Arthor Notes/Disclaimer -Based on a sermon on Paul's conversion in Acts 9. I do not own the bible

Who is this Man?

Who is this man, the one called Paul,

Isn't he the same man once named Saul?

Wasn't he the one who persecuted us for our beliefs,

But now wants to be part of of our brethren.

What happened to this man,

A major player of the Pharisees,

Whose goal in life was our extermination.

The one who would drag us out of our homes,

And put us in prison,

Or, have us mercilessly killed for what we have preached?

Isn't he the same man,

Who was there when Stephen died?

Giving his approval,

As the stones threw by?

And what right does he have, to do what he is doing,

To preach the gospel,

To those deemed unclean.

Doesn't he know its wrong?

What happened to this man I pondered,

Isn't he suppose to be the enemy?