Jack and the Jaffa's Paternal Instinct

Part 4: Wayward Son

By Kalmalinga aka Kalnaman and Malinga

A/N: Thank you Lisabell for your beta. Thank you who have reviewed the previous chapters.

Daniel let out a loud sigh of contentment and went back to sleep though this time a healing one, knowing that his two father figures were there to protect him. Even though Daniel still had a contentment smile on his face Jack was worried about Daniel's health that he went back to sleep. He was afraid that there was something very wrong that the doctors hadn't noticed.

"Doc?" Jack asked worriedly.

Dr. Fraiser went to Daniel's side and started to examine him. "He's just sleeping Colonel, for once a very sound one. So let's hope that will help him mentally as well as physically. As soon as he's fully awake I'll schedule a psych evaluation for him. "

Jack looked not so pleased at her, "Please don't make an appointment with Dr. McKenzie; you know what he'll try if it turns out that Daniel fails the evaluation."

"Don't worry Colonel. I won't make the same mistake as I did with the Ma'chello Goa'uld killer incident. I have a friend who's also in the Air Force and he has a good reputation as a psychiatrist. His field is addictions and emotional disorder. He'll do anything in his power to help his patients to keep them out of the psych ward. He'll only commit them as a last resort. I'm sure General Hammond will agree to give him the clearance."

Jack nodded satisfied, "Sounds like a good idea. Well, at least a lot better than Dr. McKenzie."

"Good, Colonel." Janet stated, "I'll go to General Hammond and if he agrees to it I'll call Sam."

Jack looked confused at her, "Sam?"

"Oh," she smiled when she guessed why he was confused, "I didn't mean Captain Samantha Carter. I meant my friend Dr. Sam Beckett."

"Okay then. Teal'c and I we'll take care of our boy while you do that." Jack said with a grin. Dr. Fraiser nodded but then looked firmly at him, "You better not play with any of the infirmary's supplies. And don't you dare wake up Daniel! You got that?" or else said her stern face.

Jack saluted, "Aye, Sir. But how can you even think I'd ever play with anything here that doesn't belong to me?" Jack said with teasing smile. Janet answered with a calm voice, "Because I know you, Colonel. If you do I promise you that it won't be Daniel who'll have a hard time sitting comfortably." Jack gulped because he knew that she meant what she said; she'd done it before. Not with her hand though but with a long needle.


A few hours later Daniel woke up again.

"Daddy, Dad."

"We're here, Danny." Jack said as he and Teal'c hurried to Daniel's side, "Indeed DanielJackson." Teal'c intoned. Both his Daddy and Dad were at the sides of his bed.

"How you feeling, kiddo?" Jack held his open palm over Daniel's forehead, gauging his temperature. Daniel waved Jack's hand away and made to get up, "'m fine, Daddy. Can we go home, now?"

"Woah... woah... not so fast, Dannyboy. Janet has to check you over first and if she gives the okay, then I promise we'll take you home right away, kiddo." Jack tried to hold Daniel as still as possible, so he wouldn't pull on the IV still attached to his hand.

"But I want to go now, Daddy." Daniel insisted, still trying to get up from the bed. The moment he saw Jack's frown deepen on his face Daniel knew he had no chance of winning the argument there. He turned his pleading gaze to his Dad.

"That would not be wise, DanielJackson." Daniel's face fell on hearing those words, but soon his disappointed frown turned into an angry scowl. Seeing this, Jack immediately intervened before another shouting match could unfold.

"Now, that's enough. I don't wanna hear anymore arguing on the matter. Janet is your doctor and she'll be the one to decide when you leave, understood?" Jack demanded in his most serious Colonel voice. Daniel just shrugged.

Teal'c's eyebrow raised slightly, his dark eyes focusing on his brother in arms. "Daniel." Jack warning tone made Daniel's eyes rise immediately to meet that of Jack's stern ones and he gulped loudly, realizing now that he'd better play along with his Daddy, for the moment.

"Well? I'm waiting." Jack insisted.

"Yes, Daddy." Daniel answered.

