Dreams were eating up Sam's mind. It felt like she was watching a romance movie. A blonde woman walked around the town getting food for her parents. Her woven basket contained carrots, garlic, raw meats and beans. Every time she walked home, she would walk through the backyard of the castle where the royal family lived.

"That's our last carrot." A juvenile voice said. Three beautiful little girls in fine clothing rode on their white horse. They were obviously the princesses Ailis the blonde, Catriona the brunette and Elspeth the red head.

Most of the times when the young girl walked through, no one was around. But the king may have insisted they go out on such a sunny day.

"He's still hungry." Said Catriona. She and Ailis looked at Elspeth who was about to take a bite out of an apple.

"I was going to share." She chuckled giving the steed her apple. "See. Were out of food."

The horse snorted meaning he was still hungry. The young woman walked over to the horse and gave him one of her carrots. He dipped his nose into her basket and ate the rest of her carrots. The young girl giggled as he rubbed his face against her.

"He like's you." Said Ailis.

"That's a beautiful horse you have there."

"His names Gillespie." Said Catriona. "Hey look! An apple tree!"

"And there's plenty for us!" said Ailias. "I'll get some." As the little blonde princess ran for the tree, her sisters heard her scream and she was nowhere in sight.

"Ailias!" they cried. The young girls ran in the direction to see the princess caught in a trap. She was hanging on a stick in the dirt. A bed of thorns was waiting.

"Help me!"

"Don't worry I'll get you out!" she reached out her arm. "Give me your hand!"

The poor child was too scared to let one finger off.

"Trust me princess. Let go with one arm and take my hand. You can do it!"

Ailias sobbed as she let go with one arm. She screamed. "I want daddy!"

"You're doing a great job! Now reach for my hand."

Ailias sniffled as she tried to pull herself up. The peasant woman grabbed her tiny hand and forced her up. "Your good, your almost up." She managed to get the princess out of the hole. Unfortunately for both of them, the woman lost her balance. But her waist was pulled and she saw herself on the grass. A pair of boots scratched through the grass and a big hand helped her up.

"Thank you for saving my sister." He said. The woman was speechless at his appearance. The prince was very handsome indeed as her friends gushed about. They way his chocolate eyes looked at her made her want to melt. "Are you ok?"

The woman snapped back to reality and nodded. "Thanks for saving me."

"May I have your name?"


"Derrik." He gave her a graceful bow. "Excuse me, are you related to the Goddess of beauty?"

"No, I'm not."

"Even she can't defeat your beauty." He said. Since that day, Derrik and Odette would meet up in the forest. The King was furious when he found out Derrik was falling for a villager. He wanted his son to marry a princess in Spain.

"Vampire! Vampire!" she cried as she ran towards the castle on that fatal night. "Drop the bridge I say! Vampire! Your majesty!" she told the King. "There's a vampire in the town! He's coming for me!"

"I'll get him." Said Derrik taking his steak from his belt.

"No Derrik! You can't." she begged.

"I must."

"Please… I love you. I don't want you to die!"

He kissed her as he always did. "When I get back, we can run away together. I promise you!"

Hours later, they got on a carriage and rode away in the far distance, never to be seen in the kingdom again.

It all came back to her like she hit her head. For her, it was all real. Everything in her sleeping mind went black and silent.

"Hey!" she heard a voice yell. "Wake up! We don't have much time!"

Sam awoke to see Giselle floating over her. "He's coming up! There's a trap door under the bed. Go under there!"

Sam rolled out and moved the bed to see a stone block that was loose. She pulled on it to see an elevator. She jumped in and Giselle moved the block and the bed back to the original way it was.

"Odette!" she could hear his furious voice above. Pulling the switch, the elevator went down. She saw another door and saw it led her outside. The worst part was yet to come. It was freezing. Rain fell from the black sky soaking her in moments. Sam ran through the woods whose trees were invaded with thorns. Sometimes her skin would get caught in the branches and she'd cut herself open. Her palms, her knees and left arm were split and bleeding. Paris could trace her scent.

