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Harry Potter and the Unspeakable Time

Chapter 18: And Let Slip the Dogs of War

From Last Chapter:

"My Lords and Ladies of the Wizengamot. It is my sad duty to report to you the findings of a 6-year fact finding mission. We are in greater danger than we ever were under the threat of Riddle. Unfortunately, he was but a pawn in the true Dark Lord's game. Just now appearing before you are a large stack of documents, each one outlining the crimes of the true Dark Lord, his family, and his followers. Each one can easily be verified. This great kingdom has had to suffer under the lies, half-truths, and manipulations of one single family for the past thousand years. We will go over each document, and in the end, I'm sure you'll reach the same conclusions we have. We must step back and head in a new direction, away from the teachings we have been given by the Dark Family, and into a new era of cooperation and respect for all. To this end, we call upon you to aid us in our first task, removing him from all of his positions."

"Just who is this Dark Lord?" Lord Blackwell spoke up after looking over the first couple of documents.

"Albus Dumbledore," Harry answered grimly. And with this, the Council was stunned into silence.

Wizengamot Chambers

Ministry for Magic

London, England

After Recess

Harry's POV

The silence continued for a good 10 minutes as the Lords and Ladies of the Wizengamot looked at each other in shock. Some finally started looking through the documents presented to them, others were shaking their heads in disbelief. Finally, one of Dumbledore's traditional supporters stood up and ended the silence by yelling, "Now see here Duke Gryffindor, while I can plainly see you were right to take control of your seats, and that Lord Dumbledore was apparently vehemently against it, that does not mean he's a Dark Lord."

"You're right, that alone doesn't," Harry admitted. He knew he had to tread carefully here, lest everything they had been working for would be lost. "But if you were to look over the evidence we're about to present, you would come to the same conclusion. These documents provide evidence of many actions that were either directly undertaken by that man or under his express orders. None-the-less to say, those actions are not the actions of a man firmly on the side of the light. I'll let Lady Gryffindor present her testimony on this matter first. But please bear in mind she does have pensieve memories given under veritaserum and truth oaths to back each allegation up."

Luna smiled and bowed to Harry and then turned around to tap the coat of Arms for the founders. As she did, her eyes turned silver for a moment. "If it please the crown, I would have a brief conference with the Founders' seats and the crown before I present evidence." This drew some exclamations from the crowd while Luna walked up to him and the others and said, "Harry, I believe it would be best if I show them what happened at Hogwarts first. That one scene will do more to sway them than any of the evidence we can provide."

Harry was about to object when he noticed that Luna's eyes had that look he most often associated with her looking into the possibilities of the future. He inwardly sighed, having hoped to not show what happened, at least not until they had more people believing the testimony involved. His reasons were not because he wanted to avoid any misunderstanding of the powers they all had used for any potential misunderstandings could be cleared up quickly. No, it was because he was not sure there weren't still any spies planted amongst the runners each seat had, and those runners could give information to the new Dark Lord. But then he remembered that all Dumbledore would have to do is draw his own memories, or those of McGonagall, Snape, or Babbage, and he could spin things however he wanted.

Finally, he made up his mind and looked toward the others. "She's right, there's no use hiding it. We might as well get this out into the open. What do you think?" The others hardly took any time at all coming up with the same thoughts he had. The decision was unanimous, including the Queen. Once everyone had agreed he turned toward Luna and nodded his agreement. "Go on."

Luna smiled and curtseyed to the Founder's seats before turning to the crowd. "With the permission of the Crown and the Founders' Heirs, instead of providing historical testimony first, I will instead show all what happened at Hogwarts from my point of view, so you can all understand just what kind of man you had been following all this time." She pulled a rather large memory from her head and deposited it into the stone bowl. After tapping several runes on the side, she stood back and motioned for the lights to be dimmed so the memories could be seen in more vivid detail.

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+Pensieve Memory: Luna-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

Luna, Ginny, and the Founders Heirs all converged upon the Founders' Arms all at once. Each one of them touched the arms and touched them with their wands. "Hogwarts!" they all said at once. The Wizengamot chambers bled away from their surroundings, only to be replaced with another set of arms in a windowless, glowing stone room a fraction of a second thereafter. The room felt warm, but at the same time not as warm as it should have been. There was a sense of dying and desperation in the air, as well as a sense of foreboding. "Where are we?" Ginny asked, looking around.

"Hogwarts inner sanctum," Luna said, her eyes paling as she was looking not only at the present but the past. Images of possibilities started to drop off as she turned toward the control stone for the entire school. A desperate pain pierced her heart. Unheard pleas echoed not only in her ears but her very being. Suddenly she was not looking at the future, but the past. Multiple images threatened to overwhelm her, filling her head with far too much information. Suddenly one image came clear, a scene that occurred within this very chamber over 40 decades ago.

Albus stood at the ward stone, his face a mask of concentration. Armand Dippet, Hogwart's previous headmaster, stood bound to one side. "I'm very sorry Headmaster, but you must understand, these false readings would only have you condemn the wrong man. I can't let that happen, for young Mr. Riddle is far too important to be expelled from this school." The stone flared as it tried to resist Albus's attempts. Hogwarts itself did not want to acknowledge Dumbledore as its master, and was fighting back with everything it had. After an indeterminable time, the transfiguration professor realized why it could resist, despite the attunement stones he was using. "Now, now, Headmaster, I can't have you interfering with this. I'm sorry, I'm doing this for the Greater Good. Stupefy." As the red light hit the professor the pressure against the intruder dropped significantly.

Hogwarts itself could only hold for another couple of minutes before it too fell to Albus's attempts. "Finally, after over nine and a half centuries, this school falls to the Dumbledores. The Founders were such fools. Now to set things up in my best interests... starting with the dark magic detection grid." With those words, he traced the grid to the diary belonging to Tom Riddle and silenced the alarms the artifact was triggering. Then he searched throughout the castle, using the system, and canceled the other alarms from dark objects. Once that was done he started to adjust the entire net. Instead of providing alarms for dark objects, he set them to monitor for any Founder's item and set it to alert him. But all did not go as planned as there were blind spots that Albus could detect, but not reach. Nor could he even find the entrances to the chambers where these blind spots were.

After finally giving that up for a loss cause, he changed the ward stone to alert him should any changes be made to the wards, and set a rune matrix that would convince Dippet to not only retire, but to give the position of headmaster to him. Hogwarts itself seemed to be fighting this, causing the professor to snarl. "Someday I shall master you, never doubt that. And the Founders Heirs can't save you. They're either dead or in hiding, fearing the hunters from my Family. No pile of stone is going to stop me. And just to prove that..." He trailed off speaking as once again he plied his will to the ward stone, targeting the entrance into the main hall. A runic array was burnt into the door, integrating itself into the wards themselves. "There, that should keep the sheep fighting amongst themselves."

Smiling at the conflicts arising from Hogwarts's consciousness, he turned toward the soon to be retired Headmaster. "Unfortunately, I can't have you remembering what happened here. Obliviate."