"Good." Jack smiled. Teal'c's frown also morphing into a pleased 'smile' of his own as their surrogate son finally complied with their demands and laid back down getting the rest he needed. "Now, I'm gonna get Janet so she can take a look at you." Jack added, throwing a look in Teal'c's direction that said to keep a close eye on their obstinate charge. Teal'c bowed his head imperceptibly, letting him know that he'd understood the message.


Daniel was bored, really bored. He'd tried to get out of bed a few times, but one firm look from his Dad, the Jaffa, made him change his mind in a flash. If only his Dad would be called for some reason so that he'd be able to leave this insipid infirmary; just for a while. He didn't think fortune was on his side but his luck was about to change after all. The General had informed Teal'c that he was needed in his office and that Dr. Fraiser and Jack were there too. Teal'c had gotten a nurse to watch over him but she was called by Dr. Warner because of an emergency. Daniel had promised her, but not without crossing his fingers first, that he would be a good boy and stay in bed. As soon as he was unsupervised he pulled out the IV, left the infirmary and went to his office, making sure he wasn't stopped by any airmen.

He was happy to finally be back in his office, but what should he do? He didn't want to read or translate anything; as strange as it was since he was known as a workaholic. At the moment he thought that working sounded dull. He wanted to do something fun. Ahh, first he needed to make coffee! So he went to his coffee machine and made coffee; making a mess in the process. At the cabinet he found lots of candy bars. His mouth started to water. That would be perfect to eat while drinking coffee.


At General Hammond's office Teal'c, Jack, Dr. Fraiser and Dr. McKenzie sat around the General's desk. Jack looked at Dr. McKenzie with irritation. "What is he doing here?" Jack said not too politely.

The General looked firmly at him, "Colonel! I'll only give you this warning once. Now, I asked you all here because Dr. McKenzie has some worries about Dr. Jackson. I thought it would be wise to have a briefing to see what is in best interest of Dr. Jackson. Dr. Fraiser has informed me of a Doctor that she thinks can help him. To me it sounds like a good idea, but Dr. McKenzie doesn't believe it is. So I wanted to give him a chance to explain his reasoning." The General said and he noticed that the Colonel was about to say something that he may regret. He stopped him before he was able to utter a word, "Colonel, it doesn't mean that I will agree with him, now let him have a chance to explain." He then turned his attention to Dr. McKenzie to let him know that he could speak.

"I was in the infirmary when Dr. Jackson woke up, he called the Colonel 'Daddy' and Teal'c 'Dad'. This is a clear sign that he has regressed. I don't think it is healthy for him that Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c allow him believe that they are his fathers. He'll only be confused later and I'm afraid that he'll have a breakdown. In addition, I have heard of Dr. Sam Beckett's methods and I don't approve of it, he is too unorthodox."

If eyes could kill Dr. McKenzie would have been dead a long time ago.

Dr. McKenzie and Dr. Fraiser argued forth and back about whether to hire Dr. Beckett or not. Suddenly General Hammond stopped them. "I agree with Dr. Fraiser to try Dr. Beckett. If it turns out that he can't help Dr. Jackson," Hammond said turning his attention to McKenzie before he continued, "then you can try and see if you can help him. Until that time, Dr. Beckett will be Dr. Jackson's psychiatrist." He then added firmly, "I expect you not to interfere."

Dr. McKenzie didn't look happy at all, but nodded and said, "yes, Sir."

"That will be all Dr. McKenzie." General Hammond said in way of dismissal.

Dr. McKenzie stood up and left the office. General Hammond was about to say something, but he was interrupted by his phone ringing. He didn't look happy at all when he heard what the person on the other end of the phone had to say. He then hung up and looked at Jack and Teal'c.

Teal'c and Jack didn't need to ask what it was about or whom. "What has he done now, Sir?" Jack asked.

"Dr. Jackson has wandered off into his office; his office is a mess and Dr. Jackson is in a severe sugar high…"

Jack and Teal'c left the General's office in a flash to get to their wayward son.