"It was never going to be you

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"Oh Brian, it was never going to be you."

He doesn't quite know who he hates more in this moment: Karen for telling the truth, Nick for being a lying sack of shit, Tripp for being a ruthless manipulative son of a bitch (so basically Tripp), or himself for actually thinking that something good could actually happen to him.

Brian Darling Sr., vice president of Darling Industries, why had he ever let himself believe for one moment that was going to happen? Yesterday, he would've said it was because he wasn't really a Darling, even if he had the name, been raised as if he were one…

Thank you, Nick, for once again proving the exception to the rule…

He can feel the rage eating through his stomach, fueled by his attempts to keep it from erupting in a screaming tantrum of epic proportions. Except creating a public scene at this… joyous… occasion would go against Tripp's wishes and Tripp wasn't one to be crossed. Although how much he had left to lose -- Brian Jr.'s gone, he's never going to be anything but a lackey

Except if he's ever going to be able to see Brian Jr., Leah or Lacey he needs the power and influence that the Darling name and Darling money can buy. So quit whining and pretend that you weren't just blindsided.

He can't believe he was so stupid to have believed that pile of horseshit that Nick sold him in the holding cell:

"I picked you, Brian… the black sheep of the family…I don't want the company…"

Nick just told him exactly what he wanted to hear, and like a moron he bought it.

He might have the Darling name, but Nick's the real deal, always has been. Even as a kid he'd sensed it, could see how easily Nick fit right in with Patrick and Karen, got along with them better too. How Tripp paid more attention to Nick--

He's the runt of the litter in this pride of lions, only no one's done him the favor of biting off his head yet.

Except he's got more a spine -- more of a brain -- than Patrick ever had, never been the tabloid fodder like Jeremy and Juliet are, not the generally sloppy mess that has become Karen. So why is he the runt?

There is the bitter divorce and the illegitimate son, but at least he's not screwing trannies and inciting his wife to homicide (twice). He's the son who took an interest in the family business, who will do the dirty work (especially since he's had the consequences of not doing so brutally hammered in), who will work at all, who's the good son, really.

Except he's not Tripp's son, and he's not Dutch's either. He's Leticia's son, the remainder of a forty year affair, proof that the fairytale marriage was just that: a fairytale.

Fairytales never come true, he should know that by now. Perfect marriages don't exist, all princes are really frogs in disguise, and bastard sons don't inherit the kingdom.

He hates himself the most right now.