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The bar was loud, smoky and full of people who would rather not know who was sitting next to them or why – just the way Lucas would have liked it. That was the problem though, what he once was, was now fading and he didn't know which version of himself was going to win… much less which one he wanted to. He had to admit that he liked the feel of doing something with his hands, the labor involved while tinkering around with the car reminded him of hanging out with a friend of Maude's who had insisted that he become at least marginally mechanical if for no other reason than to help the older woman when one of the stoves broke down. On the other side of the coin though, it felt nice to be surrounded with what he'd known for so many years. The familiarity of Bobby's library and the smell of the books as well as the comfort of having his brother close by. He hadn't been joking with Dean when he said that he was having trouble adjusting with everything, in fact now he really didn't think he'd done it enough justice. He just got his intellectually super charged brain back and now he was suddenly trying to sift through the past that he had with his family, the past without them, as well as the present and unknown future all while trying to deal with a testosterone factory from hell – yeah, to say he was a bit confused might be an understatement.

"What can I get ya?" asked the guy behind the bar with such a lack of enthusiasm Sam knew he'd been told to say it to anyone walking in the door, whether he wanted to or not.

"Whatever's on tap." Sam said as he walked closer to the bar, ignoring the stares and rude comments along the way. This wasn't his first stop into 'undesirable' but he wasn't going to get cocky about it either, he knew they'd either leave him alone or not… he'd deal with it either way.

The bartender roughly placed the mug down on the bar and without another glance went elsewhere to do whatever it was he felt needed to be done at the time – for instance, slap the butt of the youngest waitress and laugh when she squealed when startled.

It wasn't until halfway through his beer when he knew that things were going badly, very badly, and he was in the middle of debating ordering another beer or waiting to see how things turned out when it happened. The hand on his shoulder was large, strong, and obviously not used to be ineffective so when Sam continued to drink his beer, the hand tightened even more leaving Sam to wonder why it was that he always had to stand out. Turning he saw a rough looking guy who obviously knew how to handle himself, too bad the same couldn't be said of his liquor.

"You a girly boy… boy?" the guy asked, slightly slurring his words even as he made a conscious effort not to. "We don't take kindly to your kind around here… boy."

Sam sighed and wondered just what the hell he'd done to interest such an obvious literate. "Look pal, I'm just here for a drink. I suggest you let go before I make you."

Laughing, the guy turned towards the other occupants and asked, "Did you hear that? He's going to make me… isn't that sweet?"

Another sigh came from Sam before he slid the beer away from him and grasped the man's hand in a bone crushing grip. "I really don't need your attitude man… I've got plenty of my own." Sam ground out between his clenched teeth as he continued to apply pressure to the man's hand watching as the pain began to register in the already soused brain. "So, how about you go back to your bottle and poker and leave me be… before this gets ugly."


Dean didn't look at his dad as they raced down the road towards town. After Sammy had left he'd demanded what the hell was going on with his family and they all had an impromptu intervention for the eldest Winchester, namely for his attitude about his youngest son and his obsession with the hunting life. It hadn't gone exactly to the unwritten plan, but it had been enlightening in more ways than one. His whole life he'd known that he and his brother couldn't have a steady home, that it was too dangerous, that it wasn't for the life of a hunter. Now though he'd had more than a few things brought into light and it finally made him realize that his dad had taken the easy way out, that the man he had looked up to for so long had been unable to face what he'd lost. He'd known that Caleb was mainly a loner, but what he hadn't known was that he had his own apartment in a town outside of Tulsa so he could be in contact with everyone without being bogged down in the life with no break. Joshua had a family once and they had known all about the supernatural but it was a drunk driver in a large SUV that took it all away leaving him no doubt that bad things truly do happen without the intervention of demons. Bobby of course has his own business and home but the revelation of why he became a hunter had been a shock, but then again what hadn't been these past several years. In truth, he felt maybe he got more out of it than his dad did, which made him all the more determined to find his little brother and deal with things as they come even if it meant walking away from the hunting life until they got things figured out for themselves.

"Son, you need to believe that what I did… I did it for the right reasons." John said as he broke the dense silence. "You know that I would never…"

"Never what Dad? Hurt us? Pass up the opportunity to leave us because something else was so much more important? You know what I've learned through all this? That even though I might love doing the job, I love my little brother more and if you think that I'm going to forget about this… you are so wrong."

Any further conversation was dropped as they pulled into the gravel parking lot of the closest bar to Bobby's. Bobby's truck and Caleb's Jeep pulled in next to them and they were making their way towards the door when a body came flying out the window.

