My first time writing in this fandom, and I write a threesome. Great. Just playing around with 275980

The Problem with Couples

When Gokudera and Tsuna are alone in bed it's always a little awkward. Gokudera lies still and quiet against the sheets, waiting for Tsuna to decide what he wants, and he presses back against the smaller boy with a gasp as Tsuna touches him, kisses him, tries to show him how much he means. Tsuna kneels over the taller boy and wonders how this man could ever have scared him. Gokudera is so so careful of him, so very tender, so unwilling to do anything that he might not like. Tsuna loves feeling so loved, but he wishes that he could trust Gokudera to tell him if he didn't like something. He wishes he could convince his right hand that he was needed, not just wanted, loved and not simply tolerated.

The couch is filled to overflowing as Yamamoto sprawls on top of Tsuna's warm body. It's fun lying here like this, kissing, touching, just playing around. Tsuna is giggling underneath him, half aroused, unable to stop laughing at the fingers tickling his naked belly. It's like a new game, an extension of the 'mafia' game that they play; the one he still can't admit is real. When Yamamoto and Tsuna are together it's comfortable and fun, but somehow unreal. It always feels like a game, or a dream he hasn't woken up from yet. Together they are laughter and innocence and naiveté, like the pure perfect blue sky that he's never ever seen. When it's just the two of them, they have enough strength to protect anyone, but nothing to protect.

Gokudera knows his nails are digging into the other's skin as he shoves Yamamoto against the wall. He can see the singed edges of the shirt he's half torn off the taller boy's body, know that there will be bruises on that skin tomorrow, but he can't bring himself to care. Because this is his, this moment and the next, and he clings to what he has with a desperation he knows is unfounded, but can't seem to shake, and he hates the boy he's kissing almost more than he loves him. Because Yamamoto is offering him everything that he wanted once, everything that he'd come to Japan to find, and he doesn't know what to do with it. Sex with Yamamoto is dark and wild and sudden, and he knows that he doesn't deserve this and he'll punish himself for it later, but in this moment he doesn't care. He pushes away the love that Yamamoto tries to give him and wishes that he knew how this was supposed to work.

Three boys lie curled up together on the mass of futons and cushions and blankets all pushed together. When they're together Yamamoto can stare at the two smaller bodies in his bed and feel the strength of desire and love and protectiveness all wound up together. Gokudera can stare at the love in the eyes that watch him and know exactly what his place is. Tsuna has his strength, and his belief in himself restored by the trust that they place in him and the surety that he'll never be alone. None of them can handle being alone, but together they can do anything.