Yu-Gi-Oh! Does The Great Mouse Detective Chapter 07



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Author's Note: Here we are at the final chapter. Thank you all for reviewing and supporting my story. I have another Disney parody in mind, but once again, I haven't memorized all of it, so it might take me a while. I'll give you a hint, though; it's one of the movies that's on my list of favorites.

Outside the chancellor's office, Dr. Crowler's henchmen, who were disguised as the chancellor's body guards, sounded their trumpets, and out of his office came the chancellor. Or at least, everyone thought it was the chancellor. It was really the robot duplicate. Anyway, when it emerged, everyone clapped.

"On this most august occasion," the robot began. Its voice sounded just like Chancellor Sheppard's. "We are gathered here not only to celebrate my three years as chancellor, but to honor one of…"

The voice was really Mr. Flannigan's. He was being forced to provide the speech for the robot, while reading off cue cards. "…truly noble stature. I present to you a statesman among men…"

"…a gifted leader, a crusader for justice…"

As all this was happening, Bonaparte was carrying the real chancellor away to Nightshroud, to be banished to the Shadow Realm. "Over here, fatty!" the Frenchman grunted as the chancellor kicked and squirmed. "Time for the Shadow Realm!"

"…a majestic mountain of humility, my new vice chancellor…Dr. Crowler!" Dr. Crowler appeared before the school, in an even flashier outfit than he usually wore. Everyone gasped, and one kid even stuck out his tongue at him.

Bastion, Syrus and Blair had now made it out of the lair, and were on their way to save the chancellor. Bastion whistled and within seconds, Pharaoh appeared. "Pharaoh!" Pharaoh licked Blair and she giggled. "The game's afoot, Pharaoh. The chancellor's in danger!" Pharaoh suddenly became very dutiful. "To the chancellor's office!" And off they went.

Back at the office, Dr. Crowler was saying, "Thank you, chancellor. And now, as your new vice chancellor I have a few, eh, slight suggestions…" and he unfurled a really long list. "Item One…"

Meanwhile, Bonaparte was still carrying Sheppard out to Nightshroud, but the chancellor kept squirming and kicking. "Stop it!" grunted Bonaparte. "Say hello to the Shadow Realm! Ha ha ha! Bye-bye!" He almost got to Nightshroud when suddenly, Bastion and Syrus ran up and rescued the chancellor. Bonaparte stumbled into Nightshroud and almost got sent to the Shadow Realm himself! "Ah! Stop it, Nightshroud! Stop it!" Pharaoh, knowing how afraid Nightshroud was of him, chased the dark teenager away.

"…Item Ninety-Six," Dr. Crowler continued. "A heavy tuition increase will be levied against all slackers and spongers. Such as the Slifers and the lower-ranked Ras, and especially…little first-years!"

"That's ridiculous!" shouted one of the freshmen. "You're insane!"

"Perhaps I haven't made myself clear," said Dr. Crowler. He shoved the child into the crowd. "I have the power!"

"Of course you do," said the robot-chancellor.

"I am supreme!"

"Only you," it said again.

At that moment, Bastion, Syrus and Blair broke into the secret room behind the office, where the robot was being activated from. Bastion took over the controls as Blair was reunited with her father and as Syrus tied up Bonaparte and the rest of the bad guys.

"THIS IS MY ACADEMY! AH, HA, HA, HA!" laughed Dr. Crowler. "That is, of course, with your permission," he added. The robot didn't respond, so he slapped it in the face.

"Most assuredly…you insidious fiend!" said the robot.


"You're not my vice chancellor!" it said (for now Bastion was controlling it).

"What a sense of humor!" Dr. Crowler said, covering the robot's mouth with his hand.

"You're a cheap fraud! An imposter!"

"Flannigan!" growled Dr. Crowler.

"A corrupt, vicious, demented lowlife scoundrel! There's no evil scheme you wouldn't concoct!" The robot started to self-destruct, and its head popped off, and it bit Crowler on the nose. "No depravity you wouldn't commit! You, Doctor, are none other than a cross-dressing, gender-confused, lipstick-wearing freak, commonly known as a…"

"Don't say it!"

