Casa Amigos (House of Friends)

Summary: I grew up in a house that was picture perfect, from the outside of course. But even Better Homes and Gardens houses with June and Walt Cleaver aren't perfect under a microscope. No one knew what was going on in my house till it was too late. No one was there to help when it could have done any good. No one saw the signs, no one heard the screams, so no one wiped the tears, and no one saved her.

When I was ten years old my life changed forever. No longer was I a part of a family. No mom to hug and kiss me when I fell, no dad to chase the boys away, or tell me to ignore those who taunt me. Not that I ever really had one anyway. I became a ward of the State of Arizona. During the years I should have been joining choir and cheerleading I was being escorted to and from school by various strangers who worked at Casa Amigos (House of Friends) my home, or you could say my hell. Really it wasn't that bad, there were good times but it's not easy knowing you're alone. It's not easy to know when you cry in the night no one will come hold you and tell you its okay. The little kids were great, they could always make me smile, and I couldn't not love them. They, like me, had been dealt the raw hand, they had no one either; so I guess in a way, maybe I did have a family. Just not one that could help me, one that I needed to help.

But with my 18th birthday that all changed. You see at 18 you become a legal adult, and the State is no longer responsible for your care. Once again I have no one. Kicked out, here's the door, don't let it hit you in the but on the way out. Welcome to the real world.

AN: This is an All Human (AH) Alternate Universe (AU) Cannon Couples Twilight Fan fic. I hope you enjoy it, however if you do not feel free to let me know how I could improve it. Constructive Criticism is always welcome. If you do enjoy it please let me know, I cherish your reviews. Thanks, and enjoy.