Here it is, the sequel to Love is an Irresistible Desire. If you haven't read that story please do, but if you don't want to all you have to know is that Mick and Josef were involved (physically) years before the show started and slowly their relationship progressed to the point of the show, mainly due to Mick's hesitations about homosexuality.

This story will start where the show ends, with Mick closing the door on him and Beth. It will contain a lot of 'NC-17' rated scenes of both the homo and heterosexual nature. So be forewarned!

I have a few twist for the future, but for now…sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

I do not own Moonlight or make any profits from this or any of the rest of my posts on this story.

To recap…

Mick watched the couple burn without protest or screams. He watched as one of the deepest loves he had ever seen literally went up in flames. It hurt all that much more because he was standing next to the man he loved more than any other in the world and neither of them had done a thing about it in decades.

In fact, he'd had a 'normal' male bonding conversation over drinks earlier that day, where they had both admitted their commitment issues and Josef had talked about turning another woman to Mick. Something he had never talked to Mick about. He'd never even talked to Mick about other girls in the same tone he talked about Simon, it was the tone Josef reserved for Sarah and it made Mick's heart ache with longing.

After the tribunal was finished Mick staggered back to car and drove to Beth's. He wasn't sure what he was going there to accomplish, but with Josef involved with someone else and having just witnessed the most enduring act of love he had ever seen, Mick was in a reckless mood.

Mick could tell that Beth was upset the moment he walked in the door. He smirked, praying that she would yell at him, scold him, fight with him even…anything to make himself feel alive. What he didn't expect was the conversation that was to follow…

"You've been saying for months now that things can't work between us." Beth protested. "That we live in different worlds, and I didn't want to hear you, but maybe you were right. You can't come back into my world and I'm not ready to join yours."

Mick stopped breathing. "Wait, you think that's what this is about? You think I'm going to want to turn you?"

"Will you? Eventually? What happens when I start to get old? Maybe then I'd want it too. I don't even want to have to make that decision. Emma and Jackson made me realize that you were right. I don't think I can do this anymore."

Mick stared at Beth. She hadn't actually said it, but he was sure that she just broke up with him. Suddenly he regretted ever coming over. She had needed time to cool off, he had been too reckless and now, the one person he had left, was leaving him. Leaving him for a good reason, but still leaving him.

Mick couldn't think. He hadn't been dumped in decades-nearly half a century-so, he did the only thing he could think to do. He walked out, like he had with Josef and Coraline, but he couldn't make it down the hall. The feeling of being completely alone and unwanted welled-up inside of him and he cried, first for Beth, then Josef, then Beth again.

I've spent the past fifty five years, trying to close the door on forever, but I can't anymore. I can't close the door on Beth, Mick thought. Wait, why am I crying for her, I'm still here, I can still fix this…what do I have to lose? He righted himself, took a deep breath and headed back to Beth's apartment. The door was closed, so he knocked a few times. He could hear her crying on the other side and decided he couldn't wait for an invitation.

"Do you want to know what Emma and Jackson made me realize?" Mick asked as he entered the room. "That you were right. You were right all along. This isn't about being a vampire or a human. This is about us and how we feel about one another, right here, right now."

"The night that we first met, or met again, whatever, what was I wearing?"

"Blue jeans, white striped shirt, cream jacket," Mick answered, confused by her question.

"What about my shoes?"

"You were barefoot." Mick smiled.

"How can you remember that?"

"Because I love you…" Mick said with all the heart he could muster. Beth closed the gap between them and kissed him. Mick threw himself into the kiss and shut the door behind them.

When One Door Closes, Another One Opens

"Never forget yesterday,
but always live for today.
Because you never know
what tomorrow can bring
or what it can take away."


Mick pushed Beth against the wall and pressed his body to hers. Beth flung her arms around his neck and hitched her leg up to his hip. Mick had enough sense to wrap it around his waist as he ground his hips into hers. Beth used her leg to squeezed her body to his as he shed his coat.

Beth moaned into Mick's mouth and Mick had to stop himself from pushing her through the wall. Fuck, Mick thought. This is going to be really difficult with a human… He couldn't release all his passion and built up sexual tension and just fuck her here against the wall like his brain was crying for him to do. Instead he gently swept her off her feet and carried her to the bedroom.

Beth giggled as he set her on the bed. "What?" Mick asked as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

"You picked me up like I was a feather."

"To me, you are." Mick smiled.

Beth licked her lips as Mick exposed the top part of his chest. She sat up on the bed and removed his hands from his shirt. Mick looked down at her and she smiled up as she leaned in kissing his chest and slowly undoing the remaining buttons.

Mick threw his head back. "Beth…Beth, stop."

"What?" Beth feigned innocence as she continued to lick his chest.

"You have to slow down," Mick protested. "I can't lose-mmmmmm," Mick moaned as Beth hit the sensitive spot bellow his bellybutton. "Control. Beth you can't drive me wild or I'll hurt you."

Beth stopped and looked at him. "Hurt me?"

"Yes. I've never done this…sex with a human I mean. I need to be in control of the monster."

"Mick, you're not a monster." Beth leaned back in and continued to kiss his chest, but with more reserve so that Mick could stop her at any point he lost control.

Once Mick's shirt was off, Mick reached for Beth's slowly pulling it over her head. He tossed it to the side and watched as she shook her head, setting her hair back into place. She stood-up on her knees and pulled Mick towards her, kissing him slowly.

