This story is twenty-five years after the original story…

Ash became a pokemon master, and has capture almost every single type of pokemon there is. Misty became the world's greatest Water type trainer. Both Ash and Misty are married, and now they have a daughter. Brock became the world's greatest pokemon breeder. He also got married, whose wife's name is not going to be mentioned, and has two kids. May became one of the greatest pokemon coordinators. She married Drew, who's also one of the top coordinators, and they have a son and two daughters. Max became the gymleader of Petalburg city and is known as one of the greatest pokemon trainers in the world. He has a son and daughter, who are always helping him around the gym. Gary became an expert on pokemon, he is now known as Profesor Oak. He has a son and his nephew lives with them. Lastly, Tracey is now an assistant for Gary, but on his free time he teaches little kids how to draw sketches of pokemon. He has a son, who is learning how to draw from him. (I'm going to put some new characters who are not from the original story line, so if you need information about them then ask me) ;)

Chapter 1

"Once again Ash Ketchum defeated another challenger," said the announcer on the T.V., "so far no one has been able to defeat him, now the question is: WHO'S IS GOING TO BE THE NEXT CHALLENGER and WILL HE/SHE BE ABLE TO DEFEAT THE POKEMON MASTER?"

"No one will be able to defeat my dad," said a thirteen-year-old girl with short, red hair and green eyes, "not until I become the new Pokemon Master!"

"Pi?" said the little Pichu sitting right next to her.

"Ashley! You should be in sleeping right now!" said an older looking version of Misty, now she has longer hair and looks more like Delia (Ash's mom) now, while pointing to thee clock, "tomorrow is a big day, remember?"

"I know mom, but I'm too excited and I can't go to sleep," said Ashley, "after all I'm getting my first pokemon tomorrow!"

"I know that you are excited, but you don't want to late just like your dad," said Misty, "also you want to be the first one to pick one of the starter pokemon, right?"

"Yeah, I know I don't want to be the last one to pick," said Ashley while turning off the T.V.

"Okay, then go to sleep NOW!" exclaimed Misty,

"Okay, okay….Goodnight, Mom," said Ashley,

"Goodnight Ashley," said Misty as she closed the door of Ashley's room.

The Next Day

"Ashley wake up!" exclaimed Misty,

"Okay, I'll be there in a second," replied Ashley,

The thirteen-tear-old girl rushed out of her bedroom into the kitchen, where her mom was cooking breakfast.

"Good morning, sis," said a seven-year-old boy who was sitting right in front of her,

"Good morning, Drake" said Ashley,

"Good morning, Ashley," greeted Misty, "are you ready to begin your journey?"

"Of course I am!" exclaimed the very excited thirteen-year-old,

"Pichu, Pi!" replied Pichu, who was sitting right next to her,

"Alright, but first you have to eat your breakfast," said Misty, while trying to calm her daughter and the pokemon down,

Once breakfast was finished, Ashley went upstairs to get ready. After a couple of minutes, Ashley came into the kitchen ready to go on her adventure.

She wore her dad's old hat (the first one he wore on the series) backwards. She wore a T-shirt with red, short sleeves; she had blue, denim capri, red shoes with white stripes on it, and red gloves (fingertops cut off).

"Hey Ashley, I've been talking to your father and Professor Oak, and we decided that you can take Pichu with you on your journey," said Misty,

"Really!" replied Ashley,

"Yeah, as long as you take care of him," said Misty,

"Thank you mom!" exclaimed Ashley, while hugging her mom. Pichu followed Ashley's movements and hugged Misty too.

"Well, enough with the hugging," said Misty, "here's your backpack, and you should also thank your father and Professor Oak"

"Yes, I will. You don't have to worry about that mom!" said Ashley while she was putting her stuff on the backpack, "thanks mom!"

"Wait! I'm not done yet. Here's a PokeGear," said Misty while handing it to Ashley, "you can use this as a phone, radio, watch, and map"

"Wow! Thank you mom!" exclaimed Ashley, "I promise that I'll be careful with this!"

"I know you will," said Misty,

"Well I have to go now. Bye mom!" said Ashley with a bit of sadness on her voice,

"Pichu, Pi…" said Pichu who was also very sad,

"Good bye, sis. Good luck," said Drake

"Bye, come and visit us any time you want!" said Misty,

Ashley ran all the way to Professor Oak's lab, and she reached the lab in five minutes. Apparently she was the first one to arrive.

"Good morning, Ashley. You are the first one here, unlike your father," said professor Oak (Gary for the people who don't know), "he was so late when he picked his first pokemon."

"Good morning, Professor Oak," said Ashley, "oh yeah! And thank you for letting me bring Pichu on my journey."

"No problem. Now, which of these pokemon are you going to choose: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander?" asked Professor Oak,

"Well, it took me a long time to decide," said Ashley, "but in the end I chose… Bulbasaur!"

