Fear Is an Illusion

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Mission 1: An Unexpected Savior

This was the last and only place she didn't want to be in; the cemetery, and in the middle of the night, at that. Especially in her position; she couldn't afford to be around here but it was already too late. She was now running for her dear life as she panted and hoped desperately that the creatures following her would tire out. But she knew better than that; they came straight from the depths of hell and were ordered to get a job done; they won't stop until they're killed themselves or their job is complete. She had no choice but to keep running; as strong as she could be, she was far too full of doubt.

The young girl's waist-long, snow-white hair with two streaks at each side, left being a bright icy-blue while the right was a bright purple, was whipping about her body as her feet pounded on the floor as her heart pounded in her chest. The same went for her unusual bangs; the left one was rather short but was made of the two colors of the two streaks in her hair; the right one was wavy and a full-on hot pink and reached below her chin. She had pale skin and her wide eyes were an icy-cold blue while her left eye had a scar from top to bottom from a currently unknown injury…or perhaps attack.

She knew she was in hot water the moment she was summoned to the human world; she was never like other demons and she was one of very few with her ability. Even so, when she was accidentally summoned onto the Earth, she promised herself she'd never go back to hell. She'd suffered too much to go back and just wanted to stay in this world. But that was difficult; she was fairly well-equipped with skills of combat, everything from CQC to weapon usage, and defending herself, which was why she was extremely valuable. While she was in hell, she was in training. Demons were hunting her because, from what she understood, there was a reward for whoever returned her to her place.

She kept running, jumping over tombstones and dodging others completely. The black utility belt at her hip clicked as her legs hit against it; she had only been in this world for a few weeks but the weapons at her hips had been with her ever since she had started training when she was younger. However, she couldn't use them; unlike most demons, she had heart and believed in emotions and feelings. This was what made her different from others. This and her ability that she knew not how to control. If she killed these demons, she'd just be seen as a traitor to her kind.

That plane flew when she decided to stick around in the human world but, if she started killing, she would be hunted even more so they could really put her in her place. Torture didn't really sound like her cup of tea at the moment.

She continued running. Running and panting desperately for breath; that was all she could do. Eventually, she gratefully made it out of the cemetery and to a sidewalk. However, she was wide-open for attack now. She kept pounding her long combat boot-covered legs on the pavement. She made it to a staircase. She didn't know where it lead and she could care less. Jumping several steps of the stairs, she continued on her path. The staircase would occasionally switch from steps to solid and then back again.

Once she reached the last set of stairs, she tried to jump them. However, luck didn't seem to want to be in her favor; her landing was anything but perfect. Once her legs hit harshly, her nerves weakened significantly, causing the rest of her legs to do the same. She slid on her arms and slightly nicked her face as well as the upper part of her legs. She was now lying fully on her stomach and was in pain.

Forcing herself to lean up on her elbows, she looked up and ahead with shaky eyes. Slowly, she managed to get to her knees and, eventually, her legs. Shakily, she tried to take another step but failed as one of her legs had failed on her. She fell right back down and got to her knees again.

"Damn it," she muttered, her voice coarse and tired. She, once again, tried standing but, now, her arms failed on her and she fell on her stomach again. She shrugged, obviously in pain, and then heard the sound of growling, coming closer.

Shit, she thought. They're going to get me…I can't move like this…she slid herself over to the wall at her left and tried using the railing there as a support. As she was in the process of getting to her feet, a figure flew overhead, making the young woman gasp at the silhouette. From the shine of the thin slit of the moon above, she saw about three things glinting. Next thing she knew, the form landed on bent legs behind her.

Looking over her shoulder to the newcomer, she half-expected it to be a demon in disguise. However, it stood up fully and looked over its shoulder. She could tell this was a male by the way his face and body in general looked. With steely-blue eyes, he smiled at her gently. Her eyes widened at the friendliness she could see in that small smile.

