Danny's POV

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Danny's POV

It had been a week in hiding now. It had been a week since, Max uprooted us from our lives. Yet, I knew that the worst was yet to come. Aly was really shaken up. We had traveled back to her house yesterday to see if everything was alright, but nothing was right at all.

It was so obvious Max had been there. The house was ransacked, and Max had burnt his name onto a scratched up wall. I think this is where reality finally, truly sank in.

Alyson's parents were missing, but she didn't cry she held strong. I don't think I will ever fully understand how someone so fragile and beautiful could be so strong.

I didn't want to chance traveling back by magic yet, so Aly and I walked around the city. We were passing a friendly looking bakery when Miss McCallister stepped out from its warm yellow door. She saw Alyson first.

"Alyson is that you? Oh my! I have seen you in a long time, and…. Is that Danny, Danny Sinclair?" I stepped forward and put up my hand in an awkward hello, "It's been such a long time since I've seen you. Oh, yes, now I remember, I haven't seen you since right after the finale. Well, what brings you two lovely people out tonight?" Ms. McCallister smiled kindly at us.

"Nothing much Ms. McCallister, we're just out on an evening stroll," I smiled desperately trying to get out of this conversation.

She nodded and said, "Well I best be off, I need to get home"

"Bye!" Aly and I called after her as she walked down the side walk. We turned and started to walk again.

"Oh wait! Danny, Alyson! Max was looking for you, but he couldn't find you. He said to give you this if I found you!" Ms. McCallister yelled running towards us. She handed me an envelope sealed with a wax crest. She walked away again.

I broke the elegant yet sinister red seal and took out a neat note. I handed it to Aly so she could read it with me. It said:

DANNY, ALYSON I have Wonderful news; Cedric was accepted Into FiLm CoLlege. For starters, thIs isgraND news! You shOUld be happy for him! I KiNdly ask Of you to Write back soon WHERE ever YOU ARE!

I noticed the odd format and the uselessness of the letter, but it didn't click that it might be more than an average note. When Alyson started to freak out though, I knew something was wrong.

Aly pulled me along the side walk and into a clean alley. "Danny, we need to hide!," Aly cried out, "Look at all the bold letters and put them together!"

I did as she told and I could feel the blood rush from my face as I read the chilling sentence:


This was bad, very bad. I pulled Aly out of the alley. It was crucial that we got to somewhere safer. Aly was the most important person in the world to me, and I wouldn't let her get hurt. All I needed to think of was someplace we could go where no one, not even Max, would find out.

I finally realized something. No matter where I went what I did, I was putting someone in danger. Allyson had already lost her home and family she didn't have anything. I was on the run constantly and for what...nothing. I needed to face Max sometime or another.

I almost dragged Aly around a corner, and I crashed into an old man in the process. Aly flew out of my grasp and into the man. She screamed as I turned around.

I froze in horror at the sight I met. There Max was, with his hands wrapped around Alyson's fragile neck.

All I could think was, "Oh god no, please, no!"

I ran towards her, but Max froze my body mid-step. I couldn't move at all. Then, he began to speak, "One move closer, Danny, and Alyson will be gone. Think of that before making any extreme decisions. I have everything now Danny. I have the one thing that matters most. I knew from the start she would be what you wanted a loyal friend….someone to love. You chose her instead of me, and now you must pay! This is the end Danny Sinclair!"

Max's rant turned into yelling by the end of it. I wished I could do something, anything….


Danny stayed in place. I knew him well enough that he was thinking of a way to get out of this. "What do you want Max," Danny asked shakily watching me closely.

"Danny, Danny, Danny" he cackled, "You are no match for me, nor will you ever be. I am going to get your powers boy, and there is nothing you can do!" he smirked evilly.

Anger was boiling inside of Danny I could always sense his feelings but this was the strongest I had ever felt him. In a quick, almost unnoticeable, flash Danny disappeared. Max tensed and held me tighter. I tried to get lose, but I couldn't escape.

I heard a familiar whisper inside my head, "Alyson, Alyson listen it's me, Danny. I put myself in your body, he can't get me here. Plus, he won't hurt you if he thinks he can still use you to get to me. Just pretend that you don't know where I am. Be strong!"

"Brat! See, he left you! You really don't mean anything! Your worthless to us all!" he slapped me hard across the face, but I didn't feel anything. I could feel the magic in veins, protecting me.

"I have more important matters than some silly little girl! I'll be going, but remember, you aren't safe anymore, now that Danny has left you!" Max was gone in a cloud of smoke.

He knows I'm in you Ally that's the only reason he left you, he's planning something bigger I just know it. Right now just get somewhere with a lot of people and I mean a lot. Danny's words touched my mind.

I ran down the streets of the town and ended up in front of a night club. I was never one for dancing, or drinking, or hanging around a bunch of drunks, but this was always the most crowded spot in town.

As I walked into the club a person materialized besides me. "Alyson you just had to pick a club didn't you?" Danny laughed.

I nodded and pulled him onto the dance floor. We were laughing and dancing, we got closer and closer until we were only centimeters from eachothers faces. Our lips were getting closer…

"AHLYSSSUN! Whuuutuur youdoin herrre?" A very drunk Hunter knocked into Danny and me. Hunter stepped closer to me, while pushing Danny away.

"Hunter, back off!" Danny said stepping in.

"No! Alllysuun…dance wissth mee. NOW!" Hunter grabbed my arm hard enough that it would surely leave a bruise. He dragged me along the floor until I felt Danny's soft strong hand take my wrist.

He pushed Hunter off of me and walked with me to the other side of the night club.

"Aly, we don't know if he's on Max's side or not, or if Max has other spies here. We need to leave now." He said regretfully.

I knew he was right; we needed to get far away from here.

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