Mick climbed onto the bed as he undid his belt. Beth slowly laid back with Mick following her, running his hands up her sides. Her chest is so smooth and soft, so unlike Josef's…Stop thinking of him! Mick pressed into Beth harder trying to clear his mind of the image of Josef lying beneath him.

Beth wiggled below him, bringing their hips into contact. Mick ground his hips into her and she gasped at the sensation and Mick took the opportunity to lavish attention on her neck. He took a deep breath as he reached her ear and the smell of her arousal drove his vampire to the surface. He resisted the urge to bite into the tender flesh of her neck, but he couldn't get control of his fangs.

Beth ground her hips up into Mick as he licked her ear. She wrapped her arms around his shoulder and ran her nails through his hair. She could sense that something was wrong, but she didn't want him to stop, she wanted to drive him over the edge.

Mick hesitated. Does Beth want to see me like this? Josef always did, but he was a vampire too…there you go, thinking of HIM again! Mick decided to wait. He kissed his way down her jaw and to her breast. He lifted her up and undid her bra in a second. He kissed her shoulder as he pulled off the garment.

Beth sighed as Mick kissed her chest. He hadn't stopped, he'd just been decided how far she'd let him go. Well, he can go all the way…I wouldn't have let him into my bedroom otherwise… Beth's eyes widened as Mick's mouth closed in on her nipple and it wasn't because of the sensations it stirred within her. She felt…fangs!

Mick stopped. He could feel Beth fright and he guessed she felt his fangs. He looked up at her and listened as her heart sped up.



"Are you in control?"

Mick chuckled. "Yes, but I can't keep my face in control, too many emotions and…smells," Mick punctuated his statement with a deep inhale of her arousal.

Beth physically relaxed and smiled at him. "I always liked blue eyes…"

Mick smiled devilishly, which, with fangs, was quite scary. He dipped his head back to her chest and brought his hand up to jeans. She moaned as he cupped her through the material. He listened as her heartbeat quickened again, but not out of fear this time, but arousal.

Suddenly, Beth hands were on Mick's pants and she had his zipper half-way down. Mick groaned as she freed him. He gripped the waist of her jeans and pulled, ripping the fabric. Beth gasped as Mick pulled her pants and panties off. He shed his pants as well and laid back down on her, covering her body with his.

Mick kissed her gently as he made full contact with her. Beth's hips jerked up and she wrapped her legs around his hips, opening herself to him. Mick moaned as he rubbed against her and she shuddered as he hit her clit.

Mick pulled back and placed himself at her entrance, searching her eyes for approval. Beth stared back at his silvery eyes and nodded. Mick slipped into her slowly, letting her adjust. Beth closed her eyes and threw her head back and Mick settled onto her chest, starting a slow rhythm.

She's so wet! Josef was never this…damn it! Mick thrust into her faster, trying to focus solely on her. Beth moaned and raised her hips to match his. Mick threw himself into focusing on her vitals and monitoring her emotions to give her the most pleasure he could.

Beth arched her back as her first orgasm ripped through her body. Mick was so good at this she couldn't remember ever cumming that fast. Yet, she felt like he was holding back. His kisses were not as passionate as they should be…Probably just trying to stay in control. Which made her ponder what being with him as a vampire would be like?

Beth didn't have too long to think as Mick steadily drove her to a new peak. Beth gasped and crashed back to the bed in her second orgasm in minutes. Mick smiled at the image of Beth coming apart beneath him. He drove into her faster, hoping to bring on another orgasm before she could recover from her current one.

Beth gasped for air. She had forgotten how to breathe or even swallow. She couldn't scream or even move except for the erratic motion of her hips. She looked up at Mick who looked calm and more collected than a man having sex should. I guess it's a perk of being a vampire, eternal stamina. Can't wait till I'm one…wait did I just think that?

Mick could feel Beth's spasming body milking him, but he just couldn't give in. He enjoyed watching her in throws of passion, but he was not fully aroused by it. He slowed down, starting a slower rhythm to build them up again. Beth regained control of her limbs and wrapped them around his shoulders, pulling herself to his chest. She kissed him gently, building the passion as he quickened the pace.

"Cum for me," she whispered in his ear as her body began to shake with yet another orgasm. Mick followed her command. He'd never been able to deny her anything. He collapsed onto her and sunk his fangs into her neck.

Beth gasped at the sensation of the double penetration. His fangs were cold in her neck and his seed was hot in her center. Beth ran her hand through his hair as Mick fed. He quickly removed his fangs. "Sorry, guess I should have told you about that," Mick apologized as he rolled off her.

"Its'kay," Beth slurred her words together. She was asleep before Mick could respond. Mick chuckled and pulled the sheets up over her and laid back.

That should have been better…I should feel relived, relaxed even… But he didn't feel stated at all, he just felt more frustrated and confused. I love Beth. I have loved her for a long time… but the little voice in the back of his head spoke up, You've love Josef longer…Oh, shut up.

Mick turned on his side and curled up with Beth. They'd work this out. He'd work this out.

So, there it is, the beginning, I figured I might as well just start with a sex scene, get off to a good start, don't you think? It's been a while since I wrote a heterosexual sex scene, hope I still have it…

Don't worry, there will be more Mick/Josef to come, but I have to describe how it gets backs to that…