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You took my heart!

'Well....this is certainly familiar....'

Kakashi thought to himself as he was currently restraining a now incredibly pissed off Nikita.


Nikita shouted as she flailed her arms around in a rage.

"Nikita..please don't kill the client."

The Hokage said as he puffed on his pipe. He didn't like this client either, he was way too stuck up and sexist.

Sakura looked annoyed as well, her left eye twitching rapidly.

'Who does this ass think he is?! Insulting us Kunoichi like that! Grrrrr...he's gonna pay for this!!!!'

Inner Sakura was cheering her all the way.

Cha! Kick his ass!

Sasuke, well. He wouldn't admit it but he was annoyed at the remark that the client had made.

'What gives him the right to come in here and make assumptions like that?'

After Nikita had worn herself down she finally stopped trying to kill the client and just huffed angrily.

The Hokage took that as his cue.

"Team 7. This is Yoko Hashaku. And you will be escorting him to his mansion."

Nikita whipped her head to look at Sarutobi.

"You...you've gotta be kidding me! Protect this...this...THING?!"

Yoko glared at Nikita and spoke to her with a haughty tone in his voice.

"Well, I can see that you have no self control what so ever. Lord Hokage, I demand that you get me two male replacements for these girls."

Both girls growled at the male.

"I'm afraid I cannot do that Yoko-san. A team is a team and I cannot split them up."

Nikita smirked in triumph.

'HA! Take THAT!'

Yoko frowned slightly then sniffed.

"Well...I suppose if there's really nothing you can do it'll be fine...as long as they don't fight. It's not like they'll be any use fighting anyways."

Yoko was forced to take a step back when both girls lunged at him and Kakashi and Sasuke had to hold them back while they shouted threats.

Sarutobi sighed at the racket.

"Everyone out now! Your mission begins in one hour!"

With that Team 7 left with Kakashi dragging out a furious Nikita and Sasuke reluctantly dragging out Sakura with hearts in her eyes.

At the Uchiha complex Sasuke and Nikita were currently getting ready. Nikita was still fuming and muttering under her breath.

'Grrrr....stupid guy! I can't believe we have to protect that pig! Do you think that Sarutobi-sensei will mind if I let him die?'

Kyubi sighed at Nikita's rash attitude.

Yes Kit. I think the Hokage will mind if you let the client be killed. But I agree, he's a pig.

Nikita double checked all of her weapons and made sure that she had enough ramen for the trip.

Kit, don't you think you should be more concerned about clothes than ramen?

Nikita rolled her eyes and made a face.

'Ramen is important! I have plenty of clothes packed Kyuubi-san.'

Nikita wouldn't admit it but Yoko's words really cut her deeply and brought some of her depression back to the surface.

Sasuke called from downstairs.

"Hey Dobe! Are you done yet? We have to get going!"

"I'm coming I'm coming!"

Nikita ran down the stairs and almost crashed into Sasuke, but she managed to stop and instead grabbed his hand and pulled Sasuke out the door.

"Hurry up Teme! We're gonna be late!"

Nikita didn't notice but Sasuke had a blush plastered over his face.

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