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Sparkling angel I believed...

Naruto sighed as he pulled his knees to his chest, he was sitting on the top of the Hokage's mountain and watching the sunrise. Normally he would be at his home still sleeping but he had over heard some of the villagers plans to burn down his apartment, again. So he had packed up all of his belongings and left a shadow clone in his place. He had watched as his aparment had been burned to the ground, and heard his clones screams echo throughout the village. Of course many people had woken up but when they discovered who it was they had just gone back to bed. He looked around before placing his hands in a seal.


A puff of white smoke engulfed him and his place was a girl. Yes it was defiantly true, Uzumaki Naruto didn't exist, Uzumaki Nikita did however.

She breathed in a sigh of relief, it felt so much better to be in her true form. She spoke quietly to herself as she made her way down the mountain.

"I had better go and see Sarutobi-Sensei about my apartment..."

Luckily no guard ninja where around when Nikita reached the Hokage's room. She took a breath and knocked on the door.


She pushed open the door and was greeted by Sarutobi's shocked face.

"Nikita, what can I do for you? It's rare that you drop your jutsu."

The blond girl nodded.

"Sarutobi-Sensei, the villagers burned down my apartment again...I don't think the landlord is gonna be happy..."

The third hokage sighed and rested his head on top of his hands.

'The third time this month this has happened...she can't keep living on her own, it's beginning to get too dangerous.'

"Nikita, I think that maybe you should stay with one of your teammates."

Nikita raised her depressed blue eyes to the Hokage.

"All right...that sounds like a good idea...Sarutobi-sensei...I think I should also stop pretending to be Naruto...it's not making things better, if anything it's making it worse..."

"If that's what you want Nikita...how about you have a seat, in a little while I'll call your team mates."


Nikita went over to a couch and sat on it, pulling her legs to her chest and holding her bag close to her as well.

A few hours later Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi came into the Hokages office. Each one was worried for the hyper active blond and they each showed it in their own way. Sakura was outright freaking out, Kakashi had this troubled look on his face and Sasuke, who didn't look any different had a spark of concern in his eyes.

"Hokage-sama! We haven't been able to find Naruto anywhere! Not to mention we heard that his apartment was burned down last night! Is he OK? Is he hurt?!"

Sarutobi rubbed his temples, already annoyed at the racket Sakura was making.

"Why don't you ask your team mate yourself?"

He gestured over to the couch that Nikita was sitting on and the other three looked over in confusion. Instead of a bright, happy, hyper-active boy wearing orange they saw a small, depressed looking young girl wearing a black tee shirt and black shorts.

"Ano...Hokage-sama...I don't understand...this isn't Naruto."

Kakashi scratched his head in confusion as he took in the sight of the girl before him, she seemed really sad and broken, like she had suffered through so much in her life. A small sad sounding voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Hai...your correct Kakashi-sensei. I'm not Naruto and I have never been Naruto, because Uzumaki Naruto doesn't exist. I've been Naruto all these years to protect myself by using a transformation jutsu."

Nikita lifted her face up towards her team mates and they all gasped, she looked like Naruto! Tan skin, sun-kissed blond hair that was now in two pigtails, three whisker marks on each cheek and brilliant blue eyes, but they weren't Naruto's eyes. These eyes held sadness, anger, depression, agony, hate and so much raw pain.

"My name is Uzumaki Nikita and I'm so sorry that I've lied to all of you."

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