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But you don't need to be utterly familiar with the recent storyline developments that have to do with this. I summarized things in the story to help you understand.

This fanfic is very up-to-date. It takes place after the most recent chapter came out. In Japan. For those of you who don't know, you can read translated Fairy Tail at onemanga dot com. (can't put links here, but I think you get what I'm saying.) So, yeah. This should be fun! I love using this new idea. So excited with this new material…

Let me just say ahead of time that only what occurs in this fanfic are my own creation. Anything that is explained to have happened in the past actually happened in the manga.

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Gazille was silent, walking down the road on his own. The wounds from Luxus's attack hurt, but he just ignored it. It would heal in time. Though, he didn't quite notice the light trail of blood behind him.

Very few people were on the road. Anyone who did pass by him stayed as far away as they could. Gazille couldn't help but smirk through the pain. Everyone's reactions to Fairy Tail's newest member amused him. After his guild had nearly successfully destroyed Fairy Tail, everybody was either scared of him or angry with him. Sometimes both.

It wasn't what Gazille really wanted… But he was used to this sort of treatment.

Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks. After a moment or two, he looked behind him, saying, "How long do you plan on following me?"

Everything seemed to be empty behind him. Until someone stepped out from behind a building's corner in response to his question.

Surprisingly, it was Levi, of Fairy Tail's team Shadow Gear. Nervous, she tensely waved at him. He could see that she still looked a bit afraid of him.

"Yeah? What do you want?" Gazille asked harshly.

She jumped a little, looking away. "Well…"

But before she could say anything, he continued to walk away again. Levi looked behind her to make sure that no one had followed her. She then quickly followed Gazille without hiding, trying to catch up.

"You didn't listen to what I was going to say," she hesitantly accused him, while walking at a safe distance to his side. Brave… Be brave like Lucy was with him earlier, she thought to herself.

"You were going to ask why I let Luxus hand my ass to me," he guessed.

"N-no… Not really," Levi said, looking away again. They walked in silence for a little while longer.

"So… why do you insist on following me?" he asked, a bit annoyed.

"Because! Because… well… I was a bit worried," she admitted.

Gazille looked over at her, not quite expecting that response. After all, he was the one who nailed her and those guys to a tree. True, he didn't want to fight any of them anymore, but he didn't exactly make any motions to be friends. All he did was sing some dumb song, chaining up Mirajane in the process. Well, he didn't fight back when Jet and Droy attacked him. Or Luxus.

Damn… That was a stupid thing to do.

"Hey, are you listening?" Levi asked. Gazille snapped out of it, realizing that he had been zoning out. He looked over at her.

Levi backed away a little bit, as he realized that he must have an angry look on his face.

"No, I actually wasn't listening," he said. This seemed like some rude statement… But by the way he had stopped walking to look at her, it seemed that he would actually listen.

Nervously, Levi approached him. Even though he wasn't walking anymore, she put a hand on his upper arm and leaned forward as if to stop him. Gazille could feel her trembling through her touch.

"Y-you look horrible," she said, looking down at the ground. "You should take it easy… and go to a doctor… or something."

It was at that point that he noticed the trail of blood behind him, and the open wound on his stomach. Luxus's lightening did a good job of singeing quite a bit of his body, too. He really was a mess. But it didn't stop him before.

"It's fine," he stoically said. As he started to take a step forward, the pressure Levi applied on his arm grew. It was amazing… She was scared stiff of Gazille, yet she kept a shaky grip on him. This little weirdo really was worried or something.

"I'm not going to see a doctor," he sighed, frustrated.

Levi thought to herself for a minute, then backed off. She looked up at him, cracking a sad smile. "Then come to my place. I have some bandages and things that you can use," she offered.

Gazille was dumbfounded. He just stared at her in silence, his mind blank. Invited to a girl's house… A girl who was worried about him… Well, this hadn't happened before.

He thought to himself for a bit, weighing his possibilities. Levi waited patiently, biting her lower lip as he stared in another direction.

