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I command myself not to be pregnant...

It seemed that no matter what she said or did, everyone and everything refused to go her way. Case in point, the little white stick she held in her hands. The pink line had now turned into a clear blur as the tears began to overflow and stain her perfectly blushed cheeks. No, this couldn't be happening. Not to her. Anyone but her. Serena even! Yes, Serena. It would be more expected of Serena. Not her!

She needed to create a plan of action. First things first, get rid of the pregnancy test. Then her plan.

Step 1: Talk to Nate.

Step 2: Discuss her options with him.

Step 3: Live Happily Ever After, regardless of what happened.



Good plan.

Blair hurried to dispose of the pregnancy test and get ready for school. No matter what, she had to keep up appearances. She wouldn't miss school. Couldn't. And she needed to find Nate as soon as possible.

Blair ran out of the bathroom, tripping on her long robe as she rushed to get dressed and run off to school. She needed to get away from the bathroom and any evidence of the news she had just received. Maybe when she got home, the test would be gone from where she hid it under the sink. Then she'd know this was all just a dream. No a nightmare. This was all just a horrible nightmare.

The next thirty minutes passed by in a haze. Her uniform was put on perfectly, her hair and makeup followed suit. She didn't know how she managed to look impeccable when she felt that her world was crumbling around her, but she did. She always looked flawless.

She arrived to school five minutes late. When she reached her English class and took her seat, Serena turned to her in obvious surprise.

"B, I didn't think you were coming today. You're never late. I figured you were out sick or something. I was going to call you after this class."

"Oh, no don't be silly, S. I'm fine. I just got stuck in traffic," Blair replied nervously. Too nervously. It was unlike her.

Of course Serena noticed.


"I'm fine, Serena! Really," Blair whispered loudly enough to earn her a disapproving scowl from the teacher.

They spent the next few periods having small talk as they walked to class and exited class. Blair was preoccupied, and Serena noticed. But she didn't want to pry. Blair would come to her eventually. She always did.

After 3rd period was over, Blair managed to sneak away from Serena and went to find Nate. Of course, Nate was sitting with Chuck, who smiled wickedly at her. She felt as if he were undressing her with his eyes, and she shifted uncomfortably as she came to stand before them. Nate, of course, didn't notice the interaction between the two.

"Honey," Blair milked the word up just to annoy Chuck, "We need to talk."

Nate turned to Chuck and shrugged his shoulder. "Duty calls, man. I'll catch up with you soon."

"Be gentle with him, Waldorf. You can be awfully feisty," Chuck stated as they walked away. Blair turned and scowled at him, while he grinned foolishly and winked at her. Asshole.

"Nate. I think I might be pregnant," Blair didn't beat around the bush. She didn't have time for any word play. She needed to know how to deal with this mess as soon as possible.

Nate blanched. His skin became pasty white, and he looked more than uncomfortable. "Blair...I...How?" he stuttered.

"What do you mean 'how,' Nate? Do you want me to go into the Biology of it?" Blair asked sarcastically. Typical male response. Run away and feign ignorance when confronted with a serious problem.

"No. No. I mean I know how, but its impossible."

"Really. Did you find use some newfound contraceptive that I wasn't aware of?" Blair asked. Gosh she was being a bitch. Must be the baby.

"We used a condom. And if you remember, I didn't actually come while I was inside of you. That happened after you were done and we...well we..." Nate struggled to find the words.

Right. She'd worked him with her hand. Damn it. How could she have forgotten that.

Oh my God! Then that only meant one thing...

It was her turn to grow pale. She felt herself break out into a cold sweat. She felt dizzy, and nauseous. Funny, even the baby was kicking in with the thought of that one being his/her father.

"...you see..." Nate's voice finally cut in through her thoughts. "You can't possibly be pregnant. It's probably just stress or something. And I've heard that a girl's whole menstrual cycle can change once she starts having sex. Maybe you're cycle's changing," Nate said, convinced with his explanation as well as satisfied.

