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Chapter 15:

"Five days after my failure," November said to himself, "that's what today means."

"It also means your vacation is over, Jack," A familiar voice reminded. "What are you still doing sitting in front of God's T.V.?"

November 11 looked behind him in surprise. Angel Michael stood behind him, grinning. November sighed and looked back at the viewing hole with sadness.

"Waiting for further instructions," replied November, "Wondering what you meant a few days ago, planning my next brilliant move… waiting for God to send me crashing down to Earth."

"You liked the ride, huh?" Michael said with a smile. "But I bet that was a little scary, even for a dead man."

"Not really," November said with a sad smile on his face. "To be honest, I could use a little push right about now because as of the moment, I want nothing more than to delay my return."

"Still not ready to let go of your princess, Jack Simon?" Michael asked him.

"Can't face Saito either," November continued for him.

Hearing what November just said, Angel Michael laughed. November forgot his sadness and stared at the archangel in contempt. This did not affect Michael as he continued making merry sounds. November grew impatient.

"Do you find amusement in other people's sorrow?" November asked, trying to maintain a calm tone to it.

"Of course not, Jack, "the angel said, "but you're not exactly a person now, are you?"

A vein popped out of November's head.

"That's not the point!" he finally succumbed to his impatience and heightened his voice.

Michael stopped laughing and inhaled, trying to catch his breath. He sat beside the agonizing soul and smiled.

"I may not be as motivational as Gabriel, but here's some words of encouragement," said Angel Michael, "If you don't get through this mission, you're going to hell."

November glared at the angel sitting beside him.

"That wasn't encouragement," the former contractor said, "that was a threat."

"I warned you, didn't I?"

"I guess that's fair."

"But what I'm trying to say is," Michael said trying to make his point clear, "it's pointless to hold onto something that you can never keep. Even if you don't have eternal damnation to worry about, holding onto Misaki Kirihara will only torment you the same way hell torments its inhabitants. It will create turmoil deep inside you. Turmoil that will—"

November put a hand on Michael's mouth to silence him.

"I think I understand what you're trying to say, Michael."

Silenced enveloped the two heavenly beings as they watched the scene unfold before them. There, he saw Saito in a bar with Kouno, trying to remain sober for the both of them.

Kouno started to slur in his speech while Saito tried desperately to get Kouno away from the bottle of half-empty beer. In his desperation, he did not notice a man larger than him pass behind and when he successfully released the bottle out of his colleague's grasp, the force he exerted caused the contents to come flying out of the bottle to the man's face. The man cracked his knuckles, a sign that he's ready to fight and Saito swallowed his own saliva, fearing the tragedy that will befall him and his friend… but mostly him. He carefully turned his face around to see the large man, wrath burning in his eyes and smoke flaring out of his nostrils.

"Perhaps we could t—t—alk," Saito stuttered.

Without a word, the large man punched him on the face and he flew towards a table where hostesses and other customers were seated. The hostesses gasped and the men groaned in annoyance. Saito stood up and composed himself after the fall and shook his head to keep his vision from swirling (which didn't do him much help). Slowly, the angry giant approached him, bloodlust evident in his devious grin while Saito put on the bravest face he could muster despite the blood running down on his lips.

November's eyes widened in horror as he watched Saito get beaten.

"I thought this guy knows judo!" he yelled. "Shit!"

"There will be no cursing in God's abode!" Michael reprimanded.

Without any word, November jumped into the viewing hole, sending him back down to Earth. He screamed as wind and dust hit him, violently cutting through his face like a knife. He passed through the bar's roof and landed straight over Saito's head, causing him to enter Saito's body once again. Saito's soul was busy and did not pay attention to the foreign entity that entered his domain so November took this opportunity to sneak up on him and send him to sleep.

"Damn it," he hissed to himself, "I should've taken over that monster's body instead."

