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Disclaimer: First of all, I do not own One Tree Hill, and/or all three spin-off of CSI. But I do own CSI: TH/ CSI: TREE HILL. But I doubt the network will credit me if they do decide to make a Tree Hill spin-off.

Summary: When a dead teenage girl arrives in Tree Hill's New Brunswick Airport in a duffel bag via a non-stop flight from New York, Mac Taylor and his team have to work together with the Tree Hill detectives led by Lucas Scott, to bring the murderer to justice.

Author's Note: I love the CSI series, and I just had to have a Tree Hill version. Basically the storyline and past will reveal itself through each chapter – this will be a long, long series that I hope to continue until my doctors order me to stop. So how this is going to work is each case is one story, and one story will have several chapters depending on the length and where cliffhangers could fit. So this is an Alternate Universe so I am taking nothing from the actual series except for it's characters. They will all be portrayed as their adults (ie. Season 6 and Season 7). Conventional Couples – that is Brucas, Naley, and Jeyton.

Enjoy ;

Chapter One: Pilot

Present Time

Under dark sky of New York, a particular skyscraper surpassed the rest, although most of the floors had their lights on, it was the top floor that stood out, colors of the rainbow beaming for overhead lights, and high school seniors moving their bodies to the rhythm of the blaring music. It was just a normal teen party in the penthouse on a normal apartment building in the middle of normal Manhattan.

"Hey Sarah, great party, where are your parents" a dark skin girl shouted over the music

"What!" another girl answered, with long flowing blonde hair make up applied to perfection, and her slatternly fushia dress hung loosely over her thin frame, barely covering the vital areas of her body. The other girl got closer to the blonde, almost leaning into her ears.

"I said, great party, where are you parents?"

"Oh, probably in the Bahamas…" she paused, "…no I think they're in the London…" Sarah was either too drunk to recall, or too high to answer, "…wait hold on" she paused "yeah, definitely the Bahamas." She confirmed "You know what, who cares, it's a party!" the blonde shouted before she felt her head aching, "I'll catch you later mel." Excusing herself, Sarah ditched the girl and walked towards a hall surrounded with think mohagany doors, she opened the first one and caught a couple in between throes.

"Sorry..." she said groggily excusing herself, and hurriedly existed and headed to the door across, which revealed to be the bathroom. Quickly, the blond bolted towards the toilet bowl, before spilling her guts out.

Once she was done, she observed the room for paper towels that were missing from their holders, giving up, she propped herself against the bowl as she tried to balance herself; Once on her feet, Sarah managed to leave the bathroom but unmindfully knocking into a brunette in the process. The girl looked back and recognized her friend immediately.

"Oh my god Sarah, you look like hell" the brunette admitted, and she wasn't lying, the blonde's makeup was smeared and there was vomit by her mouth, even her ensemble was out of place. Not waiting for answers, the brunette grabbed the girl's arm and positions it over her shoulders. Then, expertly, she moved her limp friend away from the hall into a room and maneuvered through the pitch darkness of an empty bedroom where she gently rested the blonde on the bed.

"Laura? Is that you?" Sarah asked from the darkness

"Yeah, it's me – I think you should just lie down honey"

"My head hurts" she whined

"Okay…" Laura answered, her hands fumbling around the nightstand before pulling on one of the drawers and reaching into it for a flashlight. She switched it on, and used the light to search for the familiar yellow box. But when she put down two tablets onto a piece of Kleenex, her phone vibrated in her pocket, fishing it out, she sighed at the flashing caller ID "I'm going to have to take this call Sarah, stay here" she warned and left the room.

"Thanks Laura" Sarah whispered quietly into the darkness. When she felt an uncomfortable presence of someone else, Sarah wrestles with her quilt brushing the feeling away.

An hour later the brunette walked into the room and turn on the lights, when she realized her friend was gone from where she had rested her earlier on, she dropped the glass of water she was holding and rushed around the room in hopes to find her hiding, but the host was nowhere to be found. She left the room processing her thoughts before using her cell phone to dial three associated numbers.

Detective Mac Taylor, Stella Bonasera, Danny Messer, Lindsey Monroe, Sheldon Hawkes, and Officer Don Flack gathered in the living area ready for their orders.