"Fine," he suddenly said. She was slightly startled, jumping a bit at his response.

"Great! Let's go, it's this way," she said, walking in the other direction while expecting him to follow.

"But only for a few minutes! I have work to do," he growled.

"Uh-huh," she shakily replied with a nervous smile.

Not too long later, Gazille found himself sitting on a bench outside of the backdoor of Levi's apartment building, his bag beside his feet on the ground. Slouching forward with his elbows on his knees, he waited for her to come back. He sat in the shadow of the building, looking at the very small backyard, where weeds ran rampant in the small bit of grass.

This was in interesting scenario he was in now…

Suddenly, something stung his shoulder. Gazille quickly turned his head to find the offender.

It was Levi standing right behind him. She was holding a washcloth soaked in something… He looked down to the empty spot on the bench, which was now occupied by several rolls of bandages, some gauze, and a cereal bowl full of clear liquid, most likely medicine.

"Sorry… Did I hurt you?" she asked, backing up a little in fear of his reaction.

"… As if," he replied. "What are you doing?"

"Cleaning your wounds," she answered. "… Is that okay?"

Staring at her for a bit, he finally answered, "Sure. Whatever."

Levi went back to dabbing the medicated washcloth on his burns as he just stared off into space in the other direction.

"I-I'm sorry about my friends today…" she quietly apologized. "And how they attacked you…"

"… Is Luxus your friend?" he asked, spitting out that bastard's name.

"Not really… No…"

"Then you don't have anything to apologize for," he growled. Somehow, in some way, she was unconvinced by his tone. Maybe it was just her.

Levi went ahead with wrapping bandages around the more severe burns. She worked gently, trying not to provoke any anger from Gazille. Though, it didn't seem like he would hurt her. Call her crazy, but that was what she was slowly starting to believe.

"Um… I'm going to need you to take off your shirt," she hesitantly said.

"What?" His attention suddenly turned back to her, a scowl on his face.

Levi sighed to calm herself and collect courage, then continued insistently, "The wound on your torso. It needs to be treated, pronto."

Gazille looked her up and down, staying as still as stone for a while. Finally, with a sigh, he undid the belt over his shirt around his waist and pulled his shirt over his head. His compliance was surprising.

Levi nodded, and then went to kneel in front of him as he looked away again. She dabbed the cloth over the relatively large lesion across his lower chest. Fortunately, it wasn't deep enough to require stitches. A bit of blood still flowed freely, though.

Done with cleaning this injury, Levi grabbed some gauze and applied a bit of pressure. Under her touch, she felt Gazille twitch. Levi held down the gauze with one hand, then started to wrap the remaining roll of bandage around his lower chest and the gauze with her other.

Levi finished by using tape to keep the end of the bandage stuck to his body, so it wouldn't unfurl. She stood up, stretching her legs as Gazille inspected her handiwork. It wasn't professional, but it was good enough.

As she went to drop off the materials that remained in her apartment, he reached into his bag to retrieve a new, clean shirt. He pulled it on, and went to stand up. He was fit to fight for another day.

He started to pick up and bag and sling it over his shoulder when she came back outside.

"Hold on a second…" she quietly bid him. Gazille looked sideways at her.

"What I wanted to say earlier… Was actually…" Levi twiddled her thumbs as she looked at the ground in nervousness. "… Thank you. For protecting me from Luxus's blast."

He stared at her with a hint of surprise, unsure of what to say. After a moment of silence, he reached out to ruffle her hair in reassurance. Gazille then walked away towards the back gate without another word, in fear of saying something stupid to go along with that uncharacteristic gesture.

"B-but don't think I'm a pushover! I'm actually pretty strong," she added defiantly, like a kid. She felt a little more comfortable around him now.

"Whatever," he responded with a smirk. "And thanks for the patch-up."

Levi smiled as he opened the gate and left. So Gazille wasn't all that bad… Maybe rough around the edges, but not the complete ass that everyone chalked him up to be.

… Unbeknownst to her, Jet and Droy were just inside, keeping quiet. They had heard close to everything.