A/N: Hey every one, I wrote this, at the spur of the moment. My parents Anniversary is today, and I wanted to make them something. So I started on this other story, but I have gotten to chapter 2, and it is not exactly what I was aiming for. I thought of this while I was in the shower though, and it seems to fit. But I'm dedicating it to them...
Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!


Love is unconditional, and uncharactized

It doesn't matter if you're old or young

Ignorant or wise.

You can find love anywhere,

Through family or friends,

Husbands, wives

Parents and children.

But all love is,

And all it isn't,

You can find it anywhere,

All you have to do is look.

A/N: I don't really care if you like this or not, it has more sentimental value, but I would like your feed back. It doesn't seem to flow that well. Bt drop me a line, you know which button to push! :D