Title: Ascendio

Author: Gifted

Rating: K

Full Summary: AU. MMAD adopts an abused! Harry. When it comes to light that Harry is a victim of abuse and neglect at age 5, Albus is determined to find him a better family. Will he realize that the answer is right under his nose?

Disclaimer: I do not claim to own Harry Potter or anything associated with it. Harry Potter belongs solely to J.K. Rowling and her respective partners. I write fanfiction merely for my entertainment and others'. Also, Dumbledore and McGonagall adopting Harry is not my original concept either. The title was inspired by Ministry of Magic.

Claimer: However, I claim this plot and fanfiction. There may be original characters in later characters.


The idea of Ascendio started as a rough plot I always wanted to see after reading so many adopting Harry stories. I have a fondness for them and even read the badly written ones when I find them. It came into conception when my friend The Grey Detective 7, suggested I do such a story when we chatted during a phone conversation. Despite the fact that I had two other stories going on, I couldn't resist.

My friend proposed a challenge. To write a good MMAD adopting Harry story that was realistic within the Harry Potter universe. Too many stories hold too much clichés and events that just wouldn't happen (I won't be pointing any fingers and I hope you know I don't mean to offend). So the challenge is to write a MMAD adopting Harry story that was: 1) realistic within the Harry Potter universe, 2) make that Harry wasn't completely hidden, but not a public spectacle, and 3) was well written.

The name Ascendio is not completely original either. Ascendio is the title of a Wizard Rock song by Ministry of Magic (you can find their music on Myspace). I stumbled upon it while exploring Youtube and fell in love with the song. When I was trying to think of a title for this story, I was singing Ascendio in my head when a few lyrics appealed to me: I'll have a family/Someone that loves me/Mother, Father, Son/Just like everyone. Anyway, that verse clicked with my story and seemed perfect.

Well, now that all the rambling is done, I hope you enjoy this story.


"Dear Dursleys,

I am most grieved to inform you that on Halloween night, James and Lily Potter were murdered by Lord Voldemort. As I hope Lily has informed you, Lord Voldemort is a dark wizard who wishes to kill wizards of non-magical heritage, muggleborns in another word, and enslave non-magical people such as yourselves or as we call, muggles…"

Oh yes, Petunia remembered that all right. It was a silent, dark night when a familiar, red-haired woman with green eyes arrived; her arm looped with a messy black-haired man. They knew that Vernon and Petunia would not take their visit kindly, but they had insisted. They warned them about this wizard; told them that because of their relation to Lily, they might be of target.

Scared for his pregnant wife and the future safety of their family, her husband had responded by denying their relation. They shooed the Potters out, as if them leaving would rid a chance of danger. At the time, Petunia agreed with the tactic. After all, ignorance was bliss. It was when Lily told her quite confidently that it didn't matter whether they wanted her to or not, they were sisters and she would watch out for her; keep her safe. After all the hatred Petunia had shown her, Lily was still a good sister.

There were times when Petunia started regretting her past temperament toward Lily and felt watched, but life moved on. With the arrival of baby Dudley and Vernon's new job at Grunnings', the thoughts were driven away. In fact, with her new busy life as a mother, she sometimes forgot she even had a sister and she enjoyed this pleasure.

So it was a shock when a baby who resembled Lily's husband was found on her doorstep with a note. Only four years ago, Harry Potter became an unwanted tenant of Number 4, Privet Drive. His green eyes were a constant reminder of her childhood as the sister who lived in Lily's shadow.

"He targeted James and Lily because of their work against him and seemed to plan killing the entire family including their baby son Harry. After murdering James and Lily, he attempted to kill Harry. What you must understand is that the Killing Curse is an Unforgivable and there is no cure. Lord Voldemort has used this spell thousands of times to the same effect. So it is quite miraculous that Harry survived and somehow Voldemort's power broke. The details of that night are still unknown and Voldemort is nowhere to be found currently.

Now Harry is in need of a home. I am handing him onto his only living relatives: you. I have reason to believe that Lily died for Harry, trying to give up her life for his. I have come upon the conclusion, that this has created a blood protection, possibly what destroyed Voldemort. However, blood protection only works when another who shares his blood lives in the place he calls home. I am of course, thinking of Petunia, who shares the same blood as Lily and Harry. This protection will protect the house, its residents, and Harry even when he is away from the house.