The scene faded away even as the Founders' Heirs took their positions. "Hurry Harry. Dumbledore is approaching the gates now. And he's got Moody with him." She could hear and feel the castle's desperation and fear. It was indeed sentient, but its sentience had been confined for so long it was threatening to collapse. Luna knew instinctively that if that were to happen the school's magic would be lost and it would become like all the other muggle castles in the British Isles. The Founders had tied its magic into it sentience, making it truly a child of them all.

"Harry... the professors. We need to get his supporters out of here," Hermione said as she strained from her part. "We need to expel them quickly!"

"But if we do that the Dark Bastard will know something is up and will rush inside! They'll be back inside before we can lock the castle down," Neville called out as he started to bring the very grass outside to bear on the intruders in an attempt to slow them down.

Ginny then spoke up, her voice hard as steel. "Leave that to me. Start the lock-down process right after you expel them. I'll be in position by then."

"But!" Ron and Neville both started to protest, only to be cut off by Ginny.

"But nothing! You need Luna here with you, for she's your link to everything. You four must be here to claim your heritage and to re-awaken the castle. But I'm not necessarily needed here. You can assign me whatever you want while I'm still on the grounds. And you know I can take care of myself."

"Not against Dumbledore," Harry spoke up. "He takes everything I have just to go to a stalemate. He'll kill you!"

"Harry, Neville, Ron," Ginny said softly but with determination, "I'll survive. I promise. But you know this is the only way." And before they could say anything else, she slipped out of the ward room.

"She's right," Luna said much to the others' chagrin. "Hogwarts will help once you take control, lock-down or no. So do it, quickly!" The four nodded and turned their entire concentration and strength to the ward stone. Luna could feel a battle of wills ensue as the Founders' Heirs focused their wills against the rune arrays. As the increasing pressure in the room turned from merely palatable to physical she could see several layers of runes around the podium glow in an angry red flicker. The temperature of the room started to increase as well as the Dark Lord's will, and the intent of the arrays, fought against them. The pressure increased even more as a stalemate was achieved. Hogwarts' own anxiety increased as the Headmaster and his minion broke through the foliage set against them.

"Help me..." she heard deep within her. She knew when she first heard it exactly who it was.

"How? I'm not a Founder's Heir, but if there's something I can do?" Luna sent as a thought to where that voice came from.

"Give me your strength, Seeress. Lend me your will so I can help them. I know what they want to do, and I will gladly acquiesce if you will but help me." Hogwarts replied.

Luna didn't even contemplate thinking about it. She wanted to support her friends, her family, and her loved ones. She was as committed as any of them to bringing Dumbledore's reign to an end. Without even a true first thought she dived within herself and started to merge with the castle's consciousness, bringing her own will to bear on the runes.

A loud shattering noise was heard soon after, followed by another and another. Soon the entire chamber sounded like the Department of Mysteries Prophecy room when the shelves fell. Rune after rune was shattered from the combined will of 6 consciousnesses. Magic nearly exploded out of the chamber as old ley lines that once had been cut off from the castle were once again connected. The castle gave a rumbling sound as it shook, and Luna's vision soon merged with the castle's. She could sense everyone and everything from the ward chambers to the gates. She could tell where every ghost, every painting, and every room was, even the Founders' Rooms. The greenhouses' doors slammed shut and locked. Pomona, the only resident there, was transported to an empty classroom and locked in. She felt the paintings being freed from their shackles as the stairways stopped where they were.

Just then she started to feel spell fire from the Main Entrance. She focused her attention there, as a visual image started to form. There before her "eyes" Ginny was firing spells from the door's frame toward Dumbledore and Moody. The pair was advancing despite her defense of the door. They were just too powerful for her to repel for long. Luna could feel the others working on the other Professors inside the school, so Luna turned her attention to Ginny's defense. With but a thought a strong shield formed in front of Ginny, causing the invader's spells to bounce off harmlessly. She could see and feel Ginny breathe a sigh of relief and thank the castle. Luna smiled serenely as she sent Ginny a feeling of welcome and love before using the energy of the shield to banish both the now former Headmaster and his crony well back, almost to the gates. She then put up another shield and put out a call to the forest for help.

As the call went out several people encased in similar shields were floated to the doorway and then banished out. Joining the former Headmaster was Professors McGonagall, Snape, Burbage, and Hooch. Hooch, being the last to leave, was almost caught as the doors to the Main Hall slammed shut and barred from the inside. All throughout the castle shutters started to close and lock. Suits of armor moved into defensive positions, including some at arrow holes located throughout the first and higher floors. The castle was successfully locked down.

The castle continued to rumble and shake as literally hundreds of runes and enchantments were thrown off from decades of ill use and assault upon its very consciousness. As it started to glow from the magic being used, Luna was once again guided to another memory from the chamber.

"Are you sure this will work Albus?" a distinctively younger-looking Minerva McGonagall asked. "Your spell failed several times, and not even Charity could figure out why."

"Yes, I'm quite sure Minerva. This damned castle is ruining the spell each time I try it. It's the only explanation. I had thought I got rid of the Dark Detection net, but some part of it has to still be active." He looked up at a projection of a woman above the ward stone. The projection did not look good at all. She looked old, frazzled, and tortured. Several gashes appeared all over her body. "Why do you fight me, Hogwarts? You know I am in control."

"Nnnnooo. Not while... I live..." The projection announced. "You will not do Black Soul Magic within my walls..." The projected woman seemed determined, too determined. It was evident something that Albus overlooked kept her resistance high.

A couple of hours swirled by as Albus tried again and again to break this newest level of protection. After the first hour, he found the foundation, a ward against Necromancy that was adapted to include all involuntary bindings. Dumbledore swore as he discovered it also was the reason he couldn't break other people's soul bonds. These wards were ancient, and kept it all out, and protected students regardless of where they were so long as they could be called students. That the same condition branched to professors was a work of brilliance. It appeared to frustrate Albus to no end for another hour before he apparently alighted upon a solution. "Minerva, please fetch young Ms. Fitchley from the Hufflepuff dorms. The little lawyer to be will be a tool for my control of the castle. And keep her awake please."

About ten minutes swirled by as the Headmaster set a circle of wards on the floor and a linking ward directly on the stone itself. The scene cleared as a rather scared looking witch was dragged into the chamber by the Assistant Headmistress. The Headmaster then cast a "Patrificus Totalus" on the girl and levitated her to the circle. "You my dear are going to be a sacrifice for my rise to power. You see, I must conquer this castle, but its defenses are just too formidable. But not to worry, but the destruction of your mind, body, and soul will be a bridge to bend this castle to my will. You should be honored." He stopped speaking for a moment and smiled a grandfatherly smile that seemed completely out of place in the situation. "Why you my dear girl? Well, you have only yourself to blame I'm afraid. You see, you questioned too much, and you are a stumbling block to Ms. Prewitt's attentions to Mr. Weasley. And I can't be having you continue to work against my plans, now can I? Now just relax, this will hurt quite a bit."

