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Part 4

Thirteen studied herself in the mirror silently. Her normally distant, icy blue eyes were now narrowed into a disdainful glare directed at herself. The same taunting thoughts mulled around in her mind as they had been for the past half hour.

'You're dying right now. At this very second, even as you look at yourself in the mirror, you're breaking down little by little.'

Thirteen had met people, kids even, who had less time than her and they were braver than she could even comprehend. They lived with the thought that they had a set expiration date. And yet, they still lived their lives. They didn't try to destroy them by partying and doing drugs as she had attempted to do several times before.

Thirteen remembered something she heard from one of her high school teachers when she learned she was positive for Huntington's.

"The man who knows when he will die is already dead."

And for once, she understood fully what it meant.

The brunette doctor stared for a few seconds more before turning away quickly, as if looking at her reflection any longer was painful.

Stumbling through her dark bedroom, careful not to step on her dog, Remy caught a glance of her bedside clock. It read 7:36 a. bright red letters. Deciding she wasn't going to get much more sleep, Thirteen slipped on a pair of track pants, a tank top and her favorite grey hoodie and plugged in her ipod.

As Remy near the door she picked up a leather dog leash and opened the door.

"J.D, you coming with?" she called.

Instantly the soft clicking sounds of toenails tapping against hardwood floors filled the room as the young German Sheppard scrambled it's way to his owner. Thirteen smiled at the excited canine and quickly hitched the leash to J.D's matching collar.

'Peaceful morning run with my best friend, followed by a date with Allison Cameron…..things could be worse.'

Dr. Cameron slumped over a newspaper in the doctors lounge as she cradled a cup of coffee in her left hand. The morning for the most part had been relatively slow, i.e. boring.

Thoughts of possibly getting a few minutes, if not, hours of extra sleep in one of the on call rooms had entered her mind once or twice. But she knew if she even tried to sleep, thoughts of Thirteen and their date at 4 would keep her up in nervous anticipation. A small smile spread over Cameron's face as she remembered their brief kisses. Remembering Thirteen's soft lips on her own, and how gentle and tender they moved against hers sent a warm feeling throughout her body.

"Wonder what she's up to…" Cameron wondered quietly out loud to herself.

"Wonder what who's up to what?" A familiar voice asked from the entrance to the lounge.

"Nothing concerning you, House." Cameron responded calmly, not even bothering to look up.

"You're no fun. Why isn't anyone letting me in on the juicy gossip about you and Bubbles?" The gimp doctor drawled as he limped his way over to the chair across from Cameron. Cameron folded up her newspaper and stared at house with a disbelieving smirk.

"Because there isn't any."

House shot her a conniving grin.

"Yet." He stated with a knowing confidence.

Cameron rolled her eyes and went back to reading her newspaper.

"So…what's she like in the sack? Wait no, let me guess. A little kinky, maybe handcu-"

"House, I'm not sleeping with her." Cameron interjected a little too quickly. House's grin widened.

"I knew it."

"Knock it off, House."

"Bubbles made you hungry for some girl love.

"I'm leaving now."

Cameron got up and threw her empty coffee cup in the trash.

"Can I be your adopted Asian Baby's godfather?" House called after her as she walked out of the lounge.

Remy ran with J.D maintaining the same steady pace they had been for the last couple of hours. Remy wasn't sure how long exactly they had been going for, but by the way her legs have been starting to burn she would guess it had been a while. The simple black ipod strapped to Thirteen's arm bobbed along with every step she took as it played through her shuffle list. Currently the last few moments of a Muse song played out and almost as quickly as it ended the next song followed. Death Cab for Cutie's
"Twin Sized Bed" began to Play through Thirteen's ear pieces. The first few lines of lyrics were sung.

You look so defeated lying there in your new twin size bed

With a single pillow underneath your single head

I guess you decided that that old queen was more space than you would need

Now it's in the alley behind your apartment

With a sign that says it's free

And I hope you have more luck with this than me.

A small chill ran down Thirteen's spine as the cool wind hit her. As the song continued to play she found herself trying to run faster and faster. She looked down beside her at J.D and noticed the normally energetic dog, always trying to lead them in their run, was now lagging behind, panting heavily. Thirteen knew she was being selfish and that J.D needed to stop, but she felt as if she couldn't. She wanted…needed to keep running. She didn't want to know what would happen if she stopped.

You used to think that someone would

And lay beside you in that space that they belong

But the other side of the mattress and box springs stayed like new

And what's the point of holding on to what never gets used.

Something in Thirteen made her come to an abrupt stop, surprising her even and causing J.D to be yanked back slightly. As if in a trance, Remy took out her ear pieces and reached into her pocket for her cell phone. She made her way over to a nearby bench slowly punching in a number and sat down, listening to it ring. While she counted the rings she tried the best she could to catch her breath.


"Cameron, hey. It's Thirteen." Remy said, still trying to catch her breath.

'Hey, why aren't you sleeping?' Cameron asked playfully. Thirteen smiled to herself, imagining Cameron grinning teasingly at her as she said that.

"I got bored."

'What are you doing now?'

"Finished a morning run…Wanted to see how your day was going."

'Slow. House is being House.'

Thirteen chuckled.

'…I'm excited about tonight.' Cameron added softly.

A smile enveloped Thirteen's face.

"Me too."


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