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Bella's POV


I keep asking myself.

Why here? Why me? Why now? About six months before I boarded this plane, I had become the luckiest girl alive. Well, that's how I felt anyway, and that's how my whole school had treated me.

I just got the hottest guy in school, Jacob Black, to be my boyfriend.

Jake the Football Captain's girlfriend. The hot kid Jake's girlfriend. The coolest kid in school's girlfriend. These were the type of things people had been calling me. Ok, so they didn't know my name, but it was nice to be recognized a little.

The guys would look at me differently now. As if I was a person. As if I weren't invisible. The girls looked at me differently, too now. They also now noticed me as a person. They didn't ignore me anymore, instead, they looked at me with hatred and jealously. Even the girls that pretended to be my friend just to get close to Jacob would show signs of jealousy every now and then.

Well, lucky for those girls, I was gone now. My parents shipped me off to boarding school.

Not really, of course. Not like some parents threaten to do to their kids… instead, they did this for me, thinking that it would be good for me. They were spending thousands of dollars for me to come here, even though I didn't want to come.

I had made it pretty clear before leaving, that I didn't want to go. I had through a major fit… and I had never been one for temper tantrums. I felt like a little kid, yelling at my parents. I probably looked like one too, stomping on the floor in my bedroom, and everything. This is how it went…

The day had come. Why were they doing this to me? It's just a big waste of money, seeing as I don't even want to go. When I finally finished throwing a few belongings in my bag, not caring whether they were folded, or even if they were important. I just grabbed what was close to me, and chucked it in, as my mother stood at the door, watching me with sad eyes.

"There, I'm packed." I mumbled through my teeth as I zippered up my suitcase.

"Well, I guess we better get going if we want to make this flight." My mom said walking towards the door.

"See, mom, that's the problem. I don't want to make this flight." I said looking my mom right in the eyes.

"Bella. We are paying a lot of money for you to go to the Academy, and it would help us out a lot if you would just agree without all of this." My mother said, obviously trying not to get angry. I on the other hand wasn't doing such a great job at that.

"Just agree? You want me to completely ignore the fact that I have a perfect boyfriend, a perfect life, and just agree to leave this all behind?" Yeah… because that was going to happen.

Now it was Charlie, my father, who was yelling. "Stop being so stubborn Bella! We are trying to help you! Maybe, if you would take the time to appreciate anything, you will thank us someday, for giving you such a great opportunity! But no, instead, you are completely ungrateful, and won't think about anything except that stupid crush of yours!" His face was bright red at the end of his speech.

"A Crush?! You think Jake is just a crush? I love him dad! He is way more than a stupid crush!" I was probably the same shade of red that he was right now.

He scoffed. "Love? You think you love this boy? You don't even know what love is!" Now, I was way past mad. I was furious.

"Oh, and you do? Maybe if you knew what love was, you and mom wouldn't be fighting all the time! Maybe if you knew what love was, you would love me enough to realize this is the worst thing that had ever happened to me, and you are the cause of it! Right now, I'm feeling the opposite of love towards you. Right now I feel hatred. Hatred for making me leave behind the great life of mine. All of my friends, and my amazing boyfriend. If you loved me, you wouldn't make me do this. But you don't love me. You hate me! Just like I HATE YOU!" As soon as I said this, I grabbed my suitcase, ran out of the house towards my truck, and started driving towards Jacobs.

I arrived at Jacobs's house around 8:15 at night. The flight I was supposed to be on left at 9:00. But I didn't care. I wasn't going anywhere.

The light in the living room were on, and I knew that Billy, Jake's dad, went fishing with some friends from the La Push reservation. That meant Jake was home.

I had said told Jake two weeks ago that I was leaving, and he seemed to be upset about it. We said our final goodbye's this afternoon. It was horrible, but I did it.

He thought that I already left. After all, I hadn't been planning on coming to see him again before boarding the plane, but now, I wouldn't be boarding the plane anyway.

I decided since he thought I was gone, that I would surprise him. So I found the spare key in the bush next to the door where he hid it, and opened the door. I was very quiet. I wanted to sneak up on him like he had done to me so many times. I sighed at the memories, and almost blew my cover. I slowly walked towards the living room, careful not to make the old floorboards creak at the shirt of weight.

I could see the couch now. I also saw two legs. One of which I didn't recognize.

A women's leg.

The tears, already threatening to spill were in my eyes now, as I approached the open doorway to the living room. I was careful not to make any accusations yet. Maybe this was all a big mistake.

I took one look in the living room and realized this was a mistake. Not my guess of Jake cheating on me, but coming here. Oh yeah, coming here was a big mistake.

Jake was sitting on the couch, with Tanya Denali, one of the jealous girls from my school, straddling him.

When I walked in, they were in the middle of a total make-out session.

Tanya, who had been facing me, noticed me, and decided to get me really angry, so she started tugging at his shirt while kissing him even more violently, if that were possible. That was enough for me.

I turned around, walked back out the house, not being as careful since Jake wouldn't hear me if I put a blow horn to his ear, and walked right out the house.

I figured Tanya would never tell Jake I was here, because we both knew that he would just call me up and apologize. Tanya wanted him all to herself, and I didn't want some bogus apology. So I just decided that Jake would never know that I knew what a jerk he was.

The second he thinks I'm gone and he chooses another girl to invite to his house. It was almost sad that I fell for that. I wondered how many other girls had been on that same couch, and I shivered at the thought.

The tears were now streaming down my face, and I could barely see. The feeling of betrayal and stupidity was running through me. I hopped in my truck and decided to go to the only place I could think of.

The Airport.

After all, the only reason I really didn't want to go was Jake. Now my parents would be happy, although I was still furious with them because they were going to force me to go when I didn't want to.

I still didn't really want to, but what choice did I have? My parents? No. Jake? Not in a million years. And I really didn't have many friends except for Angela, because every other girl was too jealous to even consider being my friend for real.

As for Angela, if I stayed here in Forks, I was likely to run in to my parents, or Jake at some point. Since Charlie is the Police Chief, and Jake is head quarterback/most popular kid in school. So I started driving towards the airport. Almost crashing every once in a while since I still could barely see. It was easier once I got on the highway, since it's mostly straight from there.

Surprisingly, I arrived at the airport without any deaths caused by me. I still had ten minutes to get on the plane, so I ran towards my section of the airport, and soon after, boarded the plane.

So here I was, sitting on the plane, crying my eyes out as I flew over my old town, and soon later, my eyelids got heavy, and I drifted into a deep sleep.

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