The Loonatics Angel – The Rising Storm

The dark figure that laid on the ground razed up his hand. No details where there, only darkness and shades of gray. The sounds of fighting echoed around the dark void. The faded reds of fire where every were. Other detail-less figures fought around the one that laid on the ground who held the out line of a gun in his hand. A gun shot was heard and another figure fell down to the ground. The freshly wounded figure became visible for a split second as it's limp body struck the ground.

Angel jolted up into the sitting position from her slumber with tears soaking her face and sweat matted her blond hair to her head. Through her deep panting she realized she heard her mothers voice gently cooing warm words to her and rocked her in her arms.

Angel closed her eyes and let the tears pour out like rain as she clutched to her mother. What the child had seen in her dream scared her and confused her. Was her dream trying to tell her something? If it was she hoped with all her heart it wasn't to come to be.

"It's okay. I'm hear, Angel. It'll be all right." Lexi whispered to her crying child. Angels cries quickly became small whimpers. "Do you want to tell me what the dream was about?"

Lexi could feel her daughter shake her head back and fourth, "Are you sure? It mite make you feel better."

"I don't want to." Angel mumbled with her head bared deep into her mothers side.

"All right then. I wont make you tell me if you don't want to." Lexi replied stroking her daughters short hair.

Lexi looked up when she heard the flap door of the tent. There stood a gray rabbit with deep blue eyes, "Is every t'ing okay Lex? I heard Angels cries from my tent."

"One moment Ace." The tan rabbit turned her head back to her child, "Are you going to be okay now Angel?"

Angel nodded. Lexi gently laid Angel back down. Angel turned onto her side and grabbed a near by white cap. The cap meant a lot to the child. The cap had once belonged to her father. The father she had never known. The child knew very little of her father in truth. She didn't even know that the only physical trade she shared with her father was her blue eyes. Other wise she was near identical to her mother.

Sure that her child was okay, Lexi stood up in the tent and walked out to speak with the gray rabbit.

"What was dat about Lexi?" He asked with concern when she came out.

"It was a Nightmare. She wont tell me what it was about. Ace, she's had this nightmare four times in a row. Every time she wont tell me what there about. Ace I'm getting scared." She said on the brink of tears. Ace pulled her into a hug, "Ace what if there from the attacks on the camp? Maybe it was the wrong idea to bring her."

"Lexi I don't t'ink dere from the attack, because why would dey be startin' now? And you know as well as I Angel would of come. She has to much of you and me in her. She would of fought tooth and nail to come, or she would of fallowed us wit' out us knowin'." Ace, leader of the Loonatics, was Angels father. Very few knew he was, and this included Angel. Only two others knew the truth about Angels origen. They where Lexi's dear friend, Rat-a, and the Queen of Fruten who most believed to be dead, Kiara. Ace himself had only recently learned about his daughter.

Lexi had once been part of the Loonatics team on Acmetropials. There she had had a secret relationship with Ace resulting in Angel. But before Lexi had even known she was with child there enemy, the Kuton Army, took her away from them, and had them believe she was dead. It made her unable to ever tell them about the child.

How ever one day the Loonatics cam across Angel in the streets of Acmetropilic. Angel told the Loonatics about how there 'deceased' friend was alive. The Loonatics where reunited with there lost team mate, and agreed to help in stopping the Kuton army who had been forcing there, cruel and unjust, rule upon the people of the planet Fruten.

"I guess you right." Lexi lightly checked at Ace's statement. She looked back at the tent, "Well I should probably be getting back in there. Good night Ace."

"Night Lexi." He replied as he watched her go in. In side the tent where only two beds and a few bags. Things that where easy to travail with. Out side the tent Ace gave a look around the camp. Many portable small tents where set up, and a few lanterns where hung.

They where making an army to fight against the Kutons. So far there numbers where deep into the hundreds and growing every day. They where open with the knowledge that they existed. They didn't try to hid the fact that they where there. Unlike the Freedom Fighters, a group who also fights against the Kuton Army, but hide there existence. With this known it didn't surprise any of them that the Kutons where after them. The Kutons feared them, It was plane to see.

The Loonatics had only been at this for three weeks, and already there numbers where large and the Kutons had tried to stop them by attacking them when ever they camped. How the Kutons seemed to know there every location they didn't know, but they weren't scared and didn't let it bother them.

Two characters ran up to Ace. One was a Duck wearing a uniform that had a orange triangle across his chest. The other one was a dark brown-red hare with light blue eyes. There names where Danger Duck and Thomson Scot, or Duck and Pop-pa as people tend to call them. Duck was a member of the Loonatics and was the only one of them to know that Ace and Lexi had been together one night that resulted in the pregnancy of Angel, but still he had no idea the Ace was angles father. Pop-pa was one of Lexi's closest and most trusted friends; When Ace had first meet him he believed Pop-pa to be Angels father, but Lexi had soon cleared that up.

"Hay Ace. Are shift for patrolling the perimeter is done." Duck reported.

"We saw nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing to be concerned about." Pop-pa added.

"Ah, Good. Go wake Tech and Rev and tell them it's there turn to patrol. Then get some rest." Ace ordered. The two nodded and went on there way. Ace gave one last glance at the tent that held the mother of his child and his child before going off to get some rest himself.