking up," Jack teased.

Teal'c gave the equivalent of a raised eyebrow. "Gay?"

Jack made a vague hand gesture linking the two of them. "Yeah, gay--you know, homosexual." All he got was the same blank look. "Preferring each other as sexual partners."

"I see." The Jaffa kept his opinion of that to himself. "We are not, O'Neill, so I am not worried what strangers may think."

A couple of days later, Daniel was released to Jack and Teal'c's custody. Teal'c had moved into the house, and now the three of them were a happy family... or not.

The End of part 1