After that day, Edward and I made sure to fully figure out what was going on whenever there was a misunderstanding. The obstacles that life kept throwing at us were overcome, and we were nearly inseparable after that.

We had 3 children, the twins, Michael and McKenna. Then, two years later, Chloe. They are now 20 and 18. Michael studies medicine like his grandfather, and McKenna wants to join the Seattle Philharmonic: she can play the violin, viola, cello, and clarinet. Chloe is overseas in France, at the French Culinary Institute. Edward and I raised our children back in Forks, near Carlisle, and Esme.

After my fourth album (all of which went platinum), I stopped making music, and focused on my family. I drabbled in cinema for a bit, and wrote a bestselling books about a human and a vampire falling in love. Over time, with unuse, my powers began to fade.

Edward got a job as a pianist, and although he had the potential to go global, he decided to stay with us.

Alice married Jasper and had a daughter named Maria. Maria is 13 and is an eighth grader at her junior high. Alice became a clothing designer, and Jasper became a history teacher.

Rosalie and Emmett married right out of high school, and have four kids: Anne, Lindsay, Mason, and Brendon. Rosalie is a model, and Emmett is a football player. Their oldest daughter, Anne, just got married.

My mom and Phil adopted a son, and helped him to grow up. The child turned out to be extremely intelligent, and goes to MIT. He is 15.

But everyone didn't get a happy ending.

Lauren ended up getting arrested for beating her boyfriend with a shoe.

James and Laurent were killed in a hate crime.

Mike developed a very unhealthy 'interest' with me, and was sent to a mental hospital.

And then, there was Charlie. Charlie was shot going to investigate a robbery at Tyler's house. The person shot him 7 times in the chest, and got away. The person? Angela. She had tried to do a spell that ended wrong, and backfired. Instead of protecting her from evil, it filled her with it.

But, I know for a fact, that no matter what happens to any of us, it will be okay.

Because time moves on.

A/N It's OVER! I know I said it would last longer, but I didn't keep Edward away for as long as I planned, so that shortened it up considerably. Now… to finish PRANKS!