Chapter song: Facedown

Artist: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Chapter One


Wonder what enchantment today is going today is going to hold for me, I thought to myself sarcastically as I pulled my red, rusty, truck into the parking garage of my apartment building. I sighed heavily, not wanting to have to leave the safety of my truck; the dashboard clock read 7:13 PM.

You can't prolong the inevitable, it'll just get worse the longer you wait here, my mind gnawed at my hope of five more minutes without James. Begrudgingly I left my truck and started towards my third floor apartment that I hated.

James had been my boyfriend since we had met in the summer of my second year of college. When we'd both graduated, we moved into an apartment in Seattle together. But a few months after moving in, James' behavior began to change.

He started getting less and less sleep and was active very possessive of me. A few weeks later, I had come home from work late and he beat me black and blue because of it. In the following weeks, he started finding other 'justifiable' reasons to continue the beatings; now it was the point of expecting to be hit as my welcome-home-how-was-your-day-hug-and-kiss.

A few of my colleagues slowly started to notice my injuries, but I played them off as self inflicted accidents. It wasn't that hard to believe considering that I had no sense of balance in my body, but my injuries didn't help my balance either. But only one person in the world knew the actual truth about what James would do to me. It was my best friend and boss Angela, she'd witnessed him lash out at me first hand.

She's tried to do the right thing for me and tried to get me to go to the police, but I couldn't for several reasons. One was that my father, Charlie, was the police chief in the nearby small town of Forks, Washington, so he would eventually find out. And if he found out, he'd lecture me about who I dated and my personal safety and probably wouldn't let me out of his sight again.

Reason number two was that if the law intervened, the issue would just increase tenfold. An order of protection or a restraining order wouldn't do anything to stop James; he'd still find me and just continue on his tirade.

And the final reason that I couldn't run from James was that he could lie his way out of things. He was connected with prominent society figures and the police officers in our district. So no matter what, he could get around any obstacle that I tried to throw into his path.

But after Angela witnessed my daily torture a little over a year ago, she'd come up with a plan to hopefully get me away from James for good. Thankfully, my plan to flee was almost complete.

Over the course of the year, with Angela's help, I'd bought a new car. Well, it wasn't technically new, but it was new to me. The car was a used 2002 red Honda Civic, and it was a lot different from my truck. I wished that I would be able to take my truck with me, but it was too slow and conspicuous relocate with so James could easily catch me if he followed me. My one stipulation to get a red car was so that I could honor my truck in my memory; a tribute to it.

In the Honda, I packed most of my possessions into it; I'd never had much to begin with because I didn't need a lot. Packed away in my getaway car was my clothing, a few blankets and pillows, my book and music collection, childhood mementos, and my laptop. I had slowly taken things so it wouldn't draw too much attention from James; it was my only hope.

Maybe today will be the lucky day, I though hopefully as I unlocked the apartment door. Earlier that day, I had emptied what was left in my bank account after I had paid for my car. 527.36 was all I had left in my bank accounts and I hid that in the car. I would need it, every cent.

The only part of the plan that I wasn't set with was where she was going to relocate to. It had to be a place that was far away from the monster I called my boyfriend couldn't find me. I wasn't leaving anything for him to trace me by. No cell phone records, bank accounts, no leads. I couldn't tell Angela for her own safety, it wouldn't surprise me if James went to her asking her where I was. He'd torture it out of her if he even though that she knew anything, no matter how badly she'd want to protect me.

As I walked in, in instantly tensed up, bracing myself for what punishment that was waiting was for being late. But something was wrong; it was too quiet. Slowly, made my way down the hall and turned on the light to the living room. I instantly regretted turning on the light.

Just as light illuminated the room, the back of James' hand came down on the right side of my face, knocking me to the floor, my head coming into contact with the corner of an end table.

"Where were you?!" he yelled at me on the floor.

"I'm sorry, Mike held us…" I started to explain to James as I was getting off of the floor. But James wasn't having that. He kicked me in the ribs, knocking the air out of my lungs as I collapsed back onto the floor.

"I asked where you were, Bella," James spat.

I couldn't get any air into my lungs to answer him, causing his fury to build even greater. I could feel the blood running down my face and seeping into my hair and clothing. The smell was making my stomach churn and I was starting to lose consciousness.

I tried to get back up again, but was kicked back down.

"ANSWER ME BELLA!" he screamed, towering over me. I couldn't force the words from my mouth; I was in too much pain. I gasped for air, trying to force it into my lungs but none was entering.

Not hearing a reply, James knelt over me and continued to pummel me. With each new hit I sank further and further into unconsciousness, welcoming the black that was pushing down on me to save me from this monster.

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