"Stay back," his voice was young in sound but stern and also kind. "And brace yourself." He pulled a large pistol next to his face and his grin widened as he looked back to the direction of the demons coming. Soon, they arrived, their red and yellow eyes glowing and the sound of low growling. Some of them had faces made of skulls of creatures or humans while others had stiff fur about their collars. They roared at the sight before them and immediately went in to attack the young man.

Whoever he was, he was skilled. He jumped up in the air just before the monsters could sink their teeth into him. The white-haired girl kept her eyes on him. She saw the newcomer pull out another pistol; it was dark, almost black, steel in contrary to the silver one he already had. The steely-eyed young man aimed the guns and fired multiple shots. The young woman strained slightly from the loudness those two pistols were causing. However, it was a sound she also welcomed as she was used to it and it was currently saving her, as far as she was concerned.

As the man fell to the ground, expertly on his legs, once again, he quickly put away his guns and reached over his shoulder for a long sword that resided on his back. Once he had it, he ran towards the beasts sliced most of them in half, letting their blood come onto the long, silver blade and on the wall and floor. Once he was sure he was finished, he quickly swiped his blade into thin air, causing the blood upon his blade to fly off completely and shoot itself to the wall with great force.

Whoever he was, he was also extremely strong. He allowed his neck-long silver hair to hang in front of his eyes as he pulled the sword over his shoulder once more and locked it on his back. The snow-white-haired girl sighed, obviously relieved that someone had come to help her. Suddenly, the pile of bodies that the man had killed off burned away and became ashes. From nowhere, however, a new demon appeared.

From the sky, a rather large winged demon with the face of some kind of reptile and that body of a bird was diving down towards the demon girl. She gasped again and braced herself for the pain that would undoubtedly come. However, it never did; she heard a loud gunshot, causing her to open one eye and then both. The creature was standing before her on its bird-like legs while the wings on its back were spread out wide. She saw blood fall and saw that it was coming from a hole in the thing's head.

It fell to its right side and the body burned away like the others. Holding onto the railing with a death-grip, the young woman panted hard for breath and then looked to the mysterious stranger who had helped her. She saw him walking towards her and she couldn't help but smile slightly but gratefully at him.

"Thank you," she told him quietly. The sound of his boots came closer until he was close enough for her to see his front completely. If she wasn't mistaken, he stood at least six feet tall and was wearing mostly red clothing. His boots were knee-high and black with a small heel. As stated, he had steel-blue eyes and silver hair. Why did that suddenly feel so familiar to her, however?

Silver hair…blue eyes…why does this feel so bad? As friendly as he seemed, something was suddenly telling her to run. However, she had no choice as her legs were still too injured to let her move.

"No problem," he said back to her suddenly. "Lucky you I was around." She nodded at him, silently agreeing with him. Who knows what would've happened if he hadn't shown up.

"Is there something wrong with your leg?" he asked worriedly.

"Yeah, I fell and I can't seem to stand on my feet; they're injured," she explained to him nervously. She then couldn't take it anymore. After a short pause, she looked up to his face.

"Who are you?" she asked anxiously, wondering if the answer was good or bad. He grinned at her slightly.

"Dante and you would be?" Dante…that name…it sent cold, cold shivers down the girl's spine.

"Dante? As in….son of Sparda Dante?" she asked, hoping desperately that he wasn't. He gave her another smile.

"I see you've heard of me." The young girl's eyes bugged out and let go of the railing immediately and forced herself away from the red-coated man.

"Get away form me!" she demanded. He gave her an odd look.

"Strange way to thank a guy that just saved you," Dante said as he tried to take a step closer but stopped when the girl pulled out a gun from the holster on the left side of her hip from her utility belt and pointed it at him. His eyes widened slightly; why was she packing artillery likethat? It was a black gun with a long barrel and reddish, mahogany on the handle. It had some words written on the side in gold but he couldn't really make them out.

"Stay back!" she seethed through gritted teeth. "I know very well who you are! You're a demon-hunter; you're just as bad as those damn things that were following me! Someone sent you, didn't they? Tell me, who sent you!?" she demanded angrily while sending icy daggers in his direction. There was a pause that felt like forever before it passed. "Answer me!" Dante looked at her impassively.