"Flack, I want you to put a two hundred mile radius around this apartment, ask anyone if they have seen this girl" Mac ordered he turned his attention now to Lindsey and Danny "I want you two to process the rooms" he ordered, and they both disappeared down the hall. "Stella, I want you to collect fingerprints, DNA, information from the entire guest. Hawkes, I want you to question the girl over there" he said pointing to the brunette who filed for missing persons "please report to me anything that comes out from her mouth"

"Possible suspect?" Hawk asked

"No, she's the daughter of Claire's best friend" he informed "I'll process the guard downstairs"

Lindsey and Danny started processing in the bedroom where the girl was last seen, Lindsey moved casually but Danny stopped her

"Hey, don't move, you see those imprints on the carpet" he asked "broadloom, they make imprints once you stepped on them, kinda like suede" Danny explained

"I see thanks" Lindsey smiled carefully walking around the imprints with Danny following suit, she moved towards the nightstand "Here are the pills Laura was talking about"

"I could see this teenager was friendly" Danny commented lifting a used condom from the bin with a pair of calipers.

"What are the chances that it would be the killers?" Lindsey asked as she bagged the box of Tylenol into an evidence packet.

"Unless he was a careless teenager…" he said matter-of-factly "But why would the killer even bothered using a condom when he was going to remove the body anyway?" the blonde explains using a adhesive to lift of some white powdery content from the floor "Look's like our suspect left us a trace" he explains putting the adhesive into a small manila envelope.

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes walked towards the young faltered brunette, her mascara running down her cheeks along with her tears, she looked weak and saddened.

"Miss Fisher?" Hawkins acknowledge giving the girl a fright

"Oh, hi, you're one of those Crime Scene Investigators right?" she asked, the doctor gave her a smile.

"Yes, we're just going to ask you some questions alright"

"Yeah, sure..." she trailed

"What's your relation to Sarah Eberhardt?" he asked

"she's my oldest and longest best friend, we've known each other since kindergarten, we were sitting together on the back row" she smiled at the memories "she asked me how old I was and I shyly put up three fingers" she recalled, but quickly controlled herself as more memory of her missing friend flooded back.

"Do you know where she might've went or go?"

The brunette shook her head in distress

"No, she was drunk; she couldn't stand on her two feet so I had to drag her to her room"

"So that's her room" the doctor pointed to the fifth door by the right hand side of the hall, earning a nod from the girl he continued "how many of you knew her room is there?"

"Well, Sarah doesn't really have much trustworthy friends, she's popular, and the teen queen does not invite norms to her bedroom!" she noted "it's a write of passage, the people she brings to her room are her boyfriends or her best friends, the 'bf's' if you catch my drift" she explained

"Can you list out the names of the people that did go to her room?" Hawkes ask passing her a notepad complemented with a pen

"sure, but I don't think I can list out all the boys, since I don't even know some of them, but the best friends are only me and Eliza" she replied giving back the notepad back with the list of possible people that went to her room

"Eliza? Can you be more specific?" he asked questioningly

"She's the third party in our group"

"I see" he said "is she here?"

"Next room, your friends are holding her..." she started but got cut off by a couple storming angrily into the apartment

"Where's my daughter..." one of the couple shouted angrily when a police officer stopped him. "Let go of me, this is my apartment!" he shouted, with Flack caught up to him, he pulled him away before driving him towards a corner

"Look, you just don't push your way through and come here!" he scolded "you hear me, this is a crime scene, show some respect" he yelled

"Let go of him Flack" Mac ordered from behind, the detective nodded and walked away to a side.

"Mac Taylor" he introduced "I've been told you're the parents" he asked

"Fck this introduction, where's my daughter!" his voice boomed

"Sir, if you cooperate, there's a better chance for us to help you find your daughter" he said sternly, obviously distress from the tone

"Talk to my wife, she'll answer your question, in the meantime, I'm going out to have a smoke" he told the detective walking away

"Hold on" Mac stopped him "Flack will escort you"

The victim's father gave a rueful smile and left the apartment with Flack.

Stella Bonasera was in the living quarters of the apartment, and sitting around her on couches we're teenagers who were either hung over, or chatting away with their friends, some looking weary, some looking tired, others still widely awake. And standing behind the couch was another group of teens; some wore varsity jackets the others just wore casually.