"SHE-MALE!" said Bastion.

"AAAHHHHHH!" cried Dr. Crowler. He just hated being called that.

"Arrest that fiend!" said Bastion.

Meanwhile, Pharaoh was still chasing Nightshroud. The reason he was so terrified of him was because he didn't want his pure, unblemished face to get scratched. That's why he wore a mask. He ran and ran, and then he leaped over a wall of rocks, and thought he'd gotten away, but when he hopped down, he found himself in a big thorn bush, so all of his body ended up getting scratched anyway!

Back at the office, Dr. Crowler was being tackled by body guards; the real body guards. He looked up, and saw Bonaparte holding Blair hostage.

"The girl! The girl!" he said. Dr. Crowler threw all the guards off of himself, and ran up to Bonaparte and grabbed Blair.

"Stay where you are, or the girl dies!" he threatened.

"Hurry, Syrus!" said Bastion. They ran outside and saw Crowler escape in his blimp.

"There he goes!"

"Syrus! Flannigan! Gather up those balloons!" Bastion instructed. They gathered them all together and tied them with a flag, so that they could make their own little blimp. And they did, and they used it to chase Crowler.

In his blimp, Dr. Crowler was desperately trying to get away. Blair was standing up to him.

"Just wait!" she said. "Bastion's smarter than you! He's going to get you fired! He's not afraid of a big, old, ugly, girly-man like you!"

"Would you kindly sit down…and shut UP?!!" snarled Crowler, screaming so loud that he sent Blair flying backwards. Suddenly, the good guys' blimp rose up in from the clouds.

"Let her go, chaps!" Bastion ordered. Syrus and Mr. Flannigan gently released some air from one of the balloons, and it propelled their blimp forward.

Bonaparte, who had been pedaling the blimp, was running out of steam. He gave up and said to Crowler, "We have to lighten the load!" And suggested that they throw Blair overboard.

"Oh, you want to lighten the load?" asked Dr. Crowler. "Excellent idea!" And he picked up Bonaparte and threw him overboard into the river.

"No! Not me! I can't swim! AAAAHHHHHHH!" With Bonaparte out of the way, Dr. Crowler got on the seat and pedaled the blimp himself, and at high speed, too.

"Steady…" said Bastion. Then he leaped onto the blimp and grabbed hold of its propeller.

Dr. Crowler wasn't looking where he was heading; one of the tall obelisks on the island. And this one had a clock face in it. Blair screamed.


Then Crowler screamed.

"AAAGHHHH!" And CRASH! The three of them ended up inside the clock.

Bastion was unconscious for a moment. When he woke up, he looked around in horror. Giant ticking gears everywhere. He got up and observed his surroundings. Little did he know that Dr. Crowler was sneaking up right behind him. He had his hand over Blair's mouth, but she managed to free her face in time to warn Bastion.

"Bastion! Look out!" she cried. Bastion turned around, only to be slapped in the face by Dr. Crowler. Blair bit Crowler's hand, causing him to scream out in pain, and drop her.

"AAHHH!" she shrieked, falling down into the gears. Bastion cleverly grabbed the tail of Dr. Crowler's blazer, and stuck it between the gears, slowing him down as he ran to save Blair. She was about to be crushed between two gears' teeth, but Bastion saved her just in time. As they ran to escape, Dr. Crowler went mad.

Suddenly, he didn't care how he looked. He didn't care about being masculine. He didn't care if he looked girly. All he wanted was Bastion dead! He began running daintily around, in a very feminine way, and chased Bastion and Blair as they made their was back to the good guys' blimp.

Bastion lifted Blair up but she couldn't reach her father.

"Daddy! I can't reach!" she cried. "I can't reach!" Just then, Dr. Crowler tackled Bastion, causing him to accidentally toss Blair a little higher into the air, and Mr. Flannigan grabbed her and pulled her close.