"No one sent me for anything; I was just passing through," he stated solemnly.

"Liar!" she said heatedly at him while tightening her grip on her weapon. "Now answer me, or so help me, I'll shoot!" her voice was nervous. Dante could tell she was bluffing slightly; her hands were trembling but the anger in her eyes was fresh and burned. It was fueled by paranoia. He wondered what could've made her so edgy and why would she suspect that somebody had sent him to her. He lowered his head, closed his eyes, and gave her a lopsided grin. This only added to the white-haired girl's apprehension.

"Put the gun down, babe," he said with a humorous sound to his voice. The young girl widened her eyes but then glared again. He continued. "I think we both know you're not going to shoot me." The girl growled at him irately.

"That's what you think!" she said back and pulled the trigger. The sound of a single gunshot cracked in the air around them. Once the sound died, she looked up and widened her eyes nervously; her bullet had only grazed his left cheek, creating a small line across his features and making blood quickly flow down to his chin. A cynical smile appeared on Dante's face. Before the young woman could blink, he pulled out both of his guns and had them aimed straight towards her head. Her icy-blue irises grew small at the sight.

Wind blew around them; making Dante's coat whip around his legs and making the white hair on the girl's head do the same in front of her face and eyes. As wide as her eyes were, they soon fell half-lidded and her blue orbs rolled into the back of her head as darkness consumed her and she fell to her left side, unconscious. Her gun slipped out of her fingers and lay just a few inches from her hands. Dante's grin faded and he put his weapons back in place. He had never intended to shoot her but his bluffs were far more intimidating than hers.

He walked up to the girl's body before kneeling down before her. Reaching down to her face, he gently lifted her eyelid and let it fall. He saw that the pupil's of her eyes were shaped like diamonds.

What a weird demon, he thought to himself. She's not willing to hide what she really is.Nevertheless, he grabbed her gun and put it back in her holster before grabbing his sword and sending it off so that his back could be free. Then, picking up the young girl's body, he slung her onto his back so that her arms were around his neck and he could carry her legs around his waist. Her head rested against the back of his neck as he carried her. He could feel her body against the rest of his back, as well as the utility belt at her hips.

Dante laughed mentally in spite of everything; this was the closest he had gotten to a woman, considering all the ones he met actually stayed awake and tried to kill him. However, once comfortable with how he was carrying her, he began walking.

"Don't worry, sweetheart," he said, his voice soft as he used a possibly temporary pet-name on her, even though she probably couldn't hear a word he was saying. "I'm not trying to kill you." It began to drizzle and eventually rain fully.

"Otherwise, you'd be dead by now."


"Dante really is taking a long time," Patty complained worriedly as she looked out one of the windows of Devil May Cry as rain trickled down it. Her light blonde bangs hung slightly in front of her blue eyes as she somewhat pouted over Dante's lateness. Morrison was sitting at Dante's desk, reading one of the demon-hunter's magazines. He flipped a page before replying to the young one who was staying here for a few days or so.

"I'm sure he's fine, Patty, he can take care of himself," he said nonchalantly as he continued reading. The blonde-headed Patty sighed, slightly saddened as she turned away from the window and walked up to Dante's sofa and sat down, holding her chin in her hands. She knew very well that the half-breed could take good care of himself but she couldn't help but worry; she had almost lost him once already and that wasn't a feeling she wanted to relive.

"It's not like him to take so long with his walks, though…" she mumbled, more to herself than anyone else. As if on cue, the door to the office shot open, making Patty gasp slightly and Morrison look up from what he was reading. They could see Dante but, from the form over his back, they could tell he wasn't alone.

"Dante, what'd you bring!?" Morrison asked, obviously surprised. The half-breed entered, soaking wet, and managed to close the door behind him with his foot. Patty saw water dripping down from Dante's coat, as well as whatever it was he was carrying.

