Disclaimer: I do not own National Lampoon's Animal House.

(-gasp-) Could it be... a more serious Animal House oneshot from me?! UWAH! Yeah! Here you go! We got a little analyzation of the Boon and Otter friendship here, or maybe not analyzation, but going deeper into it. Because I like reading into things like that. And I think they're both just lovely. Lovely mensch...es. AND NOT MUCH ALCOHOL EITHER...?! (-gasps for air, reaches out-)

"Why the hell is this actually fun? I'm no more drunk than usual." Boon said.

"Because you've never actually done this crap before. You're from the city."

Flounder was the only one seriously collecting berries in a girlish little basket. "It's not crap, Otter! My family used to do this every year."

On their road trip, the last one before they would have to split up due to their being expelled, Flounder insisted on berry picking and couldn't believe he was listened to for once.

"But I bet with your family, everybody didn't bring beers," Pinto said, flinching as Boon threw a berry at him for the fifteenth time, which is mostly what everybody but Flounder was doing; throwing berries and drinking.

"Oh, dang!" Flounder dropped his basket. Pinto scrambled over to help him pick them up.

"Hey, lookit this!" Boon said.

"What?" Otter threw back his head and finished his beer. "I'm too lazy to come over there."

"Get over here, you ass. I just want to show you something."

Otter made his way over, not wanting to argue his half-drunk contentment. "What."

Boon had a handful of berries and grabbed Otter's hand with force.

"Ew, what theā€¦?"

"See?" Boon pointed to their arms, where the juice trickled down like blood. "Cool, huh?"

"Huh," He smiled. "Yeah, that is cool."