Bastion and Dr. Crowler tumbled down the clock face, until they were on the very hands of the clock.

"There's no escape this time, Bastion!" he declared.

Dr. Crowler began to fight in the most stereotypical girlish way ever. Pulling hair and doing petty little slaps. If anyone else had been around, they would have said he fought like a girl. But he didn't care anymore. He was mad. Extending his long, manicured fingernails, Dr. Crowler slashed Bastion's chest and knocked him down, so that he was hanging by his fingers off the hand of the clock. One last attack and he was gone for good. Seizing the moment, Crowler swiped at the Ra one last time, and he fell.

"I WON! AH HA, HA, HA, HA!" he laughed.

"On the contrary," came Bastion's voice. He had survived by hanging onto the crashed blimp that was still stuck in the clock face. "The game's not over yet!" He rang the same little bell that Crowler always rang when he was to dispose of one of his henchmen. The clock struck twelve, and the bell rang so loudly that its sound waves made Dr. Crowler wobble and lose his balance. He fell, and grabbed onto Bastion, and took him down with him. There was nothing to be heard but the echo of the bell, and Crowler's defeated yell as the two of them plummeted into the fog below.

Syrus, Blair and Mr. Flannigan watched in horror as Bastion seemingly fell to his doom. Blair buried her face in her father's chest and sobbed. But then, they heard a squeaking kind of sound. Bastion emerged from the fog, pedaling the propeller part of the blimp! That was Bastion-- resourceful as always!

"Ha ha!" laughed Syrus. "Hooray!"

"Hooray! It's Bastion!" Blair cheered.


Later that week, Syrus was reading the school newspaper, and the headline had Bastion's picture in it and it said that he was to be given a medal for his bravery.

"To be thanked by the chancellor himself," Syrus marveled. "Oh, how very thrilling. Eh, Bastion?"

"All in a day's work, Syrus," said Bastion, putting that same little bell on the shelf.

"Oh, Syrus, you were wonderful!" said Blair. Syrus merely chuckled.

"Indeed," said Mr. Flannigan. "Oh my, we're late to catch our boat. Come along, Blair."

"Yes, Daddy. Goodbye, Bastion," she said, giving the student a hug. "I…I'll never forget you," she sniffed.

"Nor I you, Miss…Miss Flangerhanger." Blair only shook her head. Syrus just chuckled and said,


"Goodbye, Syrus."

"Goodbye, Blair." Before she left, Blair whispered one last time,


"Well, um…" Bastion sniffed. "Not a bad little girl, actually."

"Not at all," agreed Syrus. "Well, it's time I was on my way, too."

"But, um, but I thought…" stuttered Bastion. He and Syrus had become good friends during this whole ordeal. He didn't want Syrus to leave right away.

"Well, the case is over. Perhaps it's time I went back to my living quarters," said Syrus.

"But…" Bastion was about to protest when he heard knocking. "Ugh, now who could that be?"

Syrus opened the door, and a young, beautiful Obelisk Blue student was at the door.

"Is this the home of the famous Bastion Misawa of the Ra Yellow Dorm?" she asked.

"Indeed it is, Miss," said Syrus. "You look as if you're in some trouble."

"Oh, oh I am," she sobbed. "I am!"

"Then you've come to precisely the right place."

"Ah," said Bastion. "Allow me to introduce my trusted associate, Syrus Truesdale. With whom I do all my cases. Isn't that right, Syrus?" He extended his hand.

"Hmm? Oh, yes. Yes. By all means!" said Syrus, shaking Bastion's hand.

"Heh, heh, as you can see, Syrus, this young lady has just arrived from the Obelisk Blue dorm, and is troubled by the mysterious disappearance of an emerald ring from the third finger of her right hand. Now, tell me the story and…"

From that time on, Bastion and I were a close team. And over the years we had many cases. But I'll always look back on that first with the most fondness. My introduction to Bastion Misawa of the Ra Yellow Dorm. The Great GX Detective.


Thank you for reading!