Dark Alleys

Ch 7- Epilogue

Elle jumped violently in her bed.

The room was dark around her. Was it all a dream?

She glanced around. It had seemed too real.

Elle charged up her powers and watched her hands glow. Her palms displayed the familiar blue sparks, thickening.

Everything seemed to be working.

Smoothing a few strands of unruly hair, Elle climbed out of bed and headed for the door.

"Peter?" a tight knot of fear, began to grow within her.

But the hallways and corridors were empty.

No bodies and no Sylar.

"Dad?" Elle raced towards the library and jerked open the door.

Bob Bishop who had been snoozing at his desk, sat up with a start.

"Elle? Shouldn't you be in bed?"

"Oh, yeah daddy." Elle searched his face for a sign that might have been right, but again he was unreadable.

"Is everything ok, Elle?" Bob tried a smile.

"Sure daddy. Just a bad dream."

"So who was in it this time?"

Elle frowned, De ja vu?

"What do you mean?"
"It's just that these dreams seem quite frequent."

"Yeah," Bob's daughter sighed, giving up. "Ok dad, I'm going back to bed now."

She strolled out of the room, still pondering.

Oh well, it's good that it wasn't real. I'm free of Noah Bennett, free of Sylar and daddy's okay.

Peter watched Elle meander back to her room.

She couldn't see him, invisibility worked a treat.

Still he wished he could have told her what had really happened.

With Sylar still loose and all.

He grinned to himself, maybe next time.

Maybe Elle could help him catch the villain another day.

Peter tiptoed into the library, if he asked daddy nicely.

The End.