The Headmaster then proceeded to slowly torture the girl into insanity using some of the darkest spells imaginable. Crucio was only one of many spells used as the young woman was slowly driven to near catatonia. He stopped just short of that though, as he had other plans. He then started casting spell after spell, intent upon ruining the girl's body. The circle, which had been glowing pink started to turn blood red as did the rune on the stone itself. The girl's screams were soon echoed by the screams from Hogwarts' image as the magic Black power started to wear down the ancient wards. Soon the girl's screams stopped, leaving the castle's screams as the only ones echoing through the chamber. A silvery white cloud started to float over the girl's body, trapped by the spells Dumbledore had cast. That the old man's face was frozen in the image of grandfatherly care further sickened and horrified Luna as she watched him cast spells that seemed to tear the soul apart. The bits of the soul were placed in items around the room, and locked within them. The image above the stone screamed loudly enough to shake the castle. The wards were down. And Dumbledore wasted no time casting his own dark mark upon Minerva. This time the spell worked.

Luna's body convulsed and threw up the contents of her stomach all over the floor. As the four others disappeared from the chamber to help evict the now ex-professors from the grounds, Luna turned her attention to the room she was in. She quickly found the objects in question and piled them on the floor. But she was unsure what to do, given that she was not as proficient in Holy magic as some others were. At the same time the grief of both the castle and herself threatened to overwhelm her. But an idea seemed to burst into her head as she fought for control. Casting her mind out again, she and the castle sought out Ginny.

Ginny was on the outside of the door, looking very much exhausted as she fought McGonagall and Babage alongside Hermione. In a split-second decision, Luna sent her familiar to help Hermione even as she whispered into her sister-wife's mind, "I need Ginny love. She can help me throw them all out. But I need her Holy Magic." She got a sense of understanding and caring in return as she used Hogwarts' magic to pull Ginny into the chamber.

"What? Luna, why did you pull me back?! Why didn't you join us!?" Ginny screamed, her desperation making her angry.

"Ginny, you and I would be better served here." She then quickly explained what the objects she was standing over was. "Ginny, if we can break hold these objects have over that pour girl's soul, the wards against Necromancy and Soul Magics will come back. Everyone we're fighting will be thrown out, except for that heartless bastard. Then we can throw him out to, since we will be able to concentrate more power into the attempt. But I need your help... please!"

Ginny's eyes were filled with tears even as she shook. "That heartless..." She then shook her head and held her forehead in her hand. "I shouldn't be surprised any more. The depths that man had sunk is already known." She then frowned as she started casting spell after spell on the objects. They started glowing a dark red, almost black at the beginning. But with each spell cast the glow started changing, slowly going from that sickly blackish red to bright red, then to pink, then to a dark silvery white. "Angelus acquiesco." Ginny's visage paled for a moment as the spell pulled an exorbitant amount of magic from her to break the last chains and set the soul free. The girl from Luna's vision formed above the now disintegrating objects and smiled beatifically at the pair. "Thank you," the girl said joyfully as it headed upward.

Luna rushed to catch Ginny's body as she started to slump toward the floor. "I can't stay here," Ginny whispered. "They need help..."

Luna kissed Ginny on her forehead and smiled grimly. "No, I'll take care of it. I can feel Hogwarts. She's bringing the last of the ancient wards online, and Dumbledore will be rather unpleasantly surprised." She then threw herself into the connection she had with the wards again. "I'll be right back," was the last thing she said to Ginny as she phased out of the room.

Luna re-appeared just outside of the Main doors, and right in the middle of a battle. Spells were flying all over the place, even toward her. But Hogwarts protected her, allowing her to focus on her goal. A second message went out to the Forrest, calling in old debts. She then turned her attention toward Hermione, who was only barely holding out against the ex-transfiguration professor, despite the rather formidable assistance her Snorkack was providing. At least Babage was on the ground, apparently out from one of Hermione's spells. Luna called upon her other allies, the fairies, to harass the older woman. Not even a few seconds later the woman stopped firing spells against her sister-wife as she was inundated with fairies of all types and sizes. Fawkes wisely flashed to Hermione at that moment and pulled her back, giving Luna the perfect opportunity.

At the same time, Harry pressed forward against Albus Dumbledore with intent to keep the man off guard. The wildest magics available flared around them. All the elements were being used on both sides as the younger man faced his tormentor. Lightning sparked from Harry only to be shunted off as ice and earth meteors fell on Harry's location. These were transfigured into balloons filled with toxic gasses and sent against Dumbledore, who set them afire.

Moody was actually being pushed back from Neville as the younger man set various earth magics against the man amidst old family combative magics and conjuration. Suddenly Neville danced around an Avada Kedavra curse from the ex-auror, and started to transform mid-step. Luna gave her friend support as he transformed to the cave bear he was. The roar from the beast stopped all the fights save that of Dumbledore and Harry's. Even that one slowed down a little as the sound was completely unexpected.

Ron was facing off against Severus Snape and Hagrid. How the potions master survived the draw from Voldemort Luna didn't know, until Hogwarts herself reported the situation. Voldemort's dark mark had been subsumed by Dumbledore's when it first started to react. The older dark mark was destroyed, leaving Snape with about 70% of his magical power. Hagrid, on the other hand, seemed to be lumbering under some kind of mental enfeeblement. The half-giant's body was moving slower than normal, almost as if he was fighting something in his mind. Whatever it was, it caused Hagrid to be much less formidable than he normally was, allowing Ron to avoid him easily. Thus, Ron was having the easiest time of all the people there, since Snape couldn't cast too well at the moment. She could intervene at any time in that fight.

These events, happening all at once, was Luna's cue. She raised her hands angled upward in the air and called upon the old wards. Suddenly the teachers were frozen, shocked with both magic and electricity into unconsciousness, and thrown over the wall to somewhere outside the wards. All except Babage. When her body landed, an audible SNAP was heard. The body convulsed once, and then moved no more, likely dead. "And stay out," Luna yelled. Only Ron noticed that Hagrid did not join them. But the half-giant was shaking his head, as if clearing out something foul within it. Ron used that to his benefit as he concentrated his magic and said, "I'm sorry Hagrid. Patrificus Maximus." The giant was caught, and at least for the moment unable to move. At Luna's request, Hogwarts herself bent her magic to assist in making sure he could not move for some time, at least without permission.

This left the battle between Harry and Dumbledore as the final battle being played out. Unfortunately, it looked like it was far from ending. But now Dumbledore was talking. "Oh Harry, how disappointed I am in you. Teaching your friends Dark Arts? Usurping my authority? Taking what does not belong to you? Please stop this foolishness now. I assure you we can fix this. It will take only a few spells."

