House awoke feeling overheated and tired. His eyes were burning and his throat was scratchy. He looked at the clock next to his bed and saw that it was six in the morning. He didn't want to get up but he knew that Cuddy would have his ass on a silver platter if he didn't. He got up and gasped in pain. His leg was throbbing horribly and he reached for his vicodin only to find that it was empty. He had never hurt in so many places in one day.

He can't be sick; Gregory House does not get sick! He over doses and has hangovers but he never gets sick. His stomach did a back flip causing him to gag. He closed his eyes and knocked the feeling to the back of his head.

He would go to work, get Vicodin, tell Cuddy to have sex with him in the Janitor's closet and continue his day like nothing was wrong. He went to his dresser pulled out a pair of jeans and his favorite AC/DC shirt.

He walked into his bathroom and ran the water making it boiling hot hoping that some of the heat would melt the pain away.

The water hit and soothed his leg until he skin received the message that it was far too hot. He jumped out and banged his arm on the sink. His eyes began to water and he cursed loudly at the agony he was in, and the stupidity that had caused it.

Once dressed he grabbed his jacket keys and rode his motorcycle to work. It was cold and the chill went down his spine and stayed there. He shivered whenever he shifted gears and closed his eyes for a moment every time he hit a red light to relieve the ache in his head.

He parked in his usual spot and limped into the office. He went upstairs his helmet still on his head and he didn't take it off until he was inside the comfort of his own chair. The lights were off the noise from outside was gone and his team hadn't come into work yet.

"Ah…heaven." He sighed.

Then it went from heaven to hell.

"Greg." He opened his eyes and moaned.

She was the new lawyer for the Hospital. He was in love with her, but he would never allow her to know that.

"What do you want Vicktoria?" he spat.

She approached him in a tight black pencil skirt and a white dress top. Normally he would say something but he felt like puking every time he opened his mouth.

"I saw you come in and thought you would like to come and have breakfast with me…I thought you'd missed a meal seeing as you're here an hour before you usually are."

House swallowed.

"No I won't have sex with you…no I don't want breakfast…" he stopped abruptly and sat up straight. "Can you hand me that trashcan?" he asked winded.

"Why?" she asked picking it up.

He snatched it from her hands and began throwing up.

She went to his side and held the basket in place for him as his hands began to shake. Once he was done he wiped his mouth on his sleeve and sat back.

"Come on." She grumbled helping him up.

"Where?" he spat.

"You're going home and I'm going to take care of you."

He gave her a long glare but when he saw that she was unnerved gave in.

"I don't think I can ride my bike home with your fat ass on the back." He whined.

"I don't hear you complaining about my ass when you're staring at it when you think I'm not looking." She took his hand and held him close. "Come on."

House looked at her and noticed that she actually had her hair down. The lovely red tresses laid there in layers and if anyone in the Hospital knew Vicky they knew she was never caught with her hair out of a bun or ponytail.

"You really did want to go out for breakfast…you had planned to ask me." He whispered.

"Yep…then I planned to fuck you in your office later."

House laughed. "Damn it…so I guess I lost my chance."

"Chance at what House?" she asked helping him limp to the elevator.

"My chance to make you love me."

Vicktoria stopped and looked him dead in the eye.

"You…you love me House?" she asked stopping.

"Of course I love you…how can I not. You are the most beautiful woman in the hospital."

"You're sick House…you don't know what you are talking about." Vicktoria whispered

She helped him into the front seat of her car and buckled him in.

She got into the drivers seat of the car House's words still ringing in her ears.

My chance to make you love me. My chance to make you love me.

Vicktoria turned and saw that House was asleep in his seat. He was not snoring but she could hear how congested she was. From a regular persons point of view it was just the flu.

She drove as quickly as she could without waking House or making him feel more sick to his stomach.

Did she love him too?

She'd have to turn right here she believed if she wanted to miss the morning traffic.

Well, did she?

"I…I…I don't know…okay." She whispered to herself.

That was a lie she did know. She remembered the first day she had ever met Gregory House.

It was a lot different from my usual office. I didn't have people shoving murder case after murder case under my nose. I sighed relieved and walked into my new office. It was on one of the higher floors…I hated it. Heights made me severely nauseas; I'd go down to the clinic later and see if I could get something for it.


I turned it was Lisa, a good friend who had offered me the position.

"Hey stranger!" I said weakly.

"Hey yourself. So did you get to know your surroundings yet?"

"I was just about to…starting off with the clinic." I walked past her and headed for the elevator.

