The late bell rang—panic settled in her stomach. Although, it wasn't class she was worried about. The loneliness of the girl's bathroom began to haunt her as she paced around the room, staring at herself in the mirror. Her feisty red hair lost its personality the moment humidity and sweat took over.

Keep calm! She swallowed the food that was crawling up her throat. Just breath, you'll be fine.

Zoe Taylor kept staring back at herself in the dirty mirror; it was someone she couldn't recognize anymore. Her mouth filled with saliva and she sprinted to the bathroom stall. She let her body's natural instincts take over as she was bent over the toilet.

"Majorly gross!" A girl squealed and Zoe quickly looked over her shoulder. Mandy covered her eyes and was still squealing. "You're disgusting!"

Zoe ripped off some toilet paper and cleaned her mouth. "Shut up, you do it all the time …on purpose." Her stomach was churning again. "Better yet Mandy, come join me, you bulimic freak!"

Mandy ignored her and covered her mouth from gagging. "Gross …" she closed her eyes and jogged out of the bathroom.

"Anorexic … bulimic … whatever you are," Zoe sighed as she flushed the toilet hoping that she wouldn't get sick again. Throwing up usually had become a regular routine for Zoe recently.

Pulling herself off the floor, she dragged herself over to the sink. Clinging onto the rim, Zoe turned the water on full blast. She washed her hands and felt the coolness rinse away her pain, her sorrow. If only water could take away her memory and erase her past.

"Food fight!" yelled Algie nervously running for the exit. Unfortunately, he was soon tackled by Trent and quickly had food shoved into his face.

"Wait—what?" Petey looked around at the girls yelling and boys cheering. "Oh no—"

Jimmy ducked at the food flying and laughed at his friend freaking out. Johnny and Peanut were quick to throw food at the jocks and vice versa. Petey yelled the moment Edna's mystery meat plastered his face.

Jimmy POV:

Finally! Something fun is actually happening around this stupid school. In a way, it was still fighting—minus the pain. I turned to see the girls either running out of the cafeteria or hiding under the tables. I swiftly ducked when an open milk carton flew my way, hitting Petey in the process. Poor guy, it pretty funny though.

Petey tugged on the napkin from under his tray. "Jimmy! Let's ditch this place!"

I nodded, but I wasn't leaving without first joining in the food fight. I grabbed Petey's tray and flung it across the room. I watched amused and laughed the moment the tray hit Bif in the back. He squirmed in pain.

Petey and I ran from the cafeteria, both of us having different reactions. Petey scrubbed his cheek, trying to remove the mystery gunk that formed a cast around half of his face. He was covered in milk and smelled of left over mash potatoes. The type of left over's from last week. I had a few stains myself, but not as bad.

I listened to the cheering yells coming from the cafeteria as I watched the girls run to the bathroom. Most of them were worrying about their hair, clothes, and all that stuff they obsess about. The prefects ran into the cafeteria, and soon, silence overpowered the cheers. I watched as a few guys scrambled out of the cafeteria and ran in different directions around the school.

Johnny slammed into me and I stumbled back. "Watch it!" I warned. He looked over his shoulder and gave me an apologetic wave.

Just then, Lola and Beatrice ran out of the left hall and were waving to me and Petey. Johnny stopped immediately and ran back when he saw Lola's pale face.

"Guys—" Beatrice gasped, her face was just as pale as Lola's. "We need medical attention in the bathroom!"

Petey looked around. "I'll go run to the nurse!" He took off.

"What happened?" I asked watching Johnny hug Lola to calm her down.

"Zoe is gushing blood from her head and she keeps throwing up!" Lola yelled. "All the other girls are just freaking out!"

"I mean—" Beatrice breathed. "No one likes Zoe, but we don't want her to die!"

I glared. "Where the hell is Petey with the nurse?"