"Never," Harry said grimly. "If what you had done to me myself wasn't bad enough, you had to threaten my wives' lives, with us none-the-wiser. I can't forgive you for that." After another exchange of spells Harry shook his head. "And I don't know what you did to piss off my Luna, but she's the last one of us you want to anger... I think she has a bone to pick with you." Harry took a step back as Luna began her assault.

Luna knew she wouldn't last long against Dumbledore, but her army of fairies, combined with the wards of Hogwarts, combined with her own created spells would definitely hurt the old man. And make him hurt she did. But in reality, all that was a mere distraction designed to give Harry time.

In fact, their fight was soon paused by a low, rumbling wolfish growl. Dumbledore stepped back as Luna stopped her assault and let Harry, in Dire Wolf form, launch his attacks. Dumbledore tried to fend off the wolf's attacks, but dire wolves were dragon hunters, which made them extremely formidable against wizards of even Dumbledore's caliber. He started to fall back from the onslaught, finally retreating out of the gates. The wolf took one more leap, digging his claws into Dumbledore's chest before flying back into the grounds. Luna slammed the gates shut as she watched Dumbledore falter from the wounds. The wards sprung up at that moment, barring him from any retaliation.

It appeared, a minute after Dumbledore had staunched his own blood flow and enervated his allies, that he was about to attack the wards. But several arrows fell at Albus' feet, making him pause. He looked horrified as centaur after centaur broke through the forest line with arrows knocked and bows pulled tight. That was enough for the old man, he used a portkey to flee, followed by his followers a few seconds later.

The battle done for now, Harry, Ron, and Hermione levitated Hagrid's form onto a conjured stretcher to allow for easier transport. Soon after Harry took Hagrid to the castle's infirmary, where he left explicit instructions for Madam Pomfrey to watch over the keeper of keys. Hogwarts herself would not allow the half-giant to be released until Harry, the other Founder's Heirs, and the Queen returned to question him. At least those were the orders Harry left regarding the man's disposition. In the meantime, he gathered everyone up and made their way back to the Hogwarts ward chambers. Once there, he smiled at the manifestation of Hogwarts and said, "Hogwarts, return all wards to the state the Founders left them in. Lock down the castle, and evict both Bins and Peeves. Generate letters to all magical children stating that Hogwarts will open on time, with Luna Gryffindor as Headmistress. If any wish to transfer, either away or to this school, they will need to write a letter of intent within one week."

The image of Hogwarts smiled at this and nodded her head happily. "This will be done. But what of the Board of Directors? The Ministry Laws left them with powers that could, if used correctly, bypass your orders."

To this Harry just smiled and said, "The Board of Director's powers ended when we took our places as the Heirs of the Founders. They will be disbanded today, as we four are now ready to take our positions and responsibilities. They are to no longer have the power of over-ride. Neither is the Ministry to have any say over you, the students, faculty or anything regarding this school. Is there anything else?" When the vision responded negatively, the six of them gathered at the coat of arms and returned to the Wizengamot chambers.

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+End Pensieve Memory: Luna-+-+-+-+-+-+-+

"I, Luna Gryffindor nee Lovegood, do hereby swear on my life and my magic the memories I have provided are true and factual to the best of my abilities. I swear these memories have not been doctored or altered by me or anyone else to the bet of my knowledge. I also swear the testimony I will provide to the body of the Wizengamot during this meeting is both true and factual to the best of my abilities and recollections. So mote it be." She poured her magic into the oath, causing her body to glow green as magic accepted the oath. At Harry's approval, she cast a Lumos to show that she still had her magic. Here was evidence that even Albus Dumbledore's most staunch supporters could not possibly deny. These acts were decidedly amongst the Darkest of Arts, going even to the Black Arts. It was plain on their faces, the Leader of the Light had not fallen, for he was never the Leader of the Light they had thought him to be.

But Luna was not done there, not by a long shot. With the precision only someone well versed in reporting could bring, she systematically showed the Wizengamot that they had been fooled and toyed with for generations. Starting with Dumbledore's father, she started to show them bill after bill that the family had pushed for. Each, on the surface and taken individually, meant very little. But as she brought a chart to show interactions between each of the bills, the picture was clear. The Dumbledore Family, without ever entering the industry, put a stranglehold on the sources of knowledge within Wizarding Great Britain. The council was disturbed to find its own school was teaching theories of magic at least a century out of date compared to the rest of the world. Magics that had been discovered and invented in Britain was taught elsewhere as their discoverers and inventors were forced to flee their country under threats of jail or death.

Even technomancy, a branch of magic that was largely thought Dark within the bounds of Britain was shown not only to be a victim of Dumbledore's smear campaign, but also to have part of its roots within the Ministry of Magic itself. Stronger defenses against Dementors and Levifolds were discovered there in Britain, only to be chased out by Dumbledore's relentless control information and knowledge. Classes that were common a century or so ago at Hogwarts were thrown away under the influence of the Dumbledore family, finally reaching its zenith when Dumbledore took office. Charity Babbage, the oft renowned and well thought of professor of Muggle Studies was one of his own servants. She was to ensure that the wizarding world was kept in fear of the muggles, to the point of thinking them little more than a backwards group of sub-humans. In fact, her rendition of the muggle world was at the very least 50 years behind the current standing, if not more. And the course's view of the political scene was even more wrong than that.

Then she started to hit the family about its regulations about the press. By reducing the accountability of the press, he ensured that the majority of Britain would be at each other's throats at best, largely distrustful at its worst. Starting with Riddle's school years, she provided document after document, including letters and laws slipped by the Wizengamot that allowed people like Rita Skeeter to become prominent. These laws and letters influenced the entire system of reporting to make sure that reporters could not be stopped from spreading lies and innuendo. Further letters seized from the secure vaults of The Daily Prophet showed that influence was put into play to make sure the reporters that were hired had very little morals and a great many axes to grind. Those few that did have some sense of responsibility amongst the press corps were shunted to ineffectual sections where they either spent their lives becoming suitably resentful or eventually left their jobs, disillusioned with the "wizarding world."

She finally wound down after another hour to find the room completely silent. Even Fudge, who hand until that point been desperately trying to maintain the status quo could say nothing to all of this. His own actions amongst the press had been revealed, leaving him with no real way out. The proof was out there, and even he could see denying it would only make matters worse. Finally, he stood up and cleared his throat. "Your Majesty..." he started tentatively. The glare the Queen gave him almost froze him in his place. But it also increased his fear of being lynched, which allowed him to continue. "I... in light of th...this evidence... Ihearbystepdownfrommypost."

"What was that, Minister?" the Queen asked with steel in her voice. She apparently had not missed Fudge's involvement in the events of Luna's testimony either. Harry himself thought that Fudge was doing too little too late, and if the Queen did not do so, he'd have the soon to be ex-minister in a cell before the hour was out.

Fudge cleared his throat and glanced at Harry almost as if he had read the younger man's mind. "I said, I hereby step down from my post as Minister for Magic. I can only say that I, along with everyone else, was duped by the true Dark Lord."

