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The three of them then flash-stepped to the 10th Division, led by Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya. It was very easy to make him lose his temper because his lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto, made him lose his temper often because she never helped him with the mountains of paperwork. She was too busy drinking Sake with the other divisions, and that made him really angry. Two other things that made him angry was when Momo Hinamori, the lieutenant of Squad 5, and Toshiro's childhood friend, addressed him as "Shiro-chan". The second thing that annoyed him was when Ichigo addressed him by his given name.

Ichigo, Renji, and Byakuya walked into the 10th Division Administrative Office, ignoring the fact that they should've knocked. The young, white-haired captain was talking to Captain Juushiro Ukitake, captain of the 13th Company. Lieutenant Matsumoto was sitting on the couch, quietly listening to their discussion.

"Excuse me. We were in the middle of a discussion," Toshiro growled, narrowing his aquamarine blue eyes.

"Sorry, Captain Hitsugaya. But the Ryoka here insisted," Byakuya stated, motioning to the annoyed Ichigo beside him.

"Ichigo! ICHIGO! Here, say it with me! I-CHI-GO! IS THAT SO HARD TO SAY, BYAKUYA KUCHIKI?!" Ichigo yelled furiously.

"Wow… You have an even worse temper than the captain," Matsumoto commented.

A vein popped in Toshiro's forehead. "Hey! This is the captain you are talking about! ME!" he scolded.

She smiled, chuckling. "I know," she replied curtly.

He continued the glare at her for a few moments before turning to Ichigo. "What do you want?" he asked, hostility in his voice.

"Want to join my band?" Ichigo asked.

Toshiro blinked. "You're kidding, right?" he questioned.

"No, I'm serious! You wanna join?" he repeated.

Ukitake smiled. "Hey! That's a great idea! I'll join up too, if you want," he offered.

"Sure! Thanks Ukitake!" Ichigo thanked joyfully.

The young, white-haired captain looked at Ukitake in shock and horror. "Are you serious, Ukitake?!" he gasped, "I honestly think that is a preposterous idea!"

"Captain, you think a lot of Ichigo's ideas are preposterous," Matsumoto commented.

"That's because they usually are!" he yelled.

Ichigo pretended to pout. "But Rangiku said that you would look so cute in one of those boy band outfits!" he complained.

Renji stifled a laugh, as did Captain Ukitake.

"Matsumoto said what?!" Toshiro fumed, turning to his lieutenant.

She offered him an innocent smile. "Well… I know Momo would've liked to see you in-" Before she could finish, Toshiro cut her off.

"MATSUMOTO!!!!!!" he screamed angrily.

She shrieked, running behind Ichigo. "Oh yeah. Rukia wanted me to tell you good luck," she told him, "Cause Momo and I have joined her band!"

"WHAT?! She's gotten to you two already?!" he exclaimed.

"Your point? We can still beat them," Renji said determinedly.

Toshiro looked at them questionably. "And why are you dragging me into this?" he inquired, arms crossed.

"Well… maybe you can use this opportunity to prove to Momo that you're better at her," Ichigo stated, a plan forming in his head. He paced around casually. "And of course, if she wins, she gets bragging rights for…let's say… about a decade or two."

"Great…" he muttered annoyingly, "that girl would never let me live it down. And neither would Matsumoto."

At his statement, Rangiku smiled. "Of course I wouldn't!" she agreed.

Hitsugaya sighed, thinking deeply. "Fine, fine. I'll join," he finally agreed, "You owe me for this, Kurosaki."

"How about not calling you Toshiro for a bit, Captain Hitsugaya?" Ichigo replied, grinning.

Toshiro sighed. For once he calls me by my title, but on the condition I join the stupid band. Why do I get myself into these situations? He thought grimly. "Fine. Let's go," he said, standing up from his chair, "Matsumoto?"

"Yes, Sir?" she questioned politely.

"Take over for me while I'm gone," he ordered.

"But Captain, I'm part of Rukia Kuchiki's band, so I've got to go too!" she protested.

A vein popped on his forehead. "But then who's going to do the paperwork?!" he demanded angrily.

"We can do it later," she replied simply, "See ya later, you guys! I've got to go meet Rukia and the others to practice!" Then she ran out of the office without another word.

The short, white-haired captain glared out the door for a moment, then heaved a big sigh. "And when she says 'we' she usually means 'ME'. Why do I always end up with the idiots?" he muttered annoyingly.

"Hey! I heard that!" Ichigo snapped.

Toshiro glowered at him. "I was actually referring to Matsumoto, but if you're an idiot, I'd like to include you in that category too," he retorted sharply.

"Fine, fine. I get the drift," he muttered, "Let's get going and find someone else."

At that same moment, Yamada Hanataro ran into the room, bumping into Hitsugaya. Immediately he bowed. "My sincerest apologies, Captain Hitsugaya. I didn't mean to bump into you," he quickly said.

"You're forgiven," Toshiro replied simply, staring at the odd squad 4 member.

Ichigo smiled. "That's it! Hanataro, you want to be in our band? You could play like… the flute or something," he asked.

Hanataro shook his head. "I would like too, but I'm just too-" He was cut off by Ichigo wrapping his arm around his neck, kind of half-choking half-hugging him.

"Great!" The orange-head exclaimed cheerfully, "Just come with us!"

"B-But! I've got to get back to the 4th Division!" he protested.

Ichigo grinned. "Nonsense! We'll find somewhere else to practice!"

He desperately tried to think of something. "B-But I don't know how to play an instrument!" He shouted.

"Can you sew?" Renji asked suddenly.

Hanataro flushed and nodded embarrassingly.

"Then you can be our costume designer!" he announced cheerfully.

Knowing he had no other choice, Hanataro agreed. "Fine, I'll do it," he surrendered.

The Carrot-Top grinned. "Excellent, now… let's see who else we can find…"

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