Sam's breath wheezed heavily as her legs grew tired. She told herself to keep running until she got out of the woods. Strange animals starred her down, like the owls that only had one eye and the cawing ravens. Even the tress made faces, like the ones in Snow White. Their eyes glowed with hunger for her flesh.

Suddenly, her feet slid on the dirt and she tripped over a stump.

"Oh…" she moaned in pain. Blood began to crawl down her nose as her hair spread everywhere in a bushy mess. It took some time, but she got up.

"I know you're here Odette! The trees have told me you are present!

Trapped, right in the source of the woods. Scary trees and strange critters surrounded her. She could sense him coming. "Dear God, please help me!" she prayed as she ran. "He's going to kill me!" Sam looked behind to see if anyone was on her tail and crashed into something. "No! No! Help me!"

"Sam!" she heard the other person say her own name. They had to shake her to calm her down. It was Freddie, his hands gripped on her shoulders. Sam was crying even more and shaking her head. Her eyes and nose were pink from all the crying.


"It's really me." He said. Freddie put his palm on her cheek and caressed her temple. "Your skin…"

"I've been running." She sniffed as more tears came down. "That vampire…" she pressed her eyes into his chest and sobbed. Freddie caressed her hair to comfort her.

"Shhhh… It's ok. I'm going to get you out of here."

He noticed her look up to him with a stinging but still breathtaking face. And then, she put her arms around his neck. Freddie saw what was coming and went towards it. Sam brushed her lips against his shyly. His hands went around her waist as she pulled him in closer. Her heart was beating rapidly against his, melting together to create one soul.

"Let's go."

"I love you Freddie." She said it far too early but he smiled.

"I love you too Sam." He kissed the top of her head.

"How touching." Freddie's head snapped to see Paris standing ten feet away. "I've never seen anything so romantic ever. Too bad I'll never see it again."

Sam clung onto Freddie, whimpering and looking away. Freddie locked his arms around her, protectively. With another hand, he pulled out a gun.

"You will stand right where you are. Make one move and I'll shoot!"

Paris laughed. "You fool! I'm a vampire!"

"These bullets are made from steaks. I think you should back off!"

"There's no way out." Said Paris. "Besides, you'd find better steaks like that in the forest. Now Derrik," he pointed at him. "You had Odette last time, it's my turn now!"

"I don't give a shit about what you're talking about! I was never a prince!"

"Yes you were." Said Sam. "And I was a peasant named Odette. We ran away and got married."

"She's telling the truth. Believe me, I had to convince her more than I thought."

"You stay away from her!" Freddie sneered.

"Ah." Paris swooned. "It's so beautiful when a mortal man protects his soul mate. But it's also sad for her to watch him die."

"Soul mate?" Sam questioned. "Your telling me that he's my soul mate?"

"You wont have to worry about that My Swan. He'll be dead before you know it." He lifted his hand.

Freddie jumped out of the way, still holding Sam. Then Freddie stopped. His skin grew cold. Sam screamed as he fell to the ground, hard as stone.

"Look at it like this; he's still alive, and I'm satisfied."

Sam fell on her knees and picked up Freddie's gun, putting it against her head.

"You wouldn't dare."

"I would!" she sniped.

Paris shot her with a beam before she pulled the trigger and she was dragged towards him. The gun fell out of her grasp.

"Now you asked for it!" Paris roared taking Sam again. He spread his wings out and started to fly.

Sam was flown back to the castle and dragged to a room of lit torches and an alter. A trunk opened and out by itself came at least one hundred feet of rope. Her wrists, knees, ankles, thighs and arms were wrapped up. Thinking she'd cry for help, he gagged her then set her on a sofa.

"You lost." He said grinning. Sam was at the verge of tears now. His fangs grew longer as he pinpointed the vein on her neck. "This was worth it…" his tongue walked over her skin before her kissed her neck.

