This is a challenge fic for the word "Abrupt" prompted by IheartSam7 and Endiku07- so check out all the players!

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Summary: Challenge fic for the word Abrupt, one rule 100 words which I always manage to break...Sam comes to an abrupt stop, Dean can't reach him in time, angsty, Tag to ELAC

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(shudders I really hate friggin clowns...that episode scared the crap outta me...UGH!)

WARNING! I like whumpage and language...


"SAMMY!" Dean's echo bounced off the walls that seemed to close around Sam, Dean's voice nothing but a vibration to where his body stood moments before.


Sam's hands thudded onto the now solid wall, it was an entrance a mere second ago. He hit it again, feeling no give to the supernatural lockdown and felt further along the wall trying to find a doorway.

Now, a blocked escape, a cut rope Dean can't pull Sam free with.

"Dean, meet me at the maze, okay?" He sounded a little breathy to his own ears, voice rushed and uneven.

Sam faintly heard Dean grunt on the other side, heard his feet thud off in a hurry to get back to Sam.

Muttering some curse, no doubt.

Sam came jogging out to a clearing where the maze started a few seconds later, steaming brass funnels shaped into spikes like a church organ caught his eye. That would kill the damn clown freak thing.

Reaching to grab one, Sam hissed when the steam singed his fingertips and he pulled back, covered them with his sleeve.


Sam jumped at the noise behind him, then Dean's beautiful worried face came into view.

"Hey, where is it..?" He glanced round nervously. It was eerily quiet, the kind of silence things tended to jump out in.

" I dunno-"

Dean was cut off with a grunt as knives cartwheeled mid-air and struck into the walls of the maze behind him, pinning his jacket to the wall, then another pinning his whole arm still.

"SAM!" Dean urged, eyes wildly looking to where the threat would appear next, and not liking how Sam was out in the open whilst he was pinned.

Making quick work of bending and snapping the brass, Sam spun with the weapon, eyes alert.

Stopping abruptly, Sam stared wide eyed, sudden fear gripped his heart, his breathing sped up and blood pumped loudly in his ears.

"Dean..I can'''s..." Sam swallowed thickly. The weapon tight in his hands but lowering as the clown, the fucking terrifying crooked-teeth smiling, yellowed eyes staring clown moved forward.

"Sammy! snap outta this, I can't get to you in time, you gotta' finish this!...SAM! overcome your fear, c' can do this!" Dean was practically growling, pulling in futile attempts to remove the knives. Was he superglued to this damn wall?!

Dean tugged again, all the while keeping a sharp view of Sam, wide eyes pleading with his brother to stand his ground.

A sudden whoosh sounded and another spun knife grazed Sam's cheek. He stumbled back with a hiss.

"SAM! behind you!" Dean couldn't yank his arm free but he did reach out as if trying to touch Sam and push him out of the way.

His brother spun and shoved outwards with the brass pipe, a screech filled the air and Sam held back a scream as a grotesque figure flashed before him, all clown gore melting and shifting as it struggled.

He was inches away from the creatures face, it's hands raising one last knife that cut into Sam's arm before it sagged and Sam pulled back, heaving. The clown melting finally and imploding in light dust.

The knives fell from Dean's jacket with a thunk and he stood to grasp Sam's shoulders, wide terrified eyes stared back at him, Sam looked so childish when he was scared.

"C'mon." Dean whispered and ushered his heavily breathing brother to some fresh air and means of escape.

"I hate fun houses."

"I know dude...I know."