The room was dark. All the furniture was invisible under the blanket of night. The only light consisted from a glow and the color of one man's eyes. A glass ball levitated in the air. He stood in front of his mirror of the mortal world, his long red hair flowing down. Blue smoke walked inside. An organ was playing somewhere by itself.

"Sarah from Detroit was quite lovely." He whispered. His pet bat squeaked in agreement. "But Giselle from New York was a real gem…"

Every year, this man, or thing, transported himself to the mortal world to find it a woman to hold captive. Every year was a success and every year was boring because nothing got in his way or no men came to rescue.

"But Odette was the most beautiful off all… but thanks to her bloody father, I didn't get to her!"

That was over five hundred years ago in a small village in Scotland. He went there one year to hunt and met a poor man who hunted for food. He wasn't supposed to see this man, but since he did, the creature made him an offer.

"Vampire!" the man screamed. In their town, the people believed in vampires and even accused each other of being them. They were like the people of Salem in the time of The Crucible. Blacksmiths formed stakes and by law, all women had to grow garlic in their farms. Holy water was an essential in every cottage as was the Bible.

"Quiet fool!" The vampire hissed. "No one will hear you!"

"Who are you?"

"My name is to remain anonymous." Said the vampire. "And now because I've been spotted, foolish mortal, I'll have to kill you."

"No!" the man begged. "Please, son of Satan, spare me!"

"Then you will be my servant until your last breath fades."

"But sir!" the man kept begging. "I have a sick wife and a grieving daughter! I can't just leave them behind."

"Daughter you say?" the Count changed the subject. "How old."

"She be eighteen on the last day of October."

"May I have your name sir?"

"Macbeth sir." He said. "Macbeth Briggs. I am but a hunter, looking for rabbits."

"Well Macbeth." The Count said. "If you help me with one favor, I will provide all the rabbits your family can eat. And in addition, I will cure your wife."

"Oh thank you sir!" Macbeth rejoiced. "Whatever it may be, just name it!"

"You're a very eager man Briggs." The Count complemented. "I believe this task is quite simple and in addition, I'll be supervising you."

"What is your wish?"

"To have a bride, as every mortal man wants."

"Well I must say this village is full of beautiful, hard working girls."

"Let's begin so I can leave."

"Very well sir."

They walked off deep into the forest. Macbeth held up his lantern despite that there was a vampire next to him. In the part of the woods were known to be a lot of dangerous animals. But that was the only way to the village from his cottage.

The Count inhaled something that intoxicated him, because he couldn't get enough. He looked like he smelled perfume.

"What is it?"

"I smell myself a prize. Come."

Macbeth struggled to keep up with the Counts pace as they went behind a soft bush. They heard singing from behind. The Count peeked through the leaves and saw the most beautiful girl hanging up sheets. Her long blonde curls bellowed out in the wind and her eyes pierced him through his heart. She was thin like an hourglass and her voice was like a bell's.


Macbeth looked through the bushes and saw her.

"No." he said.


"No sir! Please, not her!"

"What is troubling you Sir Macbeth?"

"She's my daughter!"

"Ah… She has your hair."

"Can you please find someone else?"

"I will get the bride I want."

"But you didn't see the other girls!"

"And I don't have to. Sir if you want to save your wife, you must let Odette come with me."

"How did you know her name?"

"I know everything about a beauty when I see her. She likes to sing, enjoys reading, her best friend is Juliet and she is sworn to the church."

"I am sorry sir." Macbeth spoke up clearing his throat. "But I will not allow this."

"Would you like to spare your wife?"

"Of coarse!"

"Then say goodbye to your swan because she's mine now…"

"Never!" Macbeth pulled his steak out of his belt and aimed for the Counts chest. But he was stopped.

"You leave me with no choice. Macbeth..."

The man was tackled down to the ground. A piercing scream was let out, causing Odette to turn around.

"Father?" she called. She saw a man stand up but it wasn't her dad. He was lying on the dirt, dead. "Who are you?" she immediately grew fearful.

"Do not be afraid Odette." The Count spread his arms and opened his cape wide. "I come in peace."

"Peace!" she cried. "You killed my father!" But when she saw him closer, the sheet in her hand fell. "No…" She was like a statue as he came closer. "No!"

"Don't make this hard for me. Just walk into my arms and become mine." Two huge bat wings grew out of his back. Odette only screamed and ran. The count took off after her avoiding the stench of the garlic she grew. She ran in her ragged dress to the kingdom where she would inform the prince that a vampire was on the loose.

For three months she'd secretly meet with the prince. They were in love but were forbidden to be seen together for he was to marry a princess. She banged on his chamber door and he let her in.

"A vampire is chasing me!" she cried. The prince took action with his steak. When the vampire saw him, he vanished.

That was the only night he failed a mission. But he told himself he'd never fail again. Everyone came back to earth as someone different. And he would find Odette. He would travel to the ends of the mortal world just to find her.

He had to pick a new location for his next bride. The glass ball showed a list of major cities he hasn't struck at yet.