He moved Saito's hands, checking if he is still capable of controlling him and seeing that he still can, he smiled to himself. He looked at his opponent who was close to punching him in the face. Out of reflex, he got down on his belly and crawled under the man's legs. The man turned around, ready to throw a punch but November got up to his feet and ran towards the nearest table and grabbed a half-empty glass of whiskey, completely forgetting that he does not have his abilities anymore. He gracefully threw the contents towards the man but it did not turn to ice as he expected and the man fumed in rage. November was at loss. He was accustomed to battles but no one ever told him that at some point of his life (or in this case, his afterlife), he will get into a bar fight, a battle wherein he would not be permitted to kill the enemy. Dodging would've been his best option if Saito wasn't too heavy but he is so he has to end it. Without much thought he threw the glass he was holding towards the man's direction, hitting the bridge of his nose and sending him into a deep slumber.

November ran towards Kouno, grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the bar. With no time to spare, he retrieved the car keys from his pocket and opened the car door. He threw Kouno inside and sat on the driver's seat. He started the ignition and made his escape. When they were far enough, he sighed in relief.

"I just hope I didn't kill him," November whispered to himself. "Now where does Kouno live?"

"Just turn a right to the next street and you'll see a house painted in neon green, that's his house." A voice said.

From the mirror, he can see Angel Michael sitting at the back.

"Michael?" November blurted out, "What are you doing here? Where's Gabriel?"

He turned right.

"Meh, he came to check on some documents, I'm filling in for him," Said Michael in response. "If I may change the subject, I thought for sure you'd react to the color of his house instead of my presence."

"Yes, well, the color does stand out, doesn't it?" November said as he stopped on the neon green house.

Kouno woke up just in time and he got out of the car while mumbling something about beautiful women with a nice set of breasts. November and Angel Michael looked at the perverted drunk in disgust. Both wondered how Saito managed to get along with the guy so well. Kouno gave them a lazy wave goodbye. November returned the gesture and drove off. Things were calm and quiet. The wind was blowing peacefully outside and November was quietly thinking about his next steps to accomplish his goal when Gabriel showed up on the back seat of Saito's car. November lost control of the car but fortunately, Michael was quick to take action and kept them in a safe direction.

"You should really be careful when you're driving, Jack Simon," Gabriel advised.

"You accursed chicken-man," November yelled, "If you didn't show up, I wouldn't lose my control of the car!"

"You should not blame your own faults at others, Jack Simon," Gabriel scolded.

"But Gabriel," intervened Michael, "it was your fault."

"Oh," Gabriel said in reply. "In that case, I apologize."

Michael smiled at his fellow archangel.

"I thought you have some documents to check," said Michael, "what drove you to come by?"

"I found that sorting documents is a very tedious task," replied Gabriel. "Looking after Jack is more amusing."

"Have you finished, though?" asked Gabriel's fellow angel.

"Of course," said Gabriel. "I wouldn't be out here if I weren't done with work."

"Anyway, I need you to get me some files regarding- " Michael's sentence was cut off when Gabriel snapped his fingers to reveal an extensive collection of files regarding Misaki, Saito, and November. Michael smirked.

"I can always rely on you, my dear friend, Gabriel," he said as he grabbed one from the stack that read "Misaki Kirihara's Thoughts."

"Jack, don't you find these files quite interesting?" asked Gabriel.

"I don't know, Gabe," answered November, "I'm not the type who inva-"

"All her personal thoughts are in here, Jack," said Michael, trying to tempt him.

"And here I am thinking that you are angels," said November, "why, you're acting like the devil himself!"

"We're just trying to help," said Michael, "and look, Gabriel, something's written about Jack!"

The two archangels looked at November, trying to see if they managed to spark some interest in him. When they saw his back straighten in alarm, they knew November was interested. They looked at each other with a satisfied smile plastered on their faces. This may make November feel guilty at first, but they knew it would help him with his mission.

"Alright," November said. The angels on the back seat turned their eyes away from each other to look at their driver, "I'll take a look at it when we get back."

And November continued to drive towards Saito's apartment, excitement gleaming in the eyes he borrowed.