"Get away from her!"

Paris turned around and hissed to see Freddie standing there.


"Your not so powerful after all." Freddie insulted. "Untie her!"

"You know, you have reached the point of the story where you and I will have to fight for her."

"He said to untie her!" A voice with attitude snapped. "Now do it!"

"Giselle?" Paris looked at the ghost. "How?"

"I'm so glad to not be in that box! Let me tell you it smell's like 'turd' as kids call it these days."

Freddie looked over at Giselle and then at Sam.

"Giselle you loved me."

"I never loved me! You hypnotized me then murdered me for snack food."

"Is that what it's about? She's your dinner?"

"Her and thousands of others."

"Your too late!" Paris roared. "She's behind me. You can never pass me."

"Then there's got to be a fight of some sort." Said Freddie.

Sam screamed with disapproval.

"I'm sorry Sam but it's all for you!"

"So you want to fight me to win her back." Two swords came out of the walls and landed in their hands. "If you stab me, I'll let both of you go. But if I hit you, you'll die and 'Sam' as you call her will be mine."

"Fine with me." Said Freddie. "But before the fight, would you mind untying her at least. She's not going to do anything."

"Fine." Paris sneered. He snapped his fingers and all the bounds were gone. Sam took a deep breath as if she was underwater. Giselle flew over to her.

"The keys in his jacket."

"What key?"

"The one that frees the others. Remember?" After the fight, grab it and unlock that box right over there." She pointed at a shiny red wood box.

"Got it."

The fight lasted longer than Paris hoped. Freddie was a gifted fencer as he learned. He did win a lot of trophies. Freddie wasn't stabbed but he was getting tired. Eventually he passed out.

"No!" Sam ran up to him. "Freddie! Get up!"

"He lost dear."

"He's still alive, he wasn't stabbed. And even if you do kill him, I won't stay here!"

"What do you care about more? Him? Or yourself?" he handed her his sword. "I got a brilliant idea. He can live a long life and I'll make you immortal. Or…"


"Be free as a bird. But in order to gain your freedom… you must kill him."


"Your freedom… or his life."

Sam was quivering now, holding the sword in her hand.

"Don't do it Sam!" Giselle begged. "You love him."

She wanted to live her life but she wanted Freddie to be part of it. For one moment, she had the sword against him but then she threw it on the ground.

"I cant…"

"You were wise."

But just then, Sam went crazy and started giving CPR to Freddie.

"C'mon, shit wake up!"

Freddie came back when she pushed down his chest.


"Were not done here." He told her. He picked up his sword and Paris retrieved his.

"Just do it the same way you did when you faced Toader. Remember that fight?"

"Come to think of it, yeah." He went to face Paris. In three seconds, he poked Paris in the chest.

"Sam the key!" Giselle reminded her. Sam nodded and ran towards Paris. But he gripped her by the neck.

"She told you didn't she? You wont be getting any key from me!"

Sam yelped as she felt the bones in her leg snap.


"Let her go!" Freddie yelled. He stabbed him with the sword and pulled Sam away. As Paris stood there temporarily petrified, a key fell from his jacket. Sam crawled and grabbed it.

"I'll do it." Said Giselle as she took the key from her. Sam sighed with relief as Giselle unlocked the box. Thousands of white figures flew out.

"Thank you Sam!" they all gushed.

"No…" Paris cursed. The ghosts screamed and gilded right towards him. "No!"

Sam and Freddie both watched his flesh being ripped apart by his many victims. As soon as they finished him off, they flew off to see their family in Heaven.

"Freddie! Freddie, were free!"

Freddie smiled and nodded but his expression crossed when he saw her injuries. "Your hurt."

"It's just a broken leg."

"And broken wrist and arm and must I name them all?" he picked her up in his arms and started walking out. "When we get back to Seattle, what should we tell them?"

"You're a dork. You figure it out." She grinned. Freddie smirked as Sam buried her face into his chest. Hopefully now they could live happily ever after.