This Isn't Real

This Isn't Real

Sum: What if Sam had been hit by the Soul Shedder? Sam's PoV. Companion to "My Nightmare".

Dis: No own Danny or friends and/or family.

Rated: T for Character Death even if only in a dream and a few choice words.

It hadn't hurt as far as I can remember. Just a small sting as it sliced me slantwise. I had been thumbing through the book and I heard him call my name, I had looked up and saw the green blade and then I was here.

Clutching my dying best friend, praying that the paramedics will hurry up. The town is in ruins, everyone's dead or dying and Danny's head is on my lap as he bleeds to death from a gaping hole in his belly. His blood, reddish green as he repeatedly transforms as though he's lost control of it, is flooding my shirt sinking in to the fabric's weave.

"This isn't real!" my head screams at me though my heart doesn't listen as tears pour down my cheeks in an endless waterfall.

"Sam…" he groans, looking up at me, "Don't cry, please. It's okay…"

"You're dying," I counter, if only to keep him lucid longer though I know no help will be forthcoming. This is my own personal nightmare, brought to life by the sword. He is doomed to die, I know this, it never changes.

"Only halfway," he says, following the script I know so terribly well.

I laugh, I always do, but it breaks into sobbing. He's fading now, it won't be too long. He's gonna die dammit.

His snow white hair is tinted pink by his own human blood, I distantly wonder who he's gonna die as; Fenton or Phantom. It always changes. And sometimes he dies mid change leaving a weird mix of his forms behind.

I can sense the end now, he closes his eyes and gives off his death rattle, the hand that's grasping mine falls slack. He's human. But I know it isn't over. His corpse fades from the earth, and I stand up, finally feeling the wounds I bear witness to. Blood drops track my unsteady gait as I head to FentonWorks, the portal still stands. I weaken with each footfall, my boots stepping in blood pools originating from family, friends, even strangers. I collapse in front of the portal, the life leaving my form slowly. I stare into the green swirls, despairingly wishing I had the strength to continue into them.

A figure comes through. It's him, a full ghost now. His eyes are red, the whites of them tinged pink.

"Danny!" I speak relieved even though I know this part.

"I'm a ghost," he grins evilly as beams appear in his palms, "I have no friends."

I get hit.

But then I'm back in the real world. He's standing over me.

"Sam, Sam," he says with worry.

I sit up and fling myself at him, wrapping myself about him as I anxiously pat his back and front.

"You're okay!" I say breathlessly into the crook of his neck, tears of joy now falling. I think I just hit my crying quota for the year, but I don't care as I hug the life out of him. He collapses under the combination of our total weight but hugs me bemusedly all the same.

"You okay Sam?" he whispers into my ear, his warm breath making shivers run my spine.

"Yeah," I reply shakily, "just don't ever leave me."

"Oh, Sam," his hand runs through my hair, "I'd never dream of it."

We fade from the room and I feel secure in the knowledge that this, the kiss we share mid flight and all that it promises, is very real.