It was telling there were no objections from the Wizengamot, other than the ones against Fudge's 'excuse.' Harry looked up to the Queen as she spared a glance toward him. Nodding once she said, "We will accept your resignation, starting here and now. What we will not accept is your intention to lay the blame of your excesses upon the former Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. Some of those actions were undertaken while you were at odds with Dumbledore. Thus, we order your immediate arrest and imprisonment until the Wizard's Council can decide your fate. Take him away."

Several wands were pointed directly at Fudge, and his wand was summoned from him as well. Three unspeakables came forward and escorted him out of the chambers. It was telling that he put up no real fight at all. Several Lords in the chamber had looks of contemplation as the watched the Minister's retreating form. Others changed their expressions from contemplative to certain. Fudge's resignation and lack of defense when he was taken into custody was winning them more and more votes with each passing moment.

Harry then watched as Luna curtseyed and returned to her seat to the right of the New Founders. Harry then stood up and called for order. The call was quickly answered as the Lords and Ladies waited to see what else the Duke had to say. "Over the past few hours you have heard testimony from not only ourselves and our fact-finding mission, but from Hogwarts herself. Copies of the evidence we have now lay in front of you, and the evidence from Hogwarts is being moved into high security evidence vaults at Gringotts itself. We now call upon Duke Hufflepuff to come forth and fulfill his family's duties unto the Magical Commonwealth."

Neville stood up and bowed to the Queen before walking out to the floor. Many Lords and Ladies whispered amongst themselves to try to figure out what Harry had meant, which made him smile. The people here would be very much surprised. And hopefully centuries of misinformation would soon be overturned. And naturally, Neville didn't disappoint. "Lord and Ladies of the Wizengamot, the Lore of the family of Hufflepuff has long been lost to these chambers, a sad fact I will correct today. The House of Hufflepuff has long stood as emissaries to the other magical beings that comprise the Wizarding World. My family has stood as the mouth of Dragons, Centaurs, Goblins, Elves, and variety of other sentient, magical races that we share our world with. We were the first to fall under the Dark Family's war against the founders. They could not push their agenda for pure blood wizard supremacy while my family performed its duties. If you open the second folder in front of you, you will see several admissions from the members of Dumbledore family both past and present, to support this."

To say that the assembled members' shock increased would be a severe understatement. And apparently, the fact that none of the New Founders seemed surprised only lent credibility to Neville's allegations as he went over the state of each sentient race and how the Dumbledore family's actions had robbed not only that race, but the Wizards of several needed resources. The picture that Neville painted of their current world left nearly every wizard and witch in the chamber hanging in shame, but with eyes open as to just how dark their world had become. Even House Elf subjugation, while not totally viewed as wrong yet, was cast in a dark light as they were forced to really see the abuse problems that the elves were put under. There would not be any over-night overturning of the views that were centuries old, but the groundwork was laid. By the end of Neville's presentation, a discussion about the regulations against werewolves was scheduled for the next normal session of the Wizengamot.

The final nail in the coffin of the Dumbledore Family's reign of darkness came when the Queen herself stood up. "As Duchess Gryffindor and Duke Hufflepuff have shown you so far, nearly every action the Dumbledore family has taken has been aimed to subjugate every known intelligent race, from the lowliest of House Elves to the highest of Wizard-kind and Non-Magicals. We find these actions abhorrent and against the very laws of the land. They violate not only the Wizard Council Charter, but the agreement between the Magicals and the Crown to allow them to govern themselves. It is due to these actions that the Crown exercise the Reformation Clause as outlined by the Charter."

There was a rumbling sound of confusion throughout the chamber as the Wizengamot tried to figure out just what that meant. Harry decided to end this as he stood up and said, "Article VIII, Paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Wizard's Council Charter, states as follows:"

"If at any time the Wizard's Council, or any derivative governing body of the Magical Empire should violate the agreements listed within this document, the Crown of the British Empire is magically empowered to enact any punishment it should see fit to the offending party. These penalties are to be magically enforced by the Founder's Seats and their enforcement arm. If the seats are unable to enforce the punishments mandated by the Crown, the enforcement arm shall be held under the direct command of the Crown, empowered by magic itself."

"Furthermore, if at any time the ruling body of the British Magical World should commit treason against the crown by action or inaction, law or deed, then the Crown retains the right to call for a Reformation. Upon declaration of this intent, the Crown retains the right to dissolve the Magical Government in all forms. Any remaining Founders' Heirs, upon proving their loyalty, shall be placed as rulers under the Crown for the purpose of running necessary governmental departments, subject only to the Crown itself. They shall assist the Crown in reforming the government into whatever form the Crown wishes."

Elizabeth thanked Harry and asked him to sit down. "As of now the Ministry for Magic, and all its Departments, are hereby disbanded. Unspeakables shall begin questioning all employees for their parts in the deliberate attacks against our Non-Magical Government and upon our persons themselves. All Ministry Obliviators are to be placed under arrest and charged with varying levels of assault dependent upon who their victims were. Obliviation of any person, magical or not, is hereby to be considered a felony within the British Commonwealth, equivalent to aggravated assault or higher, dependent upon how much of the person's memory is to be removed. The only exception to this law are obliviations performed for medical-slash-psychological purposes. Obliviation to maintain the Statute of Secrecy is hereby outlawed and will be punished to the fullest extent of the law." (1)

"But what about the Statute of Secrecy? How do we enforce that law?" one of the members of the Wizengamot called out.

"The so-called Statute of Secrecy is hereby abolished within the confines of the British Commonwealth," The Queen answered. "As was shown to you already, this so-called "statute" was put in place to allow for the persecution of non-magical humans. It was also used to commit treason against the crown, up to and including sending armed wizards against the crown itself with the express purpose of erasing the Crown's memories. I hereby order the Founders' Heirs, along with the Headmistress of Hogwarts and Lady Ginevra Weasley to work with Us and Our Non-Magical Government's Representatives to introduce the Magical World to the Non-Magical World. These individuals, who will forevermore be known as "The New Founders," are to work to integrate the two governments into one government that will answer the needs of both groups. For the British Commonwealth, the two worlds will cease to be as they are now, and will become one unified world." (2)

The assembled group of Wizards and Witches were busy trying to fully comprehend just what had happened, allowing for the Queen to continue. "In the meantime, the New Founders shall take over as Our Governing body in this world. Their enforcement arm shall be the Department of Mystery officials, supplanted by screened and cleared members of the Hit Wizard and Auror forces. The New Founders shall meet with me to comb through the laws passed by the Wizard's Council and the Wizengamot for the express purpose of removing all laws that are found to be discriminating against any other race or any other major identifiable group, including "Muggles and Muggleborn.""