"Seattle… hm… I'd like to see their maidens." The screen faded in smoke and a picture of people walking on the streets showed. "Now where is the fairest of them all?" The next he knew, an image of a large building labeled "Ridgeway High" appeared. Young girls were everywhere. But what caught his black eyes was one girl, walking with another girl and a boy. She was laughing at a joke that appeared to be hysterical to her. She had the longest blonde curls and the most gorgeous eyes he's ever seen. "Odette…" he gazed at her. "At last. Your mine."


The classroom was decorated with grinning pumpkins and plastic rats. That Friday was officially Halloween. Sam sat down at her table next to Freddie, the boy she's fell for. She was in love with him for years, but was always afraid of telling him. She noticed recently that he went to the gym twice a week and worked on his abs. He was really attractive now. All the girls in the school were attracted to Freddie. He was the Edward Cullen of Seattle.

"Ok class." Mrs. Procter came in with her lab coat on. "Quiet down. Were doing the dissection today."

"This should be fun." Said Sam. Freddie nodded at his lab partner.

"Now, we read the instructions. Gets your goggles, lab coats, tools and begin." He took out a bin and walked around to every table. A pig embryo was placed on all the trays. The last one was thrown in Banana's, her pet snakes, cage. The snake would only eat her food dead.

Sam and Freddie grabbed their coats and goggles and returned to their table. Sam was excited for this day. Freddie was too; he remembered dissecting frogs so he knew it would be fun. He smiled as Sam snapped on some latex gloves. It looked to him like she was about to solve his mystery. Then he left to get the microscope and camera off the shelf.

"Ok." Sam clasped her hands together. "Let's get this started."

"Remember, you only need to finish dissecting all the organs. On Monday we will continue to exam the cells through the microscope." Mrs. Proctor reminded them.

"Is this your first time dissecting an animal?" Freddie asked.

"First time." Freddie handed her the knife she would use to cut it open. He was going to be a pal and let her do it because she always wanted too. She gently slid the edge of the blade against the pig's belly.

"Your not gonna faint are you?" Freddie asked as he took some pins and pulled apart the skin. Sam looked at the organs and shook her head.

"I've seen worse." Said Sam. "So what organs do we have to dissect?"

"All of them."

"All of them?" Sam asked in shock.

"This is a big lab project Sam." Said Freddie. "So we better get the organs all out before class ends."

Sam nodded her head and went on with working. She felt like she was playing doctor and Freddie was the nurse. Most of the time, he was passing tools and labeling jars. It was quiet as Sam pulled out the large intestine with a pair of tweezers.

"So I hear the girls are going trick-or-treating am I right?"

Sam nodded her head. "Yeah, but I'm not going."

"Why not?" Freddie asked.

"They obviously don't get the fact that their too old to go out and beg for candy."

"I understand that part but hey…" Freddie labeled another jar. "It could be fun."

"I already told them I wouldn't go."

"That's weird." Said Freddie. "Don't you like to have fun?"

"Of coarse I do." Said Sam. "But I'm too old to dress up and collect candy. Besides, my mom wants me to take Ringo and his friends."

"How is your brother?"

Sam shrugged. "He's really excited because he's going as Jack Sparrow. He has everything to go with the costume."

"I think I'm just gonna sit down and watch a scary movie."

"Hey." An invisible light bulb popped up in Sam's head. "When I'm done with Ringo, maybe we could catch a scary movie together."

"Hey." Freddie grinned. "That sounds like fun. So, eleven?"

"The pipsqueak will be asleep way before that." Said Sam. "I don't know when we'll finish but I'll drop by when he's done."

"Sounds like a plan." Said Freddie. "Question…"


Freddie seemed real hesitant at first to ask.

"Is this a date?"

Sam stopped working completely and turned to him. She opened her mouth to lie but stopped.

"Look Freddie… it wasn't intended to be a date but the thing is since your suspicious I guess I'll confess… I think I like you."

She expected Freddie to laugh but he was calm.


Sam sighed and nodded. "I mean, I liked you since first grade. But who wouldn't? Your cute, your nice, you're a fun guy for a dork. But hey," Sam held up her hands to silence him. "If you don't agree with me, then let's forget we ever had this conversation."

She turned back to her work and removed the pig's heart. Crying wasn't possible because it was her first rejection. Freddie put his gloved hand on her shoulder.

"Listen Sam…"

"I know." She interrupted. "You don't have to reject me in my face."

"I'm not going to reject you."

Sam looked confused.

"The thing is…" he didn't sound too nervous when he was speaking. "I like you too."

A wide grin formed on her face.

"Let's finish this first." Said Sam with a smile. "Then we can talk about us later."

During that time, Freddie seemed to be in a big rush to get all the organs out and put them in the jars. At cleanup time, they were the first ones to be ready.

"What movie should I get?" he asked.

"The Exorcist."

"That's a scary one."

"But it's good." Said Sam. "So are we like, a couple now?"

"If you say so." He leaned in to kiss her forehead but the school bell rang. They both groaned but got off the stools and walked out holding hands. At the end of the day, Sam went over to her locker to grab her jacket. The moment the steel door clicked open, something soft fell on her nose. She looked down to the floor and picked it up.

It was a black rose, in full bloom. Even the thorns we black and they looked dangerous. An elegant card was attached.

Please take this rose as a token of my love. I will see you tonight.

Sam put it back in her locker and got on the bus home.