"Okay…" she started, "here's how it's going to work out – me and my friends here will be collecting hair samples, saliva, and your shoes" she said "and I'll start with you" she motioned to one of the jocks

"Whoa, lady, come on! You ain't seriously keeping us here forever are you?" he asked her

"Well…" she responded resting her hands on each hips "either you cooperate or you shows us some identification that can prove your old enough" she threatened them, and when she received nothing but silence, she continued "so if there isn't any objection, I'll like to start with you" she said shoving a cotton swab into his mouth.

She removed it, and capped it with a seal, and then placed it back into its box where it would be labeled. After that, she took tweezers and pulled a strand of hair, with the root still attached to it and carefully kept it in a zip packet. Once both processes were completed, the boy untied his shoe and was obliged to put his shoe into a brown paper bag.

In an international airport somewhere, a man in a blue jumper waited for the crowd of passengers that had just arrived from New York, to remove their belongings from the baggage conveyer belt. When they all had dispersed one by one, the man in the jumper moved towards the inner division of the hall. An hour later, he went back to the baggage claim area to continue his patrolling duty – he sighed in frustration when he found a blue duffle bag still circling the conveyer belt and cursed under his breath for the person who forgot to claim it. Because not only did he have to carry the bag all the way to lost and found, but he had to make a whole report on it. Making his way towards it, he stop for awhile and stared out of curiosity and the red blotches around the bag as he got closer, the blotches made out to be blood seeping through the out layer. As quickly as possible, the man hoisted his communicator and raised it to his mouth.

"Code red, code red, I think we have a..." the man debated to go any further

"What is it Jeff!" the man on the other line ordered in a stiff tone breaking the man from his thoughts

"Call the police!" Jeff managed to stutter out "NOW!"

Under the midnight sky of Tree Hill, North Carolina, police cars surrounded the mid-size airport and its siren muted the sound of airplanes taking off. Pedestrians missed their flights just to get a glimpse of the commotion, it was Tree Hill and stuff like this rarely happen, unless it involved the children of Dan Scott. Few minutes' later, police officers made way through the crowd of people for a black Denali cruising through.

It parked just meters away from the entrance, and the doors swung swiftly opened, from the driver seat stepped out none other than Lucas Scott, the King of the lab himself, the supervisor of the Tree Hill Crime Scene Investigation team consisting of his half-brother and forensic prodigy Nathan Scott, and Peyton Sawyer a forensic artist and fledging CSI and one of Lucas' most loyal colleague.

The trio each holding different type of Kits maneuvered their way carefully into the airport, once they reached the designated area, a man clad in a near designer suit approached the three of them.

"Felix, what do you have for us?" Lucas started

"Lucas, Nathan and Peyton" he acknowledge as they acknowledged him back "Your victim is a teenage girl, around eighteen years old, the airport attendant found her while he was doing his rounds. The coroner is already examining the body" he reported

"And where was the body from?" Lucas asked curiously

"The guy who found her is certain that it was from a plane from JFK" he answered, "I already put an inquiry into the New York PD's Missing person's database"

Lindsey lifted up the camera and took a shot at the footprint imprinted on the carpet whist Danny labeled the evidence behind her. On the other side of the room, Stella Bonasera was collecting the teenagers' DNA. In the living room Dr. Sheldon Hawkes was in charge of examining the area for any evidence. Taking a turn, he passed a dark corner where he caught a glimpse of an air ventilation shaft that had it's bolts removed forcefully, with his latex gloved covered hand, he lifted up the grate and leaned forwards to shine his flashlight inwards revealing a shaft perfectly fitted for a human body.

Back in Tree Hill International Airport, a brunette held the camera to her hazel-green eyes and snapped photos of the victim, curled up inside the large duffel bag; her make-up was smeared, she had bruises around her face, and her fuchsia halter dress was covered with blood. Settling the camera down, the brunette took a swab from her kit and dipped it into the blood soaked bag. As she was putting the sealed cotton bud away, Peyton walked towards her followed by a Nathan behind. The brunettes turned at the sound of their approaching movements, and acknowledge them.

"Hey you two" she greeted with her signature dimpled smile.

"Hey Brooke" Nathan and Peyton greeted together. "So what do you have for us?" Peyton spoke up.

"Ah, I think this one, Nathan will like" She teased stepping away to let the two CSI's examine the body. Once Peyton got a look of the body and laughed taking Brooke's comment to account.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Nathan asked putting down his kit, and glaring at both girls.

"Well, you did have a thing for blondes" she motioned her eyes to Peyton who now was around the corner searching for evidence.