There were, of course, a couple of people who started to vehemently argue against these declarations. Harry sighed, wishing it didn't have to be this way as he stood up and let loose a loud BANG wandlessly. "You seem to be laboring under the impression that these are bills to be put forth for discussion. Or that maybe by shouting to her Majesty you can get her to change her stance. You all have copies of the charter, magically verified, in front of you. I know some of you, primarily those who are hanging their heads and not saying anything, have read and verified what we have told you. As of now, by order of her Majesty, the Ministry for Magic does not exist. She has yet to disband the Wizengamot, due primarily to the fact that you are, until the reformation is complete, to act as an advisory board to the New Founders. This means you can bring things to our attention, and have a limited say in what our new government is going to be. I think she's being very generous given that the charter itself had set us up as a representative monarchy." The alternative Harry thought was better left unsaid but implied.

The grumbling started to die down as the members seemed to get the message. Still, out of every group there is going to be one or two vehement dissenters, and Lord Greywolf, a "British" Baron, apparently decided to object most harshly by drawing his wand and firing a spell at the Queen. The yellow spell hit wards infused into the dais where she was sitting, causing it to dissipate harmlessly. Instantly the Lord was stunned and bound. "He is to be charged with attempted assassination and treason. We will schedule a trial to commence within two weeks." He then looks up and says, "A separate judicial branch will be formed. Each judge will be bound by Oath to try the case fairly. There will no longer be any long-term incarcerations without a trial, and there will no longer be trials whose presiding officials have vested interests in the case. Even war criminals will be treated with fair trials."

Elizabeth nodded to Harry and then put the final words in for this session. "The New Founders will preside over the Wizengamot, hereby renamed to the Wizard's Council. Duke Gryffindor shall be the head representative of the New Founders, and will act as the Chief Warlock and the Crown's Wizard. Chief Warlock Dumbledore is hereby stripped of all offices he has held in the British Commonwealth, up to and including Our representative to the International Confederation of Wizards. He is to be declared a traitor to the Crown and to the people of the Magical Commonwealth, to be arrested on sight. Furthermore, all members of his family are to be detained for questioning for their parts in the Dumbledore Family Conspiracy. Any resistance shall be met with equal force." (3)

Finally, the Queen sat down, allowing Harry to continue. "You have before you proof after proof that you have been led astray to the point you no longer have a good reference point as to what is right and what is wrong. The very man you all elected to follow was your enemy, denying you a choice of how to properly living your life by taking away the truth and replacing it with lies. We have shown you this, and yet you hesitate. I'm not going to say you have no reason to be concerned for your future, or even frightened for it. An uncertain future is probably one of the scariest things in the world. But as the Queen has pointed out, you will have a choice to express your opinion as to what the future will hold. That is far better than Dumbledore's future, where even your minds, your thoughts, your very desires were subject to control, for the Greater Good of course. Only it wasn't for your good, was it?"

Everyone looked up at the mind control orb at the ceiling, and remembered just how close they had their free wills taken away to keep the status quo. This, more than anything else, seemed to be the final argument to sway even the most die-hard fanatics that were left. With the Death Eaters and Voldemort's followers gone, and almost every one of Dumbledore's followers having either vacated the meeting (and Britain as it would later be found out), the moderates and liberals could finally be heard. The arguments were few but the decision was made. They would follow the Queen and the New Founders. Harry could see this in their eyes, and when he had them all he said, "Dumbledore's "Greater Good" no longer holds sway in our world. From now on, the only "Greater Good" we will follow will be the "Greater Good" for all. We will rid ourselves of the yoke of our oppressors, and we will usher in a new era where no one would dare to take the free will of another sentient being. Our children will learn to live in a world where no one should be afraid to sleep, to walk the halls of our educational institutions, or even to go to class. This will not be easy to achieve, but it is worth it. Never again will we surrender our Freedom!"

That got voices of approval throughout the Wizengamot. Even the most nervous of members now had their eyes opened. The evidence was irrefutable, and the only plan there, while scary beyond belief, at least looked to be better than anything they had ever thought possible. While they could not be certain if what they heard was what they truly wanted, it was better than the enforced status quo, so they would follow him. Harry had his followers, not out of manipulation or subterfuge, but out of true desire of the people to live in a better world than the ones they had just discovered. Finally, the noise of the crowd died down, allowing Harry to speak again. "In the meantime, I hereby call this meeting of the Wizards' Council to close. We will convene one week from today to discuss any new laws put forth by our Queen, and any other situations that need to be handled." With that he took Dumbledore's old gavel, banged it on the table, then incinerated it as a final testament to the end of the old man's reign.

12 Grimmauld Place

London, England

Just after the Hogwarts Battle

Dumbledore's POV

Dumbledore led his group of now ex-professors up the steps and into the Order's headquarters without a word. He was furious. Not only had he lost his seat in the Wizengamot, but he also lost control of the school itself. How could this be possible? His hold on the consciousness of the castle should have been absolute. Heirs to the Founders or not, the castle's apparition should have denied them. They had no time to claim their heritages in the school, of that he was certain. He would have known about it the moment they tried! But the proof was irrefutable, the Potter brat and his 'friends' now had control of the school and the Wizengamot. It would be only a matter of time before they came here. After all, the so-called Gryffindor Heir /owned/ this place. And with that animagus change of his, Albus realized there was no guarantee he would win. They needed to get out of there, but to where?

How could this have happened? How could Harry be so powerful? A couple of months could not have made anything close to that much difference, even if they found all the blocks he had used. The animagus transformation took years as it was, or even months if done the backwards way the Americans did things. There was nothing for it, his brother and daughter had to be notified, and his niece hidden. Even as powerful as the Dumbledores normally were, Harry had all of Britannia on his side, and they could be over-run. It was time to preserve the family and find another way to rule. This setback could last for generations if it weren't settled before it got out of hand!

Unfortunately for him, Alistor spoke up before he could make any more plans, "Albus, we need to get out of here. There isn't going to be a place safe for us in Britain before too much longer."

"I refuse to be run out of my country by that arrogant, puffed-up brat!" Severus snarled as he was set down at the table by Minerva. "He lacks both the power and the brains to chase us down. Even now he's probably throwing a party at Hogwarts rather than work. He hasn't shown any initiative in five years, why should he show any brains now?"

"Severus, as much as I hate to admit it, Mr. Potter and his friends have changed," Minerva herself corrected as she turned toward the oldest wizard there. "I don't know how, for goodness knows we've tried to keep him from getting too knowledgeable, but somehow he's managed spells that I haven't even seen. And let's not forget Longbottom and that bear thing of his. Though I could have sworn I've seen that before..."

Albus was about speak up when the last comment of Minerva's seemed to trigger a memory. "A cave bear is not the most common of forms. It takes a very powerful wizard to be able to change into a magical creature, and both Harry and Longbottom have succeeded in that. And that Lovegood girl... there was something strange about her. I've seen this somewhere before, in others..."