"Dante, I just mopped today!" she whined, obviously aggravated.

"Shh!" Dante demanded, making the girl look at him curiously. "Can't you see she's resting?" he asked, apparently indicating to who he was carrying. After closer inspection, Dante's manager and child friend realized that he had a young woman on his back. He walked up to the sofa, telling Patty to move over. She obliged and stood up before the demon-hunter placed the white-haired girl upon the couch.

The young Patty came to the girl's side and hovered over her, curiosity sparkling in her eyes. Morrison's intrigue also seemed to take over; he closed the magazine he was reading and stood up to walk up to Dante. He came up to the silver-haired young man's side and looked down at the girl he had brought in. He cocked his head to one side at her odd style and design.

Her shirt was icy-blue like the steak on the left side of her hair while the hood of it that it apparently had was made up of pink and purple. Her upper left arm had a golden bracelet while, at the wrist of her right arm, she had a black one. Her chest had two black belts criss-crossing her, and her hips had similar belts except one had a gun holster on each side. Surprisingly, she was wearing a black mini-skirt. Her left hand had bandages wrapped about her hand in white, ice-blue, purple, and pink and there was another holster on the thigh of her left leg, the same color as her belts. She had black knee-high combat boots with double belts at the top of each. Her right ankle had thin, black bracelets around it over her boots.

"Dante, you certainly know how to find them…" he said, half humorously, half sarcastically. Every woman this man seemed to meet was odd in one way or another. Trish, for example, was a she-devil who looked like his dead mother. Lady, the woman he still owed some money to, was also a demon-hunter but carried around artillery that would surprise even an army general. Dante shrugged at the man's attempt to crack a joke at the situation.

"She's not a date, Morrison," he said dryly.

"If she was, I'd actually have to call the police on you. What the heck you do to her?" the brunette man questioned, locking a hip to one side and putting his hand in his pocket. Dante looked to Patty before replying.

"Patty, go get her a towel and something to keep her warm," he told the young girl. She gave him a curious look before nodding and quickly walking to the backroom. The demon-hunter turned back to his agent.

"She's a demon," he stated. "She was being chased when I found her holding onto a hand-railing to try and stand. I popped in and killed off the demons," Morrison barely flinched; ever since Dante had become his client, he had gotten well-accustomed to the strange stories he would often bring with him. The young man continued. "After, she asked me who I was and freaked out when I told her; she pulled out a gun and, thanks to her, I now have scratch on my face." He pointed to the tiny gash on his face, no caringly. "She thought somebody had sent me to get her."

"Well, that is your job, Dante," Morrison clarified seriously. "People hire you to take down demons, last time I checked, anyway," he explained.

"Still, aside form the guns, she seems harmless enough." Dante looked down to the young woman and then looked to her artillery. He bent down and put his hands around her hips.

"Dante, you're not alone here, you know," Morrison said, slightly suggestively. Dante looked to the man and glared with his blue eyes.

"That's not what I was doing," he clarified immediately. Morrison swore he heard the silver-haired man mutter 'perv' irately under a breath as he turned back to the demon girl. "I'm getting these guns off of her before she wakes up and possibly try to kill us; she missed me but we may not be so lucky the second time around. No one carries around a gun like what I saw unless they know how to use it." Morrison mentally agreed; if Dante said the gun she had was powerful, then it was best to agree.

Dante unbuckled the girl's utility belt and then did the same to the holster at her thigh. Standing up once more, he turned towards his desk.

"Besides," he said. "I want to see what else she's got on her." Morrison sighed and shook his head; there was no denying that Dante was a detective, that's for sure. In that moment, Patty walked back into the room carrying a folded white towel and a blue blanket in her arms.

"I got what you asked for, Dante," she said aloud so that he would hear. Dante placed the weapons on his desk and went up to the young girl who had walked up to the demon girl again. Grabbing the towel, he placed it over her and left the rest to Patty. The young blonde, of which, dried the woman a little and then spread the blanket over her and continued watching her as she had done earlier. She cocked her head at the girl's oddness.

