Hey guys,

So as you can obviously see, I have taken this "story" down. Is it because I was ashamed of it? Not completely. This cliché was something that brought me into a better type of writing. This is what I did years ago when I still didn't know anything about good writing skills. I am proud to say that those skills have matured enough to try and bring my writing to the next level.

However, I could not take myself serious with this still up...regardless of my other early pieces of writing. They serve as a timeline for me and it makes me proud to be able to look back on the early days of "The Wind Calls My Name" and "Songs of Our Love" and see how much I have grown as a writer.

With that said, I hope you all will continue to follow my posts and I'm so thankful for the support you gave me on such a silly piece!

C'est La Vie!