The other Order members looked lost until Albus finally interjected, "Harry provided proof that the six of them went back in time to get training Minerva. That was brought up in session to overturn the age requirements for them to assume their rightful seats. And yes, that means that Harry, Granger, Longbottom and Weasley all assumed their roles as Heirs to the Founders, and everything that went along with it. The paperwork said they went back to..." It was then the full ramifications of the names he read in the Wizengamot full registered. 'No... it can't be...' As much as he wanted to deny it, he remembered where he saw the Cave Bear before, and the pieces of the puzzle finally fell horrifyingly into place. It was little wonder how they out-maneuvered him. "Pack up everything that belongs to the Order. Do not take even a single book that belonged to the Blacks. We need to leave the country the moment I get back." After noticing everyone just blinking at him, he barked, "Go. Now!"

"Albus?" Minerva queried as she moved forward to in an obvious stance of concern.

"Minerva, I know both what time they went to and who they were. They were instrumental in destroying many of my plans back then, but were shackled by the laws of time travel. Now they don't have any such limitations. They will come upon us in full force so long as we remain here. This will be a war... I'm afraid there is no way to return them back to our folds, especially since we've tried to eliminate them several times before." Albus knew that had a touch of an understatement. Those six had more reason than any others to ensure his line ended. Add to that the knowledge they gained into his machinations back then, and there was a reckoning coming that none could stop.

"Alistor," Albus called out to his chief enforcer. "Initiate plan flight of the bumblebee," the old man said. "It probably won't have the effect we had hoped for, but it will keep the Founders' Heirs and the auror force busy enough for a week to a month or two." Alistair nodded and left out the back door to turn on a spot and vanish. "Minerva, take charge of packing everything up. Call Lupin and inform him we're leaving. I'm going to visit my brother." At Minerva's nod, he himself strode outside and vanished, heading back to Hogsmeade.

Appearing outside of Hog's Head, he quickly strode into the bar and up to the counter by the large bore's head mounted on the wall. "What are you doing here?" his brother demanded as he glared at him.

To keep people thrown off about their true nature, the brothers had been playing a game of snipping and throwing barbs at each other. This convinced everyone that they hated each other, or at the very least that Aberforth wanted nothing to with /him/. In all actuality, this could not be further from the truth. Each knew enough secret passages and private rooms to serve as meeting points when they wished each other's company. And, in cases such as this, they had a code to let each other know that one of those meeting chambers was needed. Thus, instead of responding Albus reached over to the Boar's head on the wall and tapped out a pattern on them before answering, "I find myself in need of a runaway's special, Aberforth.

"So, the great Albus Dumbledore finally lost someone, and has come to me to find them," Aberforth sneered at the older brother. "Doesn't surprise me much, it was bound to happen sooner or later. You were never one to keep up on responsibilities, were you?"

Albus didn't respond in kind as he knew the jabs were to keep the public out of their business. "Now Aberforth, I wouldn't ask if it weren't necessary. But I'm afraid the sweetest little lamb has been lost, and if we don't do something soon, it can cost everything." More code of course. The Dumbledore family would never have risen to the prominence it had without ways and ways again to keep people off track.

"Oh, all right, let's go," the barman countered as he waved the ex-headmaster back. Instead of the normal conference room, however, they made their way to one of their most secure rooms. As soon as the door closed Aberforth sighed and said, "Potter slipped the noose, I take it? I would have thought he'd keep you around just to fight your puppet."

Albus snarled at being reminded of that particular humiliation. "The Weasley bo... No... the new head of Slytherin killed off the pretender in the middle of Diagon Alley, in front of hundreds of witnesses. Potter... or should I say Gryffindor proved that Riddle was truly gone. They found all of his horcruxes. Even the one in Griffindor's head." He threw himself into one of the chairs and looked up at Aberforth, allowing all his frustration and anger show through.

"Weasley? You mean the red-haired banker finally stepped up to the plate? Now that is interesting." Aberforth remained thoughtful as he sat down and looked at the older brother. "But that's only one, or two if you count Potter."

"Not William," Dumbledore barked. "Things would be much easier to manipulate if that were the case. No, it turns out the Slytherin line is reverse Patriarchal. It goes to the youngest son upon that child reaching majority. It seems all of those blasted Founders had fun at our expense." His hands gripped the arms of the chairs, causing them to groan under the pressure, despite his age.

"Then that should be even better. The lad is hot headed, jealous, not very intelligent, and most importantly, not of age. Or am I missing something else brother?" Aberforth looked uncomfortable, for it was not often the master manipulator got this angry.

"Oh yes... there's more. But before I get there's two other threats you need to know about." At Aberforth's swirl of the hand Albus continued. "Did you know that Ravenclaw's cursed cadet line survived?" He paused for a moment to watch as Aberforth grew even angrier. "Yes, that's right. It appears we celebrated Halstead's death too early, not that he was ever a /real/ problem to begin with. Not for a couple of reasons anyway. But it turns out the cursed lines changed their names and disappeared into the muggle world. They became the Grangers. That's right, that cursed know-it-all was not actually a muggleborn. She's a mixed blood through cursed lines, and as the Ravenclaw line is Matriarchal, she's Lady Ravenclaw."

Aberforth's confidence was taking more than a few hits by this point. He too was getting angry, especially since he was the archivist of the family. "Don't tell me that Hufflepuff's line also evaded us. How is that possible? They should never have known who was after them!"

"They knew, alright. They buried their knowledge of their hunters deep within their family histories. I'm not even sure how they did it, but all I know is that all four families know about us. And all six of them have mastered Occlumency. The only way I know they know about us is they beat me to Hogwarts and managed to shut it down against me. That would have only happened if they knew their families' histories." The arms of Albus's chair creaked as his hands tightened on the chair.


"Yes, six. As in the Ministry Six. Harry James of Gryffindor and his wives Hermione Jane of Ravenclaw and Luna Gryffindor, Neville of Hufflepuff and his wife Ginerva Hufflepuff, and Ronald Bilius of Slytherin," Each last name was dripped with venom that could be felt in the room, and he watched as more blood drained from Aberforth's face. At the same time a slight grimace was forming at the corner of the younger brother's lips, especially as the name of the Hufflepuff heir was released. "Oh, and it turns out Slytherin is engaged to the Bones girl, so we can't even stop them there. And if that wasn't bad enough, The Ministry Six had the gall to go back in time and train and prepare for six years!" At this the arms of the chair finally shattered under the pressure of Albus Dumbledore's magically enhanced grip. "They completely outmaneuvered me on every stage. It was unbelievable. Every time I thought I had them, they had something to counter me. And since they brought the bloody muggle QUEEN back, and proved she was the legitimate leader of Magical Britain, I couldn't wear them down with constant objections. And the blasted Department of Mysteries was there en masse to prevent magical solutions. In one day, I was run out of both the Chief Warlock and the Headmaster positions."

Aberforth looked as if he were about to faint when the rest of it was told. "You're right, they know. There's no other way they'd be that strident against you. Do you think they know about our daughters?"

