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The week had been going very slow for House and although he usually hated when this happened he really did not mind. He hadn't been having any strange medical cases and clinic duty wasn't nearly as bad considering it was empty most of the time. The day was spent with him playing his PSP or texting Vicktoria on his cell phone. Every now and again he would forget and text her while she was working with a client or in the court room, but she said that it was her boss contacting her with new information. He was so glad that his fiancé could think on her feet.

Cuddy really wasn't so set on talking to him anymore; he had announced his engagement to Wilson who had told Cameron who had told Chase, who had told Foreman, who had let it slip to Cuddy. Cameron wasn't happy about the engagement either, but with House being House he could have cared less.

"Good morning all." He said going to the sink.

"Morning House." Chase said pouring himself a cup of coffee as well.

"Morning." Foreman said from over his newspaper.

Cameron continued to act as though no one was there, she wasn't too happy right now. Just like Cuddy she too had an attraction to House. And just like Cuddy she had never expected for him to ever give his heart to someone, much less get married.

"So how is everyone today?" He asked stealing Chase's mug and sipping from it.

"Same old same old, we have a lady who went unconscious while reading a book."

"Wow…must have been a boring book." House said sighing.

"Can you stop joking for a minute and focus on the patient?!" Cameron snapped.

House looked at her and glared.

"Someone is cranky."

"Well it's true, you always make jokes when it is time to work."

Just as House was about to say something his cell began ringing.

I love you I loved you all along-

Quickly he answered without a second thought; this was Vicktoria's ring tone.

"Hello?" he asked gently.

Hey baby…I have some time for lunch in about an hour would you like to join me?

"Umm…let me call you back and I'll let you know okay?"

Sure honey, I'll talk to you later.

"Yeah okay."

Love you.

"Love you too…bye."

He snapped the phone shut and then faced his team, Cameron look like her head was about to burst and Chase was trying hard to conceal his amazement.

"What? She wanted to meet for lunch! If you all had lives you wouldn't be so unfamiliar with it."

Cameron stood up infuriated.

"What gives you the right to accept calls from your girlfriend?!"

"I accept calls from you when I am on work…I accepted calls from Wilson while I'm at work. What's the difference?" he snapped.

"We all work with you!" she spat.

"Well I used to accept calls from Vicky when she worked here as well…what's the difference if she is a couple miles away?"

Cameron rolled her eyes and sat back down in her chair.

"Whatever." She grumbled.

"Yeah," House laughed, "go ahead and whine about it. God get over yourself."

Cameron looked up at him with loathing.

"We all know you are just using this girl to sleep with her, who are you trying to kid?" she said cruelly.

House's face became hot with fury. He was so sick of hearing this crap, he loved this woman and no one was going to say otherwise.

"Get the Hell out of my office." He spat to Cameron.



Cameron looked at him surprised but did as he commanded and ran out of the room. If she had been a dog her tail would have been tucked between her legs. He turned to the rest of his team and took in a deep breath.

"Find out what is wrong with this lady and test her, I'm taking lunch." He grumbled leaving the room.

Even though he was leaving about fifty-five minutes early he did not care, maybe he would be able to sit in on one of Vicktoria's cases. He limped to his bike and loaded up ready to spend the hour before lunch watching his fiancé work. He pulled to the court house once he recognized Vicky's car in the parking lot. He walked inside with no trouble saying that he was the husband of the prosecuting advocate. He showed his ID and got in without even being asked for clearance from the judge. He sighed; security wasn't what it used to be.

"So you admit that you were not at home the night your wife was killed?"

He could hear Vicktoria's voice from the isle and walked farther down to sit right in front.

"Yeah I have nothing to hide."

The man that was on the stand definitely looked like a killer. His eyes were big and almost black in color. House didn't like the way this case sounded, he knew that if Vicktoria lost she would not be in the mood to probably have lunch. Not to mention she would probably be as cold as ice when they got home. Still he watched Vicktoria intrigued by her movements. She looked like one of those actresses you saw on TV, so fluent and quick witted.

The case went on for what felt like forever but whenever House glanced at his watch he realized that it was only five minutes later then the time he had saw originally. It was getting dull but when Vicktoria had finally given her closing statement he risked whispering in her ear when she sat down.

"Mmm…you look so sexy up there…if they don't judge in your favor because of the statistics then they will definitely because of how nice your ass looked in that skirt."

She smiled slightly but then hushed him when the judge focused on the jury.

The judge coughed once and then said, "Has the jury reached a verdict?"

"We have your honor, we find the defendant guilty for first degree murder of his wife."

Vicktoria smiled and saw that House was also grinning as well.

"Alright then I sentence you to twenty-five to life without the possibility of parole court adjourned."

House placed his arms around her neck and kissed her cheek gently.

"You were right, you do know what you are doing up there…I guess I was just kinda upset that you wanted to leave me."

She turned and faced him.

"Leave you?"

"Yeah, now I have to deal with those moron's at Princeton by myself."

Vicktoria stood from the front desk and faced him.

"Why are you here so early?" she asked gazing at her watch.

"Something happened at the office, they didn't need me-"

"They always need you Greg…what happened?"

House shook his head and took her hand.

"Don't worry yourself about it babe…it doesn't matter."

Vicktoria took her hand back and sighed.

"Greg, is it about the wedding?"

His eyes went a downcast and he pursed his lips.

"We can always not invite them…it isn't Wilson, Chase, or Foremen-"

"It's Cameron huh?" she asked picking up her briefcase.

House nodded.

"Well you're her boss…she'll have to get over it at some point."

Vicktoria grabbed her jacket and began leaving the court room, just as they were about to go he heard someone call Vicktoria's name.


He stopped as did Vicktoria.

"Stone! I swear that if I ever get out of prison you'll be the first I come after…you have no idea the kind of connections I have!"

Vicktoria whipped around.

"Yeah well when they get caught for murder let me know and I'll put their asses in the cell next to you."

"You bitch-"

The last of it was muffled by the sound of House's fist whacking the defendants jaw. Vicktoria looked back horrified.

"Greg!" she screamed.

She pulled him away and held his hands firmly in hers.

"Say it again you ass hole…I fucking dare you!"

Vicktoria pulled him to the side and yelled, "Greg he wasn't worth it!"

Still House was yelling at the man threatening to kill him himself finally
Vicktoria muzzled him with her hand and she did not let go until they were outside and in her car.

"You idiot! You could get me into a lot of trouble doing stupid shit like that!"

House was still muttering curses under his breath not taking his eyes off the court house.

"Greg!" she spat gaining his attention. "If this is how you are going to behave then you won't be allowed to sit in on anymore of my cases. I get those kind of threats all the time-"

"I don't care, no freaking scumbag is going to insult you in front of me!"

Vicktoria smiled and kissed House gently on the cheek.

"Don't do it again, at least not while the judge is still in the building."

House kissed her back and nodded.

"Okay, so to lunch then?" he asked.

"Yes, to lunch."

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