"You have got to be kidding me? We leave the kid alone for what… half hour tops and he's already gotten himself into trouble?" Dean asked as he rushed towards the door only to stop suddenly as the door opened and a very large body he recognized as Sammy backed out with his hands up and out to the side.

After Sam was in full view the hunters could see a young man pointing a gun at his chest and didn't look like he was all that steady with a firearm.

"You hurt my brother!" The young man yelled as he continued to point the gun at the man he blamed for the moment for all his problems. "You hurt him, so I'm going to hurt you!"

"David… it's David, right?" Sam asked, trying hard to figure out where the hell the guy came from and what the hell he was going to do about it. "Look David, this is between me and your brother, ok? I really don't want to hurt you, but I will if you don't put the gun down."

Laughing, David shook his head in disbelief. He was the one with the gun; he was the one going to make the big guy pay for hurting his brother. He was the…

A sound off to the side made David's attention falter giving Sam the moment to grab the kid up against his chest and take the gun away before shoving him away.

"If you're going to shoot someone, shoot them… don't talk them to death. Got it?" Sam asked as he looked at the young man in front of him. Turning, he saw his family and acknowledged their presence before turning back towards the bar and announcing, "I'm going to finish my beer."

The hunters looked at each other and shrugged before following Sammy inside for a cold one.


Dean sat across from his brother and waited for an answer. He knew he'd thrown Sammy for a loop with his suggestion of them finding a place to themselves so they could take the time to figure things out, but it was the only thing he could think of so they could get to know each other again – to be brothers.

"Dean… you know that sounds… wow… uh… I don't know man, but… I'm still a bit screwed in the head right now you know?" Sam said, not looking at his brother and completely ignoring the others at the next table who were pretending not to be listening in on their 'private' conversation.

"Who isn't?" Dean replied, "Look… we find a place, demon proof it to the rafters, hang loose, and once we get things lined out we can decide what we'll do next."

Sam snorted in disbelief. "Right… there're demons wanting to torture me, a particular demon apparently wanting to mold me into something, and a demigod still on the loose doing who knows what. I don't know Dean…"

"Sammy listen… you're my little brother no matter how many inches or pounds you have on me and there's no way in hell I'm going to let anyone or anything get to you without a fight, so how about we step back and regroup… find out about this thing who claims to have plans for you and then decide if we take care of the bastard or let the old fogies over there take a crack at him, huh?"

The sounds of choking from the next table could be heard, giving the brothers a slight laugh before Sam turned to Dean.

"Chick flick much?" he asked with a grin.




The small farmhouse was far enough from the road that a person couldn't see details of what was going inside but still near enough for the occupants to have a heads up when they have company. It was out of the way, quiet and better yet… cheap as long as the two men living there would do some maintenance and keep the hoodlums away. Once the terms were agreed upon it had taken less than an hour for the current residents to completely move in and begin their transition from transients to steadfast home dwellers.

It had been a little over three months since John had seen his boys and he had been in the area, if three hundred and fifty miles is within the neighborhood, but he hadn't been able to resist any longer. Dean had taken him to the side after that night in the bar and had laid out the terms… he and Sammy would get their own place known only to the small handful that made up their unconventional family, weekly phone calls would be made periodically by each party involved, but the hardest part for him was no personal contact for one year unless there's an emergency – that was when he attempted to lay down his own terms only to find out just how serious his eldest was when he said that the only other option was for him and Sammy to disappear… completely.

Now he was watching from a field his boys mess around with the Impala and had to chuckle when Sammy chucked an oily rag at Dean while laughing at something his older brother said. It was good to see both his boys happy as well as heart wrenching that he wasn't a part of it. He knew he had a lot of work to do in order to regain both his boys trust and that's why he was going to allow them this time to themselves and as long as there were no signs of trouble, he'd keep his promise – for now.

Taking another glance at his boys he began to dial the familiar number and walked back across the wheat field while the call connected.


"Hey, just wanted to let you know that…"

"…you went to see them but stayed across the road. Yeah, I know ya idjit… they texted me as soon as you got there. I'm surprised you didn't just drive into the yard and demand an audience." Bobby griped.

Chuckling, John nodded as he got into his truck. "You know, I was tempted, but I promised the boys and…"

"…and you want to see if they can make it on their own."

"Well damn Bobby, if you know so much why do I bother calling you?" John asked, feeling frustrated at the turn the conversation was taking.

Bobby laughed before hanging up, ending the conversation leaving John feeling as if he had been talking to himself. Looking towards the direction of the farm house John took a deep breath and started his truck allowing it to idle while his thoughts once again trailed to his boys, making him wish things were different, but willing to take this time to find the thing that threatened their family again in hopes that the next time he came face to face with his boys it would be with something to offer – their choice in what type life they wanted to live.