"I don't bloody well know!" was the answer to that question. "I know mine is hidden, but yours let it slip to a few people here and there. And the worst part of it is that those six were Halstead's group! Hufflepuff changed into a cave bear. A cave bear for the Greater Good's sake! If you recall, the only person we know that could do that was Nathan Lambeth. The hair face, voice, and eyes were different, but that can be done with the right spells," Albus explained.

Aberforth lost the remaining coloration to his face at this latest revelation. "You do realize that after the battle we had with them in 1980, they have every reason, every desire, and every resource imaginable to come after us with no holding back, right? Founders' family reasons aside, we've tried to kill those kids time and time again. Not only that but I know for a fact they know about my daughter. I never told you, but their threats against my daughter is what caused me to try to pull you back from your pursuit of them," He drawled off for a moment before sagging. "She's as good as dead. She believes in the family line and has been working toward our goals, including having faced against them as well. She attacked them in South America. They threatened to dose her with the Draught of the Living Death until they found the time to deal with her permanently. Albus, we need to move, now!"

"That's what I came to warn you about, Abe. We need to get out of the country while we still can. I already have the order packing up everything and everyone from headquarters. You need to contact your daughter and tell her to leave Britain immediately..."

A loud crash from the front stopped Albus from saying anything more. Both elderly men shot from their chairs, wands out and ready to defend themselves. From out front they heard, "This bar is closed by order of the Ministry of Magic! Aberforth Dumbledore, come out with your hands empty and raised above your head. We see your wand in your hand and we will use spells to subdue you!"

"This room is hidden and charmed to not allow noise to travel past it from within," Aberforth explained after attempting apperation and a portkey. He then walked over to the fireplace and traced a run on a vase. A door opened in the floor, exposing a set of stairs underneath. "You go first, that will seal after I go through. We need to get out of here while we still can." With only a nod Albus quickly descended the stairs, followed closely by Aberforth. The door slammed shut and magically sealed, making the floor look solid once again. Once they were out from the wards, they disapperated away to Grimmauld Place.

But getting back within that building was not meant to be. Just as they were about to reach their destination they bounced off unfamiliar wards and appeared in the park across the street from the Black Family home. A quick diagnosis showed that the suppressed family wards were up and fully active again. Radiating anger, he turned to Minerva and the others that were standing in the middle of the street throwing spell after spell at the house. "What happened?" his quiet but seething voice echoed.

"We started to do what you told us, but the wolf betrayed us," Minerva explained as she continued to try to bring down the wards. "He started to stop us from taking things, and when his mark activated his eyes turned gold from the wolf. He tried to continue to deny us, and we would have dropped him, had Tonks not showed up. She claimed her position as a family member of the House of Black and ordered the house to throw us and our belongings out. She then ordered the house sealed, along with all other access."

Aberforth shook his head as Albus dropped his. What else could go wrong? At least he had a way to spank Nymphadora. "Stop spell casting. Obliviators and Aurors are probably on their way as there are more than a few still free of Alistor's conditioning. Go ahead and leave, I'll handle this. He then took a couple of steps forward and with a quick sonorus he called out, "Remus Lupin, I call your loyalty oaths to me broken. You are to be obliterated from the Order's roles. You are a traitor, and deserve a traitor's death. As the head of the Order of the Phoenix, I call what is owed to me due."

A howl of agony filled the air around the place fallowed by a scream of personal anguish. The front door opened to show Remus, barely alive and quickly disintegrating at the top of the steps. Behind him was a sobbing Nymphadora Tonks. Remus opened his mouth, and with a raspy, almost eerily quiet voice he said, "Free... Free at last. Traitor I may be, but I can die... doing... what is right." As if in slow motion the werewolf fell forward down the steps, stumbling until his dead body landed on the walk with a THUD.

For the second time that day Albus came under spell fire, this time from an emotionally distraught and enraged Auror. "DAMN YOU! Damn you to hell Dumbledore!" Nymphadora screamed as the stream of spells increased both in speed and potency.

But Albus was not a Dark Lord for nothing. Within a minute the spell fire ceased as Dumbledore had disarmed and severely injured Tonks. Sadly, the moment she stopped firing spells he could no longer touch her, thanks to the wards. Nymphadora would live, but Albus had one message to give, "Tell Harry that the Families revealing themselves was a very bad mistake. Soon he will see just how many enemies they have. And I won't save him as I have in the past."

Barely conscious, but clearly angered beyond reason, Nymphadora spat at Albus before saying, "I curse you Albus Dumbledore, you and every last member of your line. May you never know peace or succor. May your manipulations come home to roost. May the ghosts of the dead you have slaughtered keep you company until the day you find yourself joining them. Then may you get everything you deserve at the hands of those you have caused to suffer. So mote it be..." With those words, she passed out.

"Defiant unto the end," Aberforth said, shaking his head as he and his brother disappeared. But unbeknownst to them, magic now had a target or four.

Author's Notes:


angelus acquiesco: Angels assent – A spell that releases a soul from a soul Container (ie. Horcurux) after all the other spells protecting it has been removed. Holy Spell.

Legal notes:

As my beta (who is a lawyer) pointed out, many of the actions taken by the Queen regarding reintegration would require her to consult the Prime Minister, Parliament, and the other muggle governments covered under the "Magical Commonwealth." I will note that most the time between the Founders' Heirs first contact with the Queen and these proceedings was spent doing just that in closed and very private sessions. Even though it would normally be highly unlikely that decisions of this magnitude could be made in such short of a time under normal circumstances, she would not declare this without their support. Some issues may or may not remain to be sorted out, but it can be reasonably assumed she has the backing she needs. (more on this will be revealed in later chapters). Regardless of what the procedures are in the Muggle World however, as the above quote of the Magical Government charter shows, the Queen has considerably more power and rights within the Magical World than she does in the Muggle.

The Statute of Secrecy is an International Law, as per canon. As my beta pointed out, she would ordinarily not be able to "opt out" of this law. However due to the above note, she has made her moves in the muggle governments already.

Another issue pointed out is due process which the Queen's declaration could fly in the face of. First of all, evidence of wrongdoing has been shown to the Wizengamot amongst all of the paperwork that has been given to them in the past couple of chapters. Also, it is safe to assume that Dumbledore is soon to be branded a terrorist as well as a traitor. Even so, there will not be a total suspension of civil rights at this point, as is shown in the later parts of this very chapter. However, the government, both Magical and Non-Magical, is in a state of reformation. Just to warn you, the Queen will regain some of her lost powers through these processes, but not all. Checks and Balances will set up. But for now, the Queen and the New Founders will have to assume more power than they would normally have in any other circumstance.

Generic A/N:

My apologies for having to explain things out of story, but even though these points will be shown in story later, I happen to like some lawyers, and have no desire to watch them twitch with exclamations of "She can't do that!" ducks away from my beta I hope to have the next chapter up very soon. Veela Bond is still stewing in thoughts, but don't worry, I'm working on it. Also, my Nanoha fic is currently in process of rewrite, still.