"Still get air sick?"

"You bet." I said groaning.

"I'll see if I can move your office a couple floors down." She said smiling at me.

"Thanks Lisa."

The elevator made me feel worse I should have taken the stairs.

I went into the clinic and found it completely empty…Lisa was probably enjoying this. She said that her one Doctor House would always complaining how it was too full. Now what would he complain about-

"Damn place is never full when I actually have no other work but when I'm fucking busy."

I turned and found Dr. House standing right in front of me.

"Who are you?" he asked sharply.

"Uh…I'm Vicktoria-

-Stone…your our new Lawyer…or should I say prostitute."

I walked over to him and slapped him straight across the face. Oh, why was it always the cute ones who were ass holes?

He gave me a strange look as if he was happy that I had marked his cheek.

"So…how much do you charge?" he asked persistent.

I couldn't help but grin.

"More then you could ever afford…" I said swiftly. "I came here because I feel sick…now are you going to flirt with me or are you going to diagnose me?"

"Can't I do both?"

"Not if you want to keep your dick attached to your body." I said walking into another room.

"You can have it." He said limping after me.

I sat on the table and sighed. God…I hate heights!

"So what is it that is ailing you Vicky?"

"Vicktoria…I'm feeling nauseous. My office is on the top floor and Heights make me-

"Puke?" he concluded going up into a cabinet.

I gagged slightly.

"Yeah..if you have to put it that way."

"Oh I can put it other ways," he said looking for a certain bottle, "vomiting…being sick…up-

I cut him off when my stomach lurched and the splashing sound of sick hit the floor. He turned and looked at me smiling slightly.

"I prefer the simple…I'm going to BLAAH!"

I wiped my mouth off with a quivering hand and glared at him fiercely. He however just grinned at me and helped me off the seat.


"I'm going to give you something for the puking and then I'm going to take you back to your office to monitor your progress."

"It's only air sickness." I grumbled.

"Yeah, but talking to you is waaay more fun then hanging out in the dump."

And he had stayed with her the whole day just talking and joking around. She wouldn't have traded that for anything, but right when they were about to kiss good bye. Cameron came in and they had to leave in one of those awkward moments. She pulled in front of House's apartment and got out. She went to the other side and nudged his shoulder.

"Wha-" he asked sitting up straight.

"C'mon House…let's get you into bed."

He blinked a couple times but got up and made his way to the door. He opened it and proceeded up the steps. Vicktoria followed him and helped him to his bedroom. He flopped onto his bed and moaned.

"House…c'mon you need to get into the bed." She urged.

He made no answer.

"Fine you big baby." She said laughing slightly.

She pulled off his sneakers and socks and placed his legs under the sheets and comforters. She helped his head onto the pillow and covered him until she was sure he would not be able to move under the weight of the blankets.

"Alright…" she said bending over and kissing his forehead.

"Ha…foreplay…so the sex is still on?"

"Nice try House…if your skin is warm to my lips it allows me to measure the intensity of your fever."

House closed his eyes as the smoothness from his lips ran over his forehead. He sighed, he wished she would go a little lower. She pulled away but House grabbed her hand.

"No…don't go." He whispered.

Vicktoria looked at him and sighed.

"I'll be right back."

She tried to walk away but House would not let go of her hand.

"Greg…stop this, I told you I would be right back. I'm just going to get you a trashcan so if you throw up again you have something to aim at."

He let go and grabbed the blankets squeezing the tightly.

"You're in pain…where did you put your Vicodin?" she asked walking out.

"It's empty." He grumbled.

She nodded and then came back in with a trash can and a bottle of Advil Liquid Gels.

"Pop one of these in your mouth." She said opening the bottle.

He did so and swallowed it then she pressed a cold glass on his lips for him to drink down some water.

"No…I'm not thirsty." He gasped pulling away.

"You'll become dehydrated if you don't." she said sitting one the bed and helping him sit up.

She poured the water down his mouth in sips so it would not over power his stomach.

"How…how did you know that?" he asked laying his head in her lap. He hoped she would not move his head and she didn't. She took her hand and stroked his hair gently.

"I listen to you when you talk to your patients…I know a lot on medicine because I work with the best in their practice."

House smiled and she saw a tear rolling down his cheek.

"House…are you in pain?" she asked scared.

"No…yes…but not the kind you would think of." He said closing his eyes.

"Babe…tell me so I can help you."