Dante sat at his desk and grabbed the belt and holster. He decided he would start with the holster. It was fairly small, leading him to believe that the contents were the same. Opening it, he pulled out a small pistol, possibly a 40-calliber or close. It was black with its upper barrel silver. He held it in his hand, simply looking at it and even admiring the fine work of it. For a small caliber, it was fairly powerful.

Making sure the safety was on; he slipped it back into its holster, closed it, and put it aside. He then put his attention on the utility belt. Sliding it over so that it was in front of him, he looked it over. There were six holding pockets in total on it; a large gun holster at each side, a long but not wide pocket next to them leading to the center, and two wide but small pockets next to each other at the center. It was perfectly aligned so that the wearer would have all their artillery behind them and their guns at their sides, within reach. Unlike Lady's, its pockets only wrapped around the person about halfway.

He reached to the holster at the left and opened it. Pulling out the weapon, his eyes widened; this was much like the double gun set he, himself, had. Finally able to get a better look, he read the words on the side that were written in gold. Sin & Virtue it read. If he knew his stuff right, the black one which he held was Sin. He placed it on his desk and pulled out the other one; it was silver with a much lighter pine wood upon its handle.

"Interesting," he said a she placed it down. Morrison shot him a curious look.

"What is?" he questioned.

"She has three guns on her; two, of which, are of a set, like mine," the half-breed explained. He continued shuffling through her supplies; in the two long pockets he found ammo and, in the smaller ones, he found some ammo and just a handful of cherry bombs. The explosives seemed to be a last resort; nothing more than accessories.

"I wonder where she got her hands on this stuff…and why would those demons have been chasing her?" he asked, mostly thinking aloud.

Patty continued watching the young demon as if waiting for her to do something. Eventually, her hopes were answered as she saw her begin to move her head around a bit. Widening her eyes, the blonde looked to Dante.

"Um, she's moving a bit," she stated. Morrison and Dante looked before the demon-hunter stood up quickly towards her. His eyes widened and tensed slightly.

"Patty, get away from her," he practically growled out this demand; who knew how strong that demon was without her artillery. Patty's own eyes widened a bit and she carefully stepped away and eventually ran towards Dante and then stood behind him while keeping her eyes on the young woman. The she-devil, of which, began shaking her eyes and they eventually opened, half-lidded. She sat up and put a hand to her head. She moved her eyes about, looking about her surroundings.

"Where am I?" she asked, mostly to herself. Her eyes un-blurred and they were met with the steely eyes that had saved her. She widened her eyes and quickly put her hands to her hip but her fingers only met her belt. Apprehensively, her eyes widened again and she looked down, surprised that she was stripped of her protection. She growled as she looked back to the three people looking back at her.

Taking note of her weapons on a desk next to Dante, she glared at the half-breed.

"How dare you take my weapons!?" she demanded heatedly. He said nothing to her and kept his face serious. Then, boldly, he began walking up to her. Patty watched him nervously.

"Dante," she cried out silently but this didn't slow him down. The demon-girl tensed and flashed her perfectly sharpened fangs at him as she hissed. She was certainly demon; just the way she growled and hissed like an offended animal gave it away. Dante stopped halfway and removed his coat, letting it fall to the ground at his feet. Then, to prove he meant her no harm, he removed his weapons and carefully placed them on the ground before advancing towards her. He noticed her tension begin to fade.

Fearlessly, he sat at the other end of the sofa and stared into her icy-blue eyes with his steely ones. It was as if, with just their stares, they could read each other's mind. Dante practically stared into her soul with his the blue eyes that resided behind his silver bangs. Eventually, the young woman's tension was gone completely and she stayed silent.

"What's your name?" Dante asked her; his voice was solemn but somehow still filled with a friendliness and kindness that the girl couldn't comprehend. She paused before replying as she simply stared into those amazing blue eyes of his.

"My name is…" she trailed off for only a moment.



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