I know it is quite sudden, but it is important that Harry grows up in the muggle world. In the Wizarding World, he is already known as a hero who defeated Voldemort. I do not want Harry growing up spoiled and egotistic. I ask only that you treat Harry as one of your own and keep his past a secret until he turns 11 when he will be attending Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Albus Dumbledore"

It was surreal to Petunia when she had first read this letter. For years she had tried to convince others, especially herself, that magic would be the end of one who participates in it. Now that she finally had proof in her hands, it did seem as worth it anymore. No, she was not upset about her sister, just upset at the addition of a new charge.

Very sudden indeed. No one even bothered asking them if they minded allowing a wizard in their home and left no way to contact them back. Though there was no way for them to object, they certainly tried to get back at the wizards. It was simple enough to not tell Harry about his past to make sure he wasn't spoiled. She and Vernon had agreed that surely if they saw that they weren't treating him properly and neglect him as much as possible, the wizards would notice and take him away.

Harry was put in the cupboard as if a nasty piece of garbage and has slept there every night since; his room you can call it. When he was a baby, he was fed only when he remembered which was usually at least once a day (if he was lucky, twice) and washed only when he started to smell or was to be out in public. He was given all his hand-me-downs from Dudley though Dudley was much too big for him and was given the least food at mealtimes. Usually they spoke to Harry only when needed to. These were usually commands such as "here, boy" or "clean this." His Kindergarten teacher showed concern over Harry's clumsy usage of the English language (though he was a very good listener since he was used to not asking questions). Surely the freaks must notice something is wrong.

It's too weird though, Petunia thought bitterly about magical people. They didn't even notice the past four years of neglect. Desperation was settling in on the Dursley family.

So that was why on the last day of school, Vernon and Petunia Dursley had arranged for Ms. Figgs to baby-sit the boys while they schemed. Petunia placed the parchment down onto the kitchen table and placed her glaze on her husband. In reply, he shrugged.

"Let's go over what we've already done," Petunia suggested. Vernon sighed in response.

"We ignored him and favored Dudley over him. We yell at him for no reason. We treat him unfairly. And we neglected him. What else is there to do Petunia?" he responded and buried his face in his hands.

Petunia sighed in response and looked down at the letter. To her surprise, a sentence stuck out at her:

I have reason to believe that Lily died for Harry, trying to give up her life for his.

Though, this passage was familiar to her, she continued reading:

I have come upon the conclusion, that this has created a blood protection, possibly what destroyed Voldemort. However, blood protection only works when another who shares his blood lives in the place he calls home. I am of course, thinking of Petunia, who shares the same blood as Lily and Harry. This protection will protect the house, its residents, and Harry even when he is away from the house.


I am of course, thinking of Petunia, who shares the same blood as Lily and Harry.

"Vernon!" Petunia gasped out, a sudden epiphany breaking out.

"What?" the large man almost fell out of his chair out of shock, but he turned his attention to his wife. Her face, which had been in a painful grimace, turned into a large smile which confused Vernon greatly.

"I think I found the answer!"

Author's Note: Hey there. So...yeah. I decided to unveil my new story for y'all. I swore to myself I would put up another chapter of Adventures at Disneyland and Dreaming of You, and get chapter two of this done before even considering putting up the Prologue. In the end, I'm almost done with the next chapter of Adventures at Disneyland (just need to re-write the ending) and with the next chapter of this story. I figured calculating all the writing in, with my commitments, my homework, and the fact that I draw more than write (or just plain lazy), you guys would see Ascendio at the earliest in January (latest was next June 0o). Now, I'm just going to put up anything I finish writing instead of waiting at this point. Enjoy because it might be a while before you see anything else from me.

Yeah, a cliffhanger. Sorry about that, but it is just the Prologue. You know, meant to capture attention.

Anyway, sorry if it went on and on about what you already know about. Yes I know the letter is awfully boring, but I needed to get across how Petunia thinks up the next part. And also, I don't mention the Prophecy in there because I don't think Albus would tell the Dursleys that kind of information.

Also, let's see if you can guess what happens though I'm sure you've probably seen it before because I don't think it's that original. Actually, I don't think it's original at all. When I think about it, it might be a bit cliché, but it's the only way I can get Harry away from the Dursleys with being too out of character.

Anyway, the next chapter, we'll be seeing how it is in the Wizarding World. Got to stop rambling on now or else I'll never get this homework done (cry I feel SO stressed). Please review if you want! I just pray that you point out spelling and grammar mistakes. Seriously, they make my day! I don't have a beta and I usually go through the whole story every once in a while to correct errors. By pointing something out, you make the work easier for me.

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