He sat up and looked into her eyes. They were red and wet from crying. She waited for an explanation but instead got a moist kiss. She looked shocked at first but then closed her eyes and fell into it. She took his head in her hands and kissed him more. His tongue caressed hers.

He laid back and Vicktoria fell with him lying on top of his sweaty body.

"House…we shouldn't…you're delusional…and sick."

He shook his head.

"No…I love you…what will it take to prove it to you!" he said groping at the air as she got up.

"Tell me you love me when you can think straight…or stop taking Vicodin so I don't have to watch you OD anymore. House…you don't know how much you hurt me when I look and see you in a puddle of your own vomit…or I see your eyes red because you are high. You want to prove to me you love me and are not in the need for a quick fix of sex then work for it." Tears were balanced in her eyes and she quickly left the room

House sighed from his bed and closed his eyes. Vicktoria was all he could think about when he was at work. He loved her…wanted her…and it was just proven that he needed her to always be with him. Pain was horrible in his leg but the pain he felt in his heart right now from the rejection was just as bad if not worse.

He grinned slightly he remember the day he first met Vicktoria as if it just happened five minutes ago.

God another day of Clinic duty. Someone please just walk right through that door and shoot me. The place doesn't even have any patients. Trying fucking explaining that to Cuddy though. God what I wouldn't give to just go to my office and play my PSP.

I walked farther inside and saw a female figure there. It was probably Cuddy so I indulged it.

"Damn place is never full when I actually have no other work but when I'm fucking busy."

She turned and that was when I realized it wasn't Cuddy.

Whoever she was she was far more gorgeous then Cuddy. Blood red hair and crystal blue eyes. Her body curved in every right direction and she had the face of a goddess. Though she could stand to have a little more color in her cheeks.

"Who are you?" I asked harshly.

"Uh…I'm Vicktoria-

-Stone…your our new Lawyer…or should I say prostitute." I said looking up and down and fantasizing about every bad thing I could do to this woman.

I waited for her to say something but instead of a verbal answer I felt her hand slap my cheek.

Even though it hurt like a bitch I couldn't help but feel happy about it. Finally a woman who looked good and was able to stand up for herself.

"So…how much do you charge?" I asked waiting for another answer.

This time she was the one who smiled at me.

"More then you could ever afford…" she said smartly. "I came here because I feel sick…now are you going to flirt with me or are you going to diagnose me?"

"Can't I do both?"I asked raising my eyebrow.

This was fun, she was intelligent I can tell. Her remarks were witty and quick paced.

"Not if you want to keep your dick attached to your body."


"You can have it." I said following her and hoping she would seriously consider it.

"So what is it that is ailing you Vicky?" I asked leaning against the wall.

"Vicktoria…I'm feeling nauseous. My office is on the top floor and Heights make me-

"Puke?" I concluded watching her gag a bit.

"Yeah..if you have to put it that way." I heard her mutter.

"Oh I can put it other ways," I said looking for a certain bottle, "vomiting…being sick…up-

I heard her wretch once and then a splash…Vicktoria just relieved herself of some of her airsickness. Puking was inevitable, but knowing a lawyer she would probably be stubborn and hold back. I laughed and looked at her face. Flawless even with vomit on her mouth.

"I prefer the simple…I'm going to BLAAH!"

If looks would kill the one she was giving me would surely knock me on my ass for good. Still I had to smile.


"I'm going to give you something for the puking and then I'm going to take you back to your office to monitor your progress." That would keep Cuddy away and I would be able to spend some more time with this delightful woman.

"It's only air sickness." She griped.

"Yeah, but talking to you is waaay more fun then hanging out in the dump."

I took her by the arm and helped her back upstairs. This would be very interesting.

House sighed. Nothing did happen though. All they did was talk and he made sure her fluid levels were good as well making sure her temperature was normal. They joked about things that annoyed them most and the types of people and clients they could not stand. The strange thing was he spent the whole day with Vicktoria and didn't feel the need to once reach for his Vicodin bottle. He felt the pain in his leg but he did not care at the moment and was able to ignore it.

Maybe he could apply that to his life to get better. Maybe…she was worth it…maybe he loved her enough to…to give it up. He would have to wait until he was better for Vicktoria to believe him and he could not blame her for that. Most people when they are sick never know what they are talking about. But then again House was always sick with some type of ailment.

House pulled the blankets up to his chin and breathed deeply. He could still smell her perfume…honey suckle… and hear her voice...Smoother then silk and very sincere.

"I…I'm in love." He whispered collapsing into darkness

Chapter 2