Summary: Cameron and Thirteen find each other working late. 13/Cam

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.

After Hour Injuries:

Thirteen rummaged through the supplies closet, cursing under her breathe as blood steadily seeped onto her white coat.

"Need any help?"

Thirteen jumped in surprise and turned to see Dr. Cameron standing in the doorway to the closet.

"Sorry. Didn't mean to startle you." The older doctor gave a friendly smile.

"No it's alright…..Cameron, right?"

Cameron nodded and glanced down at Thirteen's hand. The Brunette tried hiding her injured hand in vain.

"You ok?" Cameron asked.

Thirteen shrugged and nodded mutely, going back to looking through the shelves for anti-septic and gauze. Cameron noticed a few drops of blood had pooled on the floor and rolled her eyes.

"Are you planning on stitching that up yourself?"

Thirteen shrugged again.

"Was just going to wrap it up, it's not that bad."

Cameron placed a hand on Thirteen's forearm and used the other to bring up the brunette's wounded hand. The blonde quietly looked over the wound as Thirteen watched intently, her blue eyes studying the doctors face.

"There's something stuck in your cut. Come on, I'll stitch you up."

"No, I'm ok really…..It's late you should head home."

Cameron rolled her eyes.

"You are as stubborn as House. Come on. I'm not taking no for an answer."

Cameron slowly led Thirteen to an empty room in the ER. Thirteen followed half-heartedly struggling against Cameron's grip and smiling inwardly, finding the older doctors concern cute.

"So….how'd this happen?"Cameron asked as she began cleaning Thirteen's hand.

"I was in the lab and a test tube slipped."

'Tremors…it was a tremor.' Thirteen thought bitterly. Cameron nodded and looked up. Finding herself drawn in by Thirteen's intense blue eyes. The two stared at each other for a second before Cameron shook out of her daze.

"There's a piece of glass stuck…it's going to hurt when I pull it out."

Thirteen just nodded and braced herself. Using tweezers, Cameron gently withdrew a small shard of glass from Thirteen's hand, placing it on a nearby tray. Cameron glanced up at the brunette and smirked.

"Wow, someone sure is brave." The blonde doctor teased. Thirteen chuckled.

"Does that mean I get a sucker for my good behavior?"

"We'll see."

Thirteen raised an eyebrow at the grinning doctor.

The next few minutes passed in silence as Cameron finished disinfecting the wound. Thirteen smiled down at the doctor, enjoying finally being able to see Cameron up close for once.

"Why are you working so late? Did House bribe you into working his clinic hours or something?"

Thirteen smirked and shook her head.

"Nah, he has Kutner for that. I just lost track of time. What about you?"

Cameron chuckled.

"A man came into the ER about 5 minutes before my shift ended. He had a screw driver sticking out of his arm."

"Ow…..Let me guess……..Angry wife?"

Cameron gave a small laugh and shook her head.

"He said he tripped and it stuck him….but then again. Everybody lies, right?"


Cameron finished stitching Thirteen's hand up and smiled up at the younger women.

"All set. When they need to be taken out just give me a visit."

Thirteen smiled.

"Thanks….this was really sweet of you."

"It was my pleasure."

The two sat for a second, looking into each others eyes for a moment before Thirteen broke the silence.

"So uh… I still get that sucker for being good?"

Cameron laughed and looked deep in thought for a minute.

"Well….you did struggle a little bit on the way here……so I don't know."

Thirteen smirked and hopped off the table, stretching her arms. Cameron caught a glimpse of Thirteen's notorious suspenders.

"Well…how about coffee or dinner or something? We're both off work, could be fun."

Cameron smiled, suddenly feeling extremely shy.

"Yeah…..yeah I'd like that. Can we meet out front in 10 minutes?"

Thirteen returned Cameron's smile and nodded.

Cameron turned to walk out, but stopped short. The blonde doctor turned back to Thirteen.

"Is this a date?"

Thirteen shrugged.

"Is it okay with you if it is?"

Cameron gave Thirteen another soft smile and nodded,

"Of course."


A/N: This was my first attempt at a Cameron/13 fic, so be gentle. Let me know what you guys think.