I sprinted to the girl's bathroom, making my way around some people. I pushed Mandy—as well as some other girls—out of the way and saw Zoe lying helpless, scared, and lonely on the floor. She kept gagging and rubbing the blood from her eyes. I tried to ignore the puddle of throw up right next to her.

"I'm fine!" she whimpered as I kneeled beside her. "I just slipped and hit my head against the sink—that's all!"

Zoe tried to act to tough, but she was hurt. I looked at the corner rim of the sink and saw blood. Not to mention all the water on the floor. For a moment there, I thought she might have wanted to end her life. I'm glad she was telling the truth.

The nurse and Petey ran into the bathroom. Petey pulled me away from my girlfriend and the nurse ordered us to get out of the girl's bathroom. We were quickly moved by the other girls and some of the prefects as they tried to calm everyone down.

I couldn't focus on anything else but the images that were replaying in my mind. Zoe, my girlfriend, was sick, hurt. It still sounded weird, I mean, calling her my girlfriend. I sometimes forget that I finally made it official with her six months ago. Instead of just kissing and messing around with anyone, I was always with her. I was actually faithful—and it wasn't so bad, really. I liked spending time with her; I finally understood what Johnny felt for Lola. Except the difference was that Zoe was faithful to me, unlike how Lola treats Johnny. Anyway, it was kind of nice. I really like it, actually.

The nurse held firmly onto Zoe as a prefect held her on the other side as well. I caught a clear glimpse of her eyes since the blood was cleansed from her face. Everyone stood silently in the hall as we watched a pale, fragile, and skinnier Zoe being dragged out of the building.

The hall cleared and the bell rang. It was finally time for the last period of the day. Petey patted my back.

"It'll be fine, really!" He encouraged. "Let's get to class!"

I moaned and walked to chemistry.

Anxiety filled my body as I finished my lab and stared at the clock. One more minute and school is over. I knew exactly what I was going to do; I could feel the blood pulse through my veins. I ignored whatever Petey was talking to me about as I counted down the seconds.

Three, two, one. The Bell rang—I was the first to run out of class, leaving Petey talking about whatever. I couldn't have cared any less.

I sprinted out of school and ran to the nurses' building. Everything was blurry and noisy around me as I focused on two people who were standing outside. Zoe and the nurse.

I caught my breath and walked up to Zoe's back, ready to give her a surprise hug.

"Please don't! You don't understand what this'll do to me!" She cried. I stopped immediately and tried to understand what was going on. "Please ma'am! Please!" Zoe begged. I could hear her sniffle.

The nurse and I caught eyes. "Excuse me, what business do you have here?" she asked angrily.

"I just—" I paused the moment Zoe turned around and glared at me. What was going on here? "I just wanted to see if Zoe was feeling better …"

"She's just fine, in fact, she's lucky!" the nurse was furious. "And if I were you, I'd get—"

"Let's go—" Zoe sighed harshly, grabbing my arm and tugging me along.

The nurse complained. "Oh no you don't—"

Zoe and I started running, leaving an angry nurse behind. We finally reached the entrance gates of Bullworth and Zoe gasped for air.

"Are you okay?" I held unto her shoulders trying to calm her down. She sounded like she had asthma.

"Don't touch me!" She shoved me and started coughing. I kept my distance. "What are you even doing following me around? You stalker!"

What was with all the sudden hate? "Where is this coming from, what did I do?" I asked, feeling helpless for once in my life.

"Look—I'm just sick of going everywhere and seeing your face!" Zoe stuttered. "Just leave me alone!"

"What? You've never complained about me before, why now?"

"I just want you to go away …" She closed her eyes and sighed.

I was furious. "What? Now you think you're so tough, huh?"

She kept breathing unevenly.

"Maybe next time you should—"

Zoe punched me and I stumbled back, surprised. People walking around us started to form a crowd.

"I hate you! I'm breaking up with you and I never want to see your face again!" She screeched and everyone jumped. (Including me)

She pushed her way out of the crowd and I watched her run down the street and across the bridge.

I totally screwed up this time.

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