Yeah, you thought it was gone

Yeah, you thought it was gone. I know you did! But here I am, and I'm better than ever. I've been working a lot on my writing in the past however long it has been since I've updated. Now, I am ready for this to continue, and I WILL finish!

So without further ado, let the reinvented "Gotta Deal" begin.

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Alyson's POV

I sat down on my worn yellow quilt. My mom had made it for me when I was just a baby. I fell back onto the bed, exhausted and slightly glad for the school week to have been over. My thoughts drifted and found their way to Danny, like they always do.

It had been a year since the showdown between Danny and Max. He along with Paul had disappeared before anyone could catch them. Everyone was mystified by this disappearance but Danny.

Danny had a feeling that Max was only hiding for the time being. Max would be back and ready when Danny wasn't. Max was waiting for his weakest moment.

The rest of the world passed that night off as a lot of careful planning and special effects. We knew the real truth, and in stride, Danny had to tell his parents his secret. They were confused, frightened even, at first. Though, they came to accept him and even got used to random objects floating around the house.

One day, not long after the finale, Danny got a weird feeling, almost like a warning. He decide it was time to hide, so he created a world, a place so far away it would be almost impossible to find.

Danny and I had most definitely been in touch, and what I never thought would happen, happened. Danny Sinclair and I fell in love; his cloud like angst crashed into my sunshine like personality. It created a beautiful site. It was like we fit together. Because, there has to always be a silver lining, a sun behind the clouds.

It all started right after the finale. Danny had promised me he would be there whatever or whoever may come. I had a feeling that whoever was a dark power hungry wizard we all knew.

We had many secret dates, no one in the world but us, and his parents knew. I couldn't let my mother and father know. They didn't allow anything. I wasn't allowed to go to college until I was 25 and dating came after that. I have broken, or am going to break both of those rules.

I felt my room begin to shake; then a vicious wind tore through it. I could feel the magic start to build up in the room. Danny was sending for me, but something was wrong. His magic told everything.

I found my self in a stormy valley, so much like the one Danny had created for himself. This was different though. His valley was always bright and calm or starry and beautiful.

This time, though, it was covered in violent black storm clouds and a howling wind blew my hair from my face. I turned to see Danny standing there. He hadn't changed much in the month we hadn't seen each other, but he seemed more aged.

I flung my arms around him. In those few seconds the wind and lightning was gone to me, and I was safe. He let go of course and the storm continued harsher than ever.

"Alyson!" he yelled over the wind, "God, I missed you. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get you in time. Max is back, really back this time, and he's ready. He's been watching me, I didn't know it, but he was. I knows I have a weak spot, he knows I'd do anything for you. Aly, we need to hide."

The reality of the situation sank in. There was no going back, a sadistic evil wizard was after Danny and me. The calm past year was gone, and there was no turning back.

"Danny, what about my parents?" I asked shakily. Lightning struck a tree next to us and my scream echoed around the valley. Danny quickly grabbed me and pulled me into a cave nearby.

"We can't go back now, it'll be too dangerous. I'm almost sure Max can see who is traveling by magic, and is waiting for us to slip and show this place. I got you just in time. We can't do anything, there's no going back." He said gravely.


She had never had a good relationship with her parents. Her dad was an alcoholic and her mom worked a day shift, a night shift, and sleep in the few hours in between.

All her parents did was set rules, watch for her to break them, and punish her. Unfortunately, I knew what that punishment was…abuse.

Somewhere deep inside me I knew she was relieved, but she was also more frightened than ever. I guess it was like the saying 'Out of the frying pan, and into the fire'.

I still remember when I had caught her dad beating her.


I watched Aly walk onto her front porch. She had been so calm and cute….wait, did I just say that? Well anyway, she had been so calm and sweet while we were studying at my house. But as we got closer to her house I could see her getting nervous.

Aly anxiously turned the doorknob at her house and step softly into the front room. I was about to turn and leave when I heard yelling. I ran to the side house window just to make sure everything was right. What I was hearing definitely wasn't alright.

"You!" her dad shouted while slamming a beer down onto a table, "Where have you been you little brat! You're supposed to go to school and come right back! Hmm…let's see, you're an hour late! Where were you?!"

Her dad slapped her across the face and pushed her into the corner of a wall. She fell to the ground loudly and cried out in pain.

I couldn't get into the house to stop him, and my feet were glued to the floor and my face to the window. I was unbearable to watch her in pain, but nothing I tried worked, I couldn't stop him.

She stood up and shakily said, "I was studying at Danny's house." She must have chosen the wrong words because her dad punched her, which sent her flying to the floor again, and kicked her harshly in the stomach.

"Studying, yeah right you little whore!" he spat at her.

"We didn't do anything! I swear, I swear!" she cried.

"Go to your room, slut, I don't want to look at you anymore."

She ran, limping, up the stairs as fast as she could go. I could see a light go on by the balcony in the back.

I floated up slowly and stepped gently onto it. I could see her crying on her bed. I knocked gently on her door. When she first looked up her eyes grew wide and full of worry, but then she calmed down.

She opened the door and put her arms around my neck. "How much did you see?" she whispered. "Enough," I murmured back.


The storm was raging outside of our small cave, and it was getting worse. This wasn't just a normal storm. It had the tingle of magic in it; someone had created it. I had a sure idea on who that someone was.

I wrapped my arm around Alyson as we huddled in the farthest part of the cave.

"Danny are you strong enough to fight him? Can we win?" she asked, I could feel the fear mixed into the words.

I whispered back to her, "I will be, I have to be."

I held her tighter and didn't even think of letting her go.

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