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Prompt: Little!Kid Ryouhei x Little!Kid Hibari – Saved from bullies

Discipline, Please

Shouts were heard across the courtyard of Namimori Elementary. No one really paid attention, after all, kids were always loud. Namimori Elementary was always abundant with shouts and cries. But these shouts were different, an almost outraged shouting.

Ryouhei had never been one for denying himself a little excitement in his life. And those shouts just sounded too good to pass up. He jogged over, peeking around the corner to check what was going on before joining in.

What he didn't expect was to find a group of four boys surrounding another, smaller boy. They threw jeers, punches, kicks, at the frightened child, pushing him to one another when he attempted to run. The boy was doing fairly well, only scraped lightly and scared but not crying.

A frown creased Ryouhei's forehead, and he stepped out from the corner. "OI!" He yelled, quickly gaining the attention of the four bullies.

A muttered "Hold him" was told, and the leader of the pack turned to Ryouhei as two of the others grabbed the arms of their prey. "What do you want, Sasagawa?"

"Let him go! This is extremely wrong!" The other kids snickered at his yell. "And what'll you do if we don't?" The leader retorted, obviously confident that Ryouhei had no chance against them.

A grin spread over Ryouhei's lips, and he shifted his feet. It was a good thing that his father had gotten him into boxing.

"And leave Hibari-san alone!" Ryouhei shook his fist at the retreating bullies. With a satisfied hmph, he turned to the boy behind him. Reverent eyes stared back at him, slightly bruised from the earlier beating. "Don't worry, Hibari-san. They won't hurt you anymore," Ryouhei pledged. "Or I will extremely hurt them!"

Hibari did not reply, watching him in awe for a moment. "Th-thank you." Ryouhei beamed, giving the boy a thumbs up. "Don't mention it!" He came closer and ruffled up the other's messy, black hair.

With his job done, Ryouhei turned and jogged off, feeling extremely pleased with himself. Hibari watched him go, one hand reaching up to touch his tousled hair. His free hand tightened into a fist, and he straightened himself. This would be the last time Namimori's discipline was broken. Hibari would make sure of it.


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