Title: One Night with You

Author: LateNiteSlacker

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Not mine, don't sue.

Quick note: This story takes place after the events in Apollo Justice. Don't read it if you don't want spoilers.

Summary: One night in a haunted manor could win Ema, Klavier, Phoenix, Edgeworth, Apollo, Trucy, Franziska, or Gumshoe loads of cash, but will they be able to survive the night (and each other) with Kristoph on the loose?

"Remind me again why we are here?" Ema Skye elbowed Klavier Gavin in the side angrily, looking around at the dilapidated haunted house.

"Well, they're here for the money," Klavier responded, indicating towards the other people waiting with them outside the house. He turned to Ema, giving her his most charming smile. "We're here because this is just too much fun to pass up!"

Ema groaned, elbowing him harder in the side, "Klavier I hate you!" She pulled out her bag of snackoos, munching on them thoughtfully while she surmised the situation.

They had to park Klavier's motorcycle (AKA: horrible death machine) far away since it couldn't cross the rickety wooden bridge which spanned a mysterious boggy chasm about half a mile back. Then, they had walked through a squishy graveyard (since there didn't seem to be a path) and somehow found their way through the mist to this ugly large house. It had practically every cheesy spindly tower, shuttered window, and spooky feature imaginable.

It gave Ema the creeps.

Meanwhile, Klavier appeared more than content, happy even, that they were here. Oh how she hated him.

"Herr Forehead! What a surprise!" Klavier's delighted greeting made Ema turn her head away from the house and to their new companions.

"I know, it was a surprise to me too." Apollo Justice sighed then indicated towards the girl behind him. "This was her idea."

"Of course it was! There's no way you would have come up with this, Polly!" Trucy Wright smiled, tipping her blue silk hat at the two. "Ema, Klavier, nice to see you!"

"It's good to see you too!" Ema smiled, already feeling happier now that the Wrights were here. "But… where's Mr. Phoenix?"

"Oh Daddy?" Trucy touched the tip of her index finger to her chin thoughtfully and looked up into the gloomy night sky. "I think he's coming later with Mr. Edgeworth. They said they had something to finish first."

"I'm sure they did, that Miles Edgeworth is such a foolishly foolish fool!" A very angry sounding woman's voice cut through the air, followed by the crack of a whip. "You fool! Hurry!"

"Yes Miss Franziska!" Dick Gumshoe ducked into view, cringing away from the whip of the blue haired woman.

"That's Franziska VON KARMA to you!" She shrieked, lashing him again.

The others stayed silent, deciding not to get involved.

"Franziska, I think he's learned his lesson," Miles Edgeworth came into view, commenting in a disinterested and offhanded manner. Behind him, Phoenix Wright seemed to be cowering away from the whip-happy prosecutor.

Franziska glared at the man behind Edgeworth. "You! Phoenix Wright!" She marched determinedly around Miles so that she could whip Phoenix. "Some day I will crush you, but you will be no good to crush if you are not first a man! Grow a pair!"

"Is team misfit finally assembled?"

Ema recognized that voice. A cold shiver ran up her spine as she slowly turned around to face him. "Kristoph…"

Kristoph Gavin was already facing her, a cold and calculating look behind his glasses. "Ema, what a surprise. I wouldn't have pegged you as the type to chase after money like this. A night in a haunted house doesn't seem to suit you."

"Just like being out of jail doesn't seem to suit you." Klavier interjected, glaring at his older brother. "Why are you here?"

The older Gavin brother lifted his chin a little, smirking at them. "Community service, dear brother. Someone has to proctor this challenge, and nobody else would lay foot in this house. Not even the warden."

"I hardly see how you are an appropriate choice, Kristoph." Phoenix said, his voice tense and barely constrained.

Edgeworth noticed it immediately and pointed an accusatory finger at Kristoph Gavin. "Tonight you may be here, but tomorrow…"

"Tomorrow I go back." The older Gavin finished for him. "But tonight…"

Kristoph walked up the rickety steps of the house, facing the rather large group of people assembled. When he had the attention of everyone in the crowd, he pushed up his glasses, the dim light of the full moon above lighting them momentarily. "Tonight, you may die."

All fell completely silent. "But if you don't die, then you have a chance to inherit the money Mr. Boddie left when he passed away five years ago."

"The last will of Mr. Boddie," Kristoph continued as he pulled out a paper from the folds of his suit jacket, reading it to the crowd. "If any should survive a night in my manor at 666 haunted lane, exactly five years after the date of my death, then my fortune will be split among the survivors."

He put the note away. "It's simple. Should you choose to leave at any time, feel free to do so, but you will forfeit your chance to fulfill his will and win."

Kristoph wasted no more time. With a gentle nudge, the front door creaked open. As he gestured to the house, a multitude of people rushed into the mansion. Wright and Co. remained hesitant in the front lawn.

"You foolishly scared fools! Go in there now!" Franziska cried, lashing her whip at Gumshoe and forcing him inside the house.

"But it's scary!" Gumshoe murmured.

"Nothing is scarier than ME and my whip!" She retaliated with her whip, charging in angrily behind him.

Trucy took Apollo's hand, pulling him into the house. "Don't be scared, Polly, I know all the tricks to these places!"

"But what if it isn't a trick?" Apollo said feebly then followed her in.

Edgeworth smirked at Phoenix, who was still cowering behind him. "Don't tell me you're afraid of ghosts, Wright?"

"N-No! I'm not scared!" Phoenix steeled himself, walking into the mansion and pointedly not looking at Kristoph on the way in. Edgeworth said nothing as he went in after him.

Ema and Klavier were the only ones left on the front lawn.

Klavier faced her, placing a hand on her shoulder. When he spoke, his voice was completely serious. "Fräulein Skye, I will understand if you don't want to do this."

Ema realized that she had been staring at Kristoph for the last five minutes. Finally, she tore her eyes away from him and looked at Klavier, stowing away her bag of snackoos. "No, we rode your deathcycle for an hour and a half to get here. We're not turning back now."

"Such spirit!" Klavier smiled, the mirthfulness back in his voice. "In that case, let's win, shall we?"

He took her hand, leading her up the crooked wooden steps and into the house.

Kristoph Gavin was rather pleased that this many people had showed up. He was even more delighted that his younger brother had brought his former girlfriend… and that Miles Edgeworth had brought his biggest rival.

Nobody really knew the secrets of the house, or the fact that it truly was haunted, but Kristoph knew that tonight was his chance. He followed Ema and Klavier inside, pulling the door shut behind them.

Tonight he would get back at them all.

LateNiteSlacker's Notes:

Yes, I assume that Kristoph and Ema dated in the past. Maybe that's just me.

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