Blair smiled and nodded dutifully up at him. Her life was seriously over. Nate began to walk back towards the grassy knoll Chuck was still sitting on and stopped in front. "Don't worry, Blair. It's nothing to worry about."

Blair looked at Chuck who was staring at her suspiciously. She turned and walked away. She needed to find Serena. ASAP.






"B, I was looking for you," Serena started as she reached Blair who was huffing and puffing after having dashed around the school looking for Serena like a madwoman.

"No time...must talk...now...come," Blair huffed out as she dragged Serena into the nearest bathroom and checked each stall to make sure it was empty. Once she was satisfied that they were alone, she turned to Serena and looked at her nervous friend.

"Blair, my God, what's wrong? You're making me nervous," Serena said as she placed her hands on Blair's shoulder and stared down at her shorter friend.

"Serena...I failed a test, a very important test." Beating around the bush obviously fit when dealing with Serena.

Serena began grinning stupidly. "Oh, Blair. You're so dramatic. That's what this is all about?"

"No, Serena. Not just any test. The test. That test you got me."

Blair stood silent as she let the news sink in and the truth of what she was saying dawn on Serena.

Serena's eyes widened as she realized what Blair was telling her and a loud gasp escaped her.

"Blair! No! You can't be serious..."

"Does this sound like something I would joke around about, Serena? I'm pregnant. The test said so this morning. My body's been saying it for the past two weeks."

"Oh my God, B..."

"It's Chuck's." Straightforward. Blair almost laughed. Almost. Only the situation wasn't at all funny. Serena looked like she was about to have a heart attack.

"But you had sex with Chuck months ago at your party. That was like three months ag-"

"We'd been having sex. A lot. Recently. Up until I'd say three weeks ago. Around the time I got back together with Nate. And don't ask, because it's not Nate's."

"So you haven't slept with Nate?" Serena asked curiously.

"Yes. But it's not his. He well, well he didn't come while inside of me. Plus he wore a condom while we were having sex."

Serena scowled at her friend. "So you've been having sex with Chuck, you had sex with Nate, and now you're pregnant. And only now is that I'm finding out about all of this," Serena said, obviously offended at being kept in the dark for so long. Blair always told her everything. Apparently, things had changed. And they were definitely going to change a whole hell of a lot more.

"Can we please focus on the bigger picture here, Serena? I don't need to spend time worrying about having hurt your feelings when I have Chuck Bass' spawn growing inside of me! What am I going to do?" Blair asked, hoping against hope that Serena did actually have a solution in mind. Maybe Serena owned a time machine. Maybe she could go back in time and never, ever, ever even think about having sex with Chuck. Maybe she could go back in time and put a chastity belt on and never sleep with anyone until she was at least out of her teenage years. She hated thinking that she was going to become a part of the teenage pregnancy statistic.

"Well the first thing you need to do is talk to Chuck," Serena offered. Great help.

"Ugh...I know. Can you imagine how that conversation is going to go?" Blair said as she walked over to the window sill and took a seat.

"Well, whatever happens, you need to face it. Now. Meet him after school. Or go cut class and ask him to talk."

"Serena, I'm freaking out! My mother is going to murder me! Chuck is going to laugh at me and tell me it isn't his. Everyone in school is going to criticize me. Nate is going-"

"Bigger picture, Blair," Serena cut in with the same words Blair had used on her earlier. "You're having a baby. Forget everyone and everything else. Focus on what you need to do. I'm here for you. 100. You know that."

"Thanks, S," Blair said as she held back her tears. Damn hormones were already raging.

New plan.

Step 1: Talk to Chuck...ugh. The idea made her squirm.

Step 2: DEAL with the issue. No discussions. Her choice.

Step 3: Kill Chuck Bass.

Step 4: Live Happily Ever After once, and only once, Step 3 was complete.


Yes. Perfect.

Even better plan.