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Disclaimer: I do not own Sherlock Holmes or any related characters. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's descendants do. I also do not own Arsène Lupin. He is owned by Maurice Leblanc's descendants.

Changes to the Continuity

1.) The adventures will take place in Seattle, Washington, not London, England.

2.) The main characters will be teenagers, not adults.

3.) John Watson will instead be Jane Watson, a teenage girl aspiring to be a doctor.

4.) While still cold and distant toward most females, Sherlock will not be the asexual woman-hater that he was in Doyle's books.

5.) Inspector G. Lestrade, while still a reoccurring character, will not be a police detective.

Main Characters

1.) Sherlock Holmes: A 16-year-old professional detective, Sherlock is highly intelligent and possesses a vast knowledge of many subjects, both common and esoteric, practical and theoretical. He is highly athletic and is an expert mixed martial artist and traceur (practitioner of Parkour). He is also the founder and leader of the Baker Street Irregulars. In spite of his pride in being British, some of Holmes' habits are distinctly Bohemian. Likeness of Julian McMahon (circa 2005, à la Victor Von Doom).

2.) Mycroft Holmes: Sherlock's 19-year-old brother, Mycroft is even more intelligent than Sherlock and possesses even greater deductive abilities that are supplemented by his eidetic memory. However, he is a bit of a slacker by nature and generally is unwilling to put forth the physical effort necessary to bring the case to conclusion, leaving fieldwork to Sherlock. He operates a business over the Internet, and rarely leaves his parents' home. Likeness of Danny Strong (circa 2006, à la Doyle McMasters).

3.) Jane Watson: A 16-year-old girl, Jane has recently moved to Baker Street with her parents, and resides in house 221A. Jane is a smart girl who aspires to be a doctor, and is fairly comely for her age. While Jane is normally a quiet, easygoing girl, she has a hot temper that lies dormant in her subconscious, generally revealing itself only when a friend or loved one is in danger. Likeness of Kristin Kreuk (circa 2002, à la Lana Lang).

4.) Mr. & Mrs. Holmes: The parents of Sherlock and Mycroft. Mr. Holmes is the former British governor of Hong Kong, and is now semi-retired and living with his family at 221B Baker Street in Seattle, Washington. Mrs. Holmes is a former athlete, and was a respected member of the British Olympic swimming team. She is also descended from the French painter Claude Joseph Vernet. Likeness of Alec Baldwin (circa 1994, à la Lamont Cranston) & Penelope Ann Miller (circa 1994, à la Margo Lane), respectively.

5.) Mr. & Mrs. Watson: The parents of Jane Watson. Mr. Watson works in customer relations at Cray Inc., while Mrs. Watson works at an undefined position for Jones Soda Co. Likeness of Tom Hanks (circa 2006 à la Robert Langdon) & Patricia Richardson (circa 1993, à la Jill Taylor), respectively.

6.) James Moriarty: A mathematical genius and chess prodigy, Moriarty controls a vast, yet subtle, crime ring in Seattle and Tacoma, with activities ranging from prositution to extortion to drug dealing. First impression of Moriarty is generally that of a rude, arrogant street punk, but this is just a façade to hide his staggering intellect and sophistication. Likeness of Milo Ventimiglia (circa 2003, à la Jess Mariano).

7.) Sam Wiggins: Sam is Holmes' lieutenant in the Baker Street Irregulars, and generally delivers Holmes' orders to the rest of the group. Likeness of Sébastien Foucan (circa 2006).

8.) The Baker Street Irregulars: A crime-fighting team established by Holmes to act as his eyes and ears throughout Seattle. Most of the Irregulars are extreme sports enthusiasts, and while all have been trained in Parkour by Holmes, they usually get around using inline skates, skateboards, kick scooters, and motocross bikes. Wiggins himself uses an ATV.

9.) Gideon Lestrade: Lestrade is a friend of the Holmes' family, and operates a gym in Seattle, devoted to the teaching of mixed martial arts. He often assists Holmes' investigations by going to bars, strip clubs, and other such places where the underage Irregulars cannot go to gather information and listen to gossip. Likeness of Chris Crudelli (circa 2008).

10.) Irene Adler: Sherlock's ex-girlfriend, Irene ended their relationship because of Holmes' aloof, introverted nature and lack of passion toward her. She is a brilliant actress and exceedingly beautiful. Sherlock never quite got over the pain of losing Irene (who he truly cared for), and as a result became colder than ever. Likeness of Bianca Beauchamp (circa 2000).

11.) Arsène Lupin: A self-styled "gentleman thief," this young Frenchman has earned a notorious reputation across mainland Europe and committed many famous burglaries. He is possessed of a suave, debonair, and courtly manner that makes him highly charismatic, even to his enemies. Lupin, though lacking some of his contemporaries' natural genius, is well read, capable of speaking both French and English, and is an expert in his field. He is also a skilled fighter, utilizing Bartitsu, Capoeira, and Free-Running. Likeness of Johnny Depp (circa 1995, à la Don Juan DeMarco).

12.) Marty Morstan: Marty attends the same high school as Sherlock and Jane, and is captain of the football team, playing Quarterback. While not lacking in female attention, Marty doesn't have a steady girlfriend. He has recently begun to notice Jane Watson, however. Likeness of Matt Czuchry (circa 2006, à la Logan Huntzberger).

(A/N: Instead of adapting existing Sherlock Holmes stories to a 21st Century setting, I'll be coming up with my own mysteries. Any and all ideas will be greatly appreciated. Please Review.)