"Laugh out loud" Nathan said in a monotone, apparently not amused. Brooke took note of this before she called out on her cellular walkie-talkie for the paramedics. Few seconds' later three men wearing paramedic uniform gathered around Brooke, awaiting orders.

"I want one of you to hold the legs, one of you to hold the head, and the other one, you hold the middle section, any questions" Brooke ordered. "Okay, get into places everyone" she coordinated, "on the count of three..." she started but got cut off by one of the younger paramedics.

"Urm, counting down or counting up ma'am" the paramedic asked in a southern accent, apparently he was new and didn't know really know procedure and Brooke.

"Up" she smiled, and began counting "1...2...3" after that the body was lifted up from the duffel bag and put onto the gurney. Nathan watched as they tow the body away.

Back in New York Detective Don Flack's phone rang violently, he excused himself as he went to a corner to answer the phone, his eyes widen at the message coming from the opposite line.

As Mac and Dr. Hawkes examine the air vent, Don Flack came rushing into the apartment, calling Mac's name. The New York CSI Dayshift supervisor walked towards the officer.

"What is it" He asked

"They found your Party Girl" he told him

"Where is she?"

"Tree Hill, North Carolina" he answered

"Did you say Tree Hill?" Dr. Sheldon Hawkes asked

"Yeah, Tree Hill" Don Flack confirmed "They found the body in their international airport on a carousel, from a midnight flight from JFK"

"Thanks Flack, tell them we'll be sending our CSI's over to help" he ordered before turning to the former medical examiner "so you've been to Tree Hill?" he asked

"Nope" he replied, "but I know someone working there, we met at the coroner annual orientation in Las Vegas" he told them.

"Well, since you know them, I think it'll be a plus if you go there" at that time, Lindsey and Danny had walked out of the bedroom. "Both of you stay here to help carryout the case from New York, me and Stella will join Sheldon to Tree Hill" He ordered

"Tree Hill?" Danny asked

At the baggage claim hall In the New Brunswick airport in Tree Hill, the three CSI's spread out trying to cover the area faster. Once the area was cleared, Felix walked towards the supervisor with a piece of paper in hand.

"Good news!" he announced

"What?" Lucas replied

"The plane that came with the bag is still around, and it hasn't been clean because their waiting for maintenance to come in first thing tomorrow morning, and you guys are free to look around" he said "and here is the seating chart, the bag belongs to seat 32F"

"Thanks" he answered before turning towards his team "Alright, Nathan and Peyton, you guys have the plane interior, and I'll take the baggage compartment"

Nathan and Peyton took their cases and went aboard the plane; they placed their cases down and stared into the aisle.

"This is awkward" Nathan broke the silence

"What is?"

"Being on an empty plane that isn't going anywhere" he said "Don't you think?"

"Not really" Peyton retorted "I think it's kind of cool"


"Because rich boy, this is the only way to see the cockpit without getting caught" she said with an evil look on her face earning a laugh from the blue eyed brunette. "So how do you feel about economy class?" Peyton asked

"I call dibs" Nathan declared quickly taking his case as he walked towards 32F

"I guess I'll take the restrooms" Peyton said as she went into one of the two restrooms.

Lucas clicked his torchlight on as he shined his way through the dark cabin. He stopped midway when his eye caught a light smudge blood imprint. He took several pictures of it before examining the area once more, he notice a piece of paper that was not far from the blood, again he took some shots after that he slipped the paper into a manila folder.

In the economy class of the airbus, on seat 32F, Nathan Scott search as thoroughly as he can around the seat, he open the overhead compartment but found nothing evidential. He dusted the seatbelt and lifted the print. From the bathroom on the first class cabin to the bathroom on the coach class cabin, Peyton swabbed, dusted and collected before meeting up with Nathan where they begun soon joined by Lucas.

"Found anything?" Lucas asked his team.

"Nil" Nathan relied "just the suspects fingerprints and strands of hair, other than that, nothing conclusive on seat 32F" he stated

"Nothing evidential, just 98 different DNA" Peyton said in a sarcastic manner.

"Well the New York team called and said they'll be arriving any minute" he stated, "we'll meet with them and Peyton you can head to the lab with the evidence and meet with Felix on any results for the baggage tag" Lucas ordered

"I'm on it" Peyton said as she took her case and left.

"Alright, let's show New York's finest what Tree Hill has to offer"