Professor Oak took one of the three pokeballs and handed it to Ashley.

"Thanks, Professor!" said Ashley,

"Here are your pokeballs and your pokedex," said Tracey who just came into the lab, "this gives you information about every single pokemon there is in the world"

"Thank you, Tracey!" said Ashley, "now come on out, Bulbasaur!"

Ashley introduced herself and Pichu to her new Bulbasaur, and she explained what they are going to do and stuff…

"Well, I'm going now, well, thanks professor and Tracey" said Ashley and went outside to see that her mom was waiting for her,

"Mom! What are you doing here!" asked Ashley, who was really surprised to see her mom there,

"I'm here to see you off. I never said that I wasn't coming," said Misty, "although, Drake is not here he went to his friend's house to train his pokemon."

"Oh yeah! That's true," said Ashley with a sweat drop,

"So, which Pokemon did you choose?" asked Misty,

"I chose Bulbasaur!" replied Ashley,

"Pichu, Pi," said Pichu who was really excited to meet her new friend,

"Nice choice, but if it was me I would've chosen Squirtle" said Misty, which gave Ashley a sweat drop, "well, I think that it's about time for you to leave."

"Yeah. Bye mom, I'm going to miss you," said Ashley while giving her mom a hug,

"Me too," said Misty, "but remember to have fun."

"Ashley, I would recommend you to go to Viridian city first," said Professor Oak, who just came out of his lab, "on your way there you can train your pokemon and capture new one"

"Thanks for your advice, Professor," said Ashley

After saying goodbye to everyone, Ashley sets off on her journey. Although, she was feeling a little homesick.

On her way to Viridian city Ashley defeated a huge amount of Rattatas, Spearows, and Pidgeys, but she didn't capture any of them. After three hours of battling Pichu started to evolve into a Pikachu.

"Alright, Pichu… I mean Pikachu if we keep this up we will be unstoppable!" exclaimed Ashley, "you too Bulbasaur!"

"Pika! Pika pi!" said Pikachu in agreement,

"Bulba! Bulbasaur!" said Bulbasaur who also agreed,

"Well, well if it isn't little Ashley," said a boy who was wearing a purple jacket, a white shirt, blue jeans, and purple shoes. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes.

"What did you say!" exclaimed Ashley,

"Now, now don't fight you guys" said another boy who was wearing a red shirt with white stripes, blue jeans and white shoes. He looked just like Professor Oak (Gary) when he was younger.

"Hi Jason! And unfortunately hi Taylor," said Ashley, "what are you guys doing?"

"We are going to travel together," said Jason, the boy who looks like Gary, "do you want to travel with us Ashley?"

"No way! If Taylor's travelling with you then there's no way that I'll travel with you guys. No offence Jason, but you know that I hate your cousin," said Ashley,

"None taken, I forgot that you and Taylor don't get along," said Jason who was a little disappointed on her answer,

"Hey! Uggh! Never mind… Let's just go Jason!" shouted Taylor, "just leave little Ashley alone."

"Yeah, catch ya later, Ashley," said Jason and walked off with Taylor while waving goodbye to Ashley.

"One of these day I'm going to defeat Taylor and then he won't be able to say anything," said Ashley to herself,

One hour later, Ashley was finally able to reach Viridian city, mainly because she sprinted the rest of the way. She was able to capture a Pidgeotto while she was on her way to the city. Ashley decided to go shopping for some supplies, then go to the Pokemon Center.

While she was on her way to the Pokemon Center someone called out her name…

"Ashley, Ashley," said a girl with long, black hair and green eyes. She was wearing a black ¾ sleeve shirt, red denim shorts, black gloves (fingertips cut off), long black socks that reach her knees, and red shoes with a black zigzag line. On her head she had a read headband with a black pokeball sign.

"Alex?" asked Ashley, "what are you doing here?"

"I'm traveling around the world," said Alex, "what about you?"

"I just got my first pokemon and I'm going to challenge every single gym there is!" said Ashley with a very proud look,

"Where are you headed right now?" asked Alex,

"I'm going to the Pokemon Center, but I can't find it," said Ashley a bit embarrassed,

"Well, I was about to go to the same place," said Alex, "why don't we go together?"

"Yes! Thank you!" said Ashley; for a moment she saw a boy who looked very familiar, but Ashley just decided to ignore it.

While they were heading to the Pokemon Center both trainers did not realize that they were being watched by two mysterious shadows.

"Is that her?" asked the 1st shadows, "the daughter of the Pokemon Master."

"Yes, it's definitely her," said the 2nd shadow,

"Well, let's ambush her in the Viridian Forest" said the 1st shadow as they ran all the way to the Viridian Forest

Next: Alex and Ashley decide to travel together. As they enter Viridian forest they are separated and the mysterious shadows ambush both Ashley and Pikachu but they are saved by a certain someone.

Note: Sorry if the